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In a world of business filled with B2B and B2C acronyms, business is always about P2P that is: People to People.


Dynamic Consultants Group was founded in 2013 by our CEO, Dustin Domerese. He believes that technology can increase or defeat a company’s ability to ascend or endure. Dynamic Consultants Group is now a leading technology and consulting company that gives companies of all sizes an influence in their segment, that comes from implementation and consulting. We are a full-service consulting firm for CRM, ERP, and marketing automation solutions. We specialize in business intelligence, business process management, field services, and project service automation. We’ve helped more than 150 companies (ours included) achieve their business goals. By following what we teach, Dynamic Consultants Group has experienced exponential growth year over year since 2013.

Large Firm Capabilities, Without the High Cost

Today’s challenges to running a successful business have never greater. Newer technologies, changes to the market space and more regulations, all call for the need to make your business more agile . While others might be frustrated at new business challenges, we welcome expanding global markets and greater competition. Dynamic Consultants Group offers the same consulting services that large consulting firms do, without the overhead of that often ties companies down and keeps them from genuinely serving their partners. You’ll find that we don’t spend your time and money on excessive weeks of discovery, or preparing elaborate Visio presentations and reports. Rather, we leverage our decades of business, technology, and industry experience to penetrate into problem regions and provide straightforward guidance swiftly. Our consulting services span all the functional areas of your business. We can start an engagement with our accelerated assessment of areas that need development and then promote the right technology, or we can open with your current technology and enhance your business processes. Dynamic Consultants Group’s consultants specialize in revenue generating strategies through implementation. We continuously look to work towards your objectives. If you plan on selling your business, our specialists will lead you down the precise path.


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focused on your success

We measure our achievement by your success. We don’t believe in counting sales units; we believe in counting customer success stories. We handle every client as if they were our exclusive client, with no concern for how large or small their company is. We strive to understand your business process specifications. We work directly with your team to identify the perfect approach to achieve the results your require.

Dynamic Consultants Group
will Be Your Advocate

Getting Through

Have you ever tried to contact your product manager or the head of support in a large software company? Alternatively, get them to return your call? We know whom to call for answers to your tricky integration questions.

Vendor Selection

Through years we’ve developed close relationships with executives at each of the vendors we represent. We invest time with these vendors. We vet their companies.

Your Success

Our goal is to please you. We have successfully helped more than 150+ companies through a combination of guidance and technology to enhance their overall progress and market worth.

Getting Answers

Select us as your business software consultants, and we’ll be your advocate in getting all the answers you need. We’ll rattle a few cages when it comes to getting support.

Real-life Scenarios

By providing developers with “real-life” scenarios and data from our customers, we help shape new releases to fit the market needs.

Your Strategy

From helping to form your business strategy to assessing business processes, and selecting the right software, integration, and training; we aim to charm you every step of the way.


When it comes to paying for business guidance, many vendors have obscure pricing. You only discover the actual cost after you have invested vital time getting to know the vendor and giving specific specifications. We take a separate approach based on transparency and honesty. We understand that you should know what to plan for, and certainly understand what you will gain, without weeks invested in striking out an agreement. We offer several fixed price packages including support, rapid implementation deployments, and services. We are so confident in our capability to grow your profits that we don’t have fixed contracts or lock-in agreements.

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