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Microsoft Support by DCG

We offer customers and partners an end-to-end strategy for Microsoft support. We help you navigate the world of Microsoft Premier Support, Microsoft Unified Support and even have flexible plans for pay-as-you-go support. 

Our Replacement for Premier & Unified Support

Microsoft support Alternatives

Full-Stack Microsoft Support, with end-to-end managed Services across Azure, Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft 365

Microsoft has changed the way customers and partners have access to support offerings. We have helped to solve the confusion around Microsoft Premier Support and Microsoft Unified Support. We offer complete support services for your company. With offices based in the United States, Europe and Asia we are always available to provide 24/7 support. Our support program allows you to cut your support costs in half, while getting a 10X faster response times vs Microsoft. We can provide up to 5-Minute response times. Get real time support from Microsoft Certified Engineers. Our problem resolution support in addition to proactive, preventative care means your Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Microsoft 365 environments stay working 24/7×365.

Get Started with Faster Support

How Dynamic Consultants Group Manages Support

Dynamic Consultants Group provides Tier 3 Support for companies displaced by Microsoft’s transition away from Premier Support over to Unified Support. Many Customers feel that Unified Support is not enough. The lack of a dedicated TAM (Technical Account Manager) for customers accustomed to that is a hard switch. We take a different approach. Our Tier 3 technicians are Microsoft certified and can take on even the most complex technical issues.

We break our support offering down into three unique categories that make us a market leader in supporting customers, including Fortune 500 clients. We make choosing a Microsoft Premier Support Alternative simple.

Cost Savings

Instant 60% Savings on Microsoft Premier Support Contracts

You can cut your yearly support budget by 60% by switching, we help solve your issues faster, at lower costs, and with customized usage, you are guaranteed to only pay for the support you need—when you need it.


15 Minute Standard a 10X Faster Response than Microsoft Premier Support

Time is critical when your systems are down. We take pride in knowing we deliver a response time 10x Faster than Microsoft. When you have a Critical Issue during off-hours, weekends, and holidays, you can rest assured we’ll be there to answer the call.

Single Point of Contact

Support That’s Personalized, Customized, Tailored to You

With Dynamic Consultants Group; you will not be explaining your case over and over to new people during escalations. We manage the escalations, end-to-end allowing you to keep your focus where it belongs serving your customers.

Introducing an Industry First: TTE SLA - Time to Engineer

Microsoft and even some partners can use SLAs to offer fantastic response times, either with auto-responders or with basic support. At DCG, we’re adding an all-new SLA to our offering. The “Time to Engineer” SLA. Meaning you have a price guarantee on how fast you cab be connected to a specialist engineer to solve your problem. Move beyond just getting someone generic. Start tracking how fast you can get on the phone with someone who knows your issue. It’s all part of our First Problem Resolution philosophy for how we operate Premier Support.

Beyond Support

Our three pillars are not the only things that keep us on the bleeding edge of technology support and a viable alternative to Microsoft Premier Support. We focus on building teams of technical certified architects, engineers, and developers on staff to ensure that you have actual single case resolution when you have a critical issue.


24/7 Support

With resources around the globe and always within reach when you need them, our global network of engineers provides you with a team of unmatched experts on Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics NAV

Proactive Maintenance

The best way to keep critical business systems online is with proactive assessments and maintenance. We help you with technical assessments, security and compliance assessments, adoption workshops, operational initiatives, and proof of concept projects.


With Microsoft making changes to their support agreements, you may be concerned about signing a new agreement. We make it simple for you to test the waters before joining a long-term contract. We have flexible plans that are even pay-as-you-go!


When an issue does arise, you now feel confident knowing you have a team of dedicated engineers and a technical account manager that knows your organization. With our flexible support, you can manage implementations, fix bugs, provide proactive assessments, and more.

Learn About our Microsoft Premier Support Alternative

We can help you solve your support needs at a lower cost.

Why Use a Partner for Support vs. Microsoft Unified Support?

Making the decision about Microsoft Unified Support or using an alternative is a big decision, here are a few of the pros and cons associated with using Microsoft Unified Support. There are more than these three, however, we wanted to keep the list short. Contact our team to learn more and see how your company could save with DCG.

Pros of Unified Support

With Microsoft, you get a single vendor, a direct link to product engineers, and more than 20 years of enterprise relationship experience you can rely on.

Microsoft engineers incorporate data collection, diagnostic checks, incident tracking, and root cause analysis into support to save you time.

 You have access to as-needed consults with Microsoft engineers, and 500+ Managed IP services help you achieve the outcomes you need to succeed.

Cons of Unified Support

Microsoft Consulting Services uses a broad network of subcontractors (DCG is one of them), meaning your support experience ranges depending on the day and depending on which subcontractor you are getting. Tata, Wipro, and Cognizant are the majority of Microsoft support resources. There are even US-based support companies that subcontract their support out to third parties. With Dynamic Consultants Group, you can rest assured your team is not sourced to 3 or 4 companies, but we’re one unified team.

Slow SLA for non Premier Support customers; this means you will have to settle for a 4-8 hours SLA unless you’re a performance tier unified support customer. With Dynamic Consultants Group, you are guaranteed a 15-minute response, with most of our customers seeing a 3-5 minute average response time.

There is no Tier 3 support without additional costs. If the issue is Microsoft’s fault, you will still need to pay additional costs to escalate to a tier 3 support agent, increasing the already expensive cost of Unified Support. If you are a core unified support customer, there is no tier 3 support at all. With Dynamic Consultants Group, you will have access to the best tier 3 support engineers available. We will manage the escalations on your behalf without you needing to manage the escalation request. Very few of our tickets need escalation to Microsoft as our in-house dedicated support engineers can resolve 99.7% of cases without Microsoft, further reducing your support costs.

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