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Azure Logic Apps

With Azure Logic Apps, we help you simplify your business processes. We partner with you and guide you through each step, providing you with specific tools that help you reach your business needs. You can schedule, automate, and orchestrate your workflows and processes all within Logic Apps. We will help you build scalable, tailored solutions to improve app integration, data integration, B2B communication, and more.

Azure Cognitive Services

We provide you with secure, scalable, durable, and redundant Azure Cognitive services. We use Azure to add an element of artificial intelligence to your apps, making your applications smarter. When we say ‘intelligence,’ we are talking about how these apps can extract the emotions within a text, photo, web form, etc.

Infusing your websites, apps, and bots with intelligent algorithms allow you to speak, hear, see, understand, and interpret your user’s needs.

Azure Web Apps

Have you ever wanted to deploy your Web App but don’t know where to start? Having a solution that allows you to create a wide variety of apps sets you apart from your competition. Our experienced consultants work with you to build reliable applications that fit within your current business needs. Easily scale from 1 to 1,000 in minutes. By working with us, you are guaranteed to meet client and user demand and save money.

Azure Cloud Data Storage and Database Services

When moving to the cloud, how do you move and maintain your data? Fortunately, the Azure cloud offers many options! These options include Azure Cloud Data Storage & Azure Database. With Azure, we provide your team with secure and fully-managed data storage services to best fit your business needs. Our experienced consultants have helped many companies around the globe reach their crucial needs and goals.

Azure Service Bus

One of the biggest concerns when talking to clients is maintaining protected data when moving to the cloud. We work with your team and provide you with Azure Service Bus services, a PaaS communications platform to provide you with secure data and multi-tenant software systems built in the cloud. Our consultants ensure you have a smooth operation under variable loads, and the durability to maintain a reliable system over years of projects. 

Turn Your Vision Into a Reality

Businesses are embracing advanced cloud technology to accelerate growth and gain real-time insights to overcome challenges. With Dynamic Consultants Group, expert consultants help you bring together everything you need—related products, services, and third-party applications all working with your existing investments. Gain the freedom you need to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Azure Xamarin Services

We help companies integrate and customize Xamarin and Azure Services for data handling and data syncing. This solution helps your account representative access the information they need while on-the-road. Our team helps you create native apps using C# skills, which then allows you to create connections back to the network.

Some other benefits you will gain include the ability to scale your apps to millions of customers, strong authentication and security, offline data sync, integrated tools, scalable storage options, and more.

Azure Internet of Things (IOT) Services

No matter what industry or the size of your organization, partnering with us allows you to experience the full benefits of Azure IoT. We help you accelerate business growth by empowering you with the tools you need to analyze untapped data in the Azure IoT Suite. Unlock data insights, empower enterprise mobility, enable application innovation, transform your datacenter, and more. Azure has all of the capabilities you need to achieve your IoT goals.

Azure AI & Machine Learning Services 

Our experienced AI and Machine Learning experts spot opportunities that help you minimize errors and maximize accuracy. Artificial Intelligence provides predictive analysis and decision making that can be utilized by a wide range of business verticals.

We focus on using Microsoft AI & Machine Learning to enable predictive and prescriptive analytics. This also enables you to automate the outcomes of those predictions and operationalize them into business processes. We provide you with end-to-end lifecycle support allowing you reach your goals through a secure, enterprise-ready platform.

Azure Bot Services

Through Azure Bot Service, we provide your business with tools to build, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots all in one place. With the framework provided by the SDK, you can extend the capabilities available through templates to create bots. With Azure, you can leverage templates to develop bots that provide speech, language understanding, questions and answers, and more. We help you design and build bots to their fullest capabilities, providing the most benefits to your company.

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Why Industry Leaders Choose DCG?

Our team of experienced Azure experts define the implementation strategy and application roadmap that best fits your Cloud journey. Our team modernizes & re-architects your existing applications for cloud-enabled integration and scalable capabilities using Azure, making them more agile and robust. We have helped over 150 companies achieve their business goals through our services, you can be next!

Microsoft Azure FAQ

The cloud has set itself apart by offering more economic and resource value than traditional physical storage. The cloud allows you to access information anytime you need it, making business processes faster and improving company productivity. 

No. Microsoft Azure can easily be integrated into your current networks with no interruption. With the help of Dynamic Consultants Group on your side, we will make sure your company needs are put before anything, helping you obtain all the benefits of your cloud integration.

Yes! Azure provides you with a wide array of configurable security options and the ability to control them so that you can customize security to meet the unique requirements of your organization’s deployments. Read more here.

Yes! You can give us a call and we will help provide you with the best solution possible. Azure is easy to customize and provides tons of features out-of-the-box for users to build upon. 


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