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Why Dynamic Consultants Group Consulting?

If you don’t have a dedicated team for Dynamics 365, AX, Azure, etc., … now you do. With Dynamic Consultants Group we offer a wide range of services to fill any gaps in product or service offerings that your company may have, without the added cost and expense of hiring and training staff. We offer a dedicated team that will provide the same level of expert care and attention that you would. We work with your business to meet the needs of your clients, on time and on demand with your team to help you grow and succeed with your customers.

As a company, you have so many day-to-day operations that some requests just cannot be completed in a timely manner. Clients ask for new services, products, and so many configurations. It can be tough to say no when you don’t have time, the staff or the knowledge.

We know that saying no to new work can often be the right choice, but it can also hurt an existing relationship. Clients may go to a company that can handle their new request and their existing business. Your company should always focus on what you do best. That’s where white label services can be the perfect solution for your agency. With Dynamic Consultants Group and your team, we can better serve your clients needs. 


Increase Profits​

By reducing downtime and staff training your business can introduce new product offerings and scale with new business models in hours, not weeks or months.

Reduce Your Costs​

Our single rate competitive consulting fee, allows you to price at the market for your services while eliminating the need for additional staff or constant training.

Mutual Benefit

Becoming a certified consultant takes work. White label allows you to sell products and software without additional staff or training. In addition to licensing, partnership with experienced consultants like us, improves customer satisfaction.

Build Stronger Relationships​

Keeping your clients closer to you and offering more support to various systems can give you a competitive edge to other partners who simply can't deliver.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Delivering time and again wins everyone's heart especially your customers. By having a dedicated team of specialists and architects that know the platforms they use, will make you stand out from the sea of consulting firms.

Larger Business Instantly​

By having the ability to scale your business instantly without the time and expense of hiring, training and developing can be a life saver when a new growth opportunity comes along but don't have the bandwidth for it.

Time is money

With a skilled team of senior developers, engineers, architects, project managers, and functional consultants. We can scale to the needs of any project for any client. A fixed hourly rate gives you the flexibility to make the profit you desire, all while providing the services you want and need. Never lose a deal again because you don’t have the team to do it.

largest msp deal in 2016
at over $3,000,000

Dynamic Consultants Group was responsible for the single largest MSP deal to Microsoft in 2016 at over $3M. Dynamic Consultants Group is a global leader in white-label consulting with clients spanning North America and the Globe. With offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chico, California, we’re are able to reach clients anywhere at any time. Large and small, we are able to help any company reach their goals and help build lasting client relationships. Do more without the expense of hiring in-house. Call us today, for more information or to set up a custom consultation about how we can help your business!


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