Power Apps Consulting

We design, develop, deploy, and support custom apps to assist your business in automating tedious, manual processes. Save yourself the hassle and let us help you leverage power apps to solve even the toughest business problems.

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Canvas Apps

Rapid Mobile Low-code/No-code Enterprise Applications That Scale With You

Model-Driven Apps

Build and Deploy Enterprise Desktop-class Applications Without Code

Power Apps Portals

Give Users Access to Your Tools and Improve Quality and Service From Internal to External

AI Builder

Automate and Build Complex AI Models Without the Complexity by Streamlining and Automating

Canvas Apps Consulting

Rapid Mobile Development with Enterprise Security and Connectivity

Dynamic Consultants Group is a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner. We create integrated device-agnostic applications for mobile devices that empower organizations to bring mobility to their staff. As a result, companies of all sizes can now access mobile applications without costly development and lengthy timelines. Our Power Apps consulting team can provide design, consulting, support, and development of these applications. In addition, our teams are experienced at integrating these apps into various applications in and out of the Microsoft stack.

Access Mobility on All Devices

We know mobile apps are critical to modern business. However, since the explosion of growth in apps in 2007, large enterprise companies have been the only ones with the capital to create and maintain apps. This is no longer the case. Power Apps has leveled the playing field and allows users and businesses to rapidly develop and deploy applications to the same devices their customers and employees are accustomed to using.

Scale Apps On-Demand

We help companies scale and create apps that meet the needs of their customers and employees. Using Power Apps, companies can develop rapid applications to replace legacy data entry and automate manual processes, all while saving time and expenses and gaining new data insights and analytics.

Access Enterprise Data Quickly

Many companies use, on average, 13 systems to complete their day-to-day activities. This can lead to duplicate entries, lack of reporting, little or no integration, and poor management. Power Apps solves this by allowing deep integrations with Microsoft Common Data Services and third-party tools.

Remove Complex Forms

We can help you take outdated forms and manual data entry and automate this in Power Apps, allowing faster transactional data, cleaner and more responsive real-time reporting, and reduced costs on paper forms and errors due to manual entry.

Automate Complex Manual Processes

Manual processes slow down business. In the modern age of automate, your competition is gaining a wider lead every day. You are still manually completing your processes; it’s time to speed them up with Power Apps. Our consulting team can help convert your processes into apps and automate them.

Rapidly Build Apps

Custom apps can take months to develop and tens of thousands of dollars to build. Power Apps can be launched in days, connected to data, and providing real value to your company without the cost, hassle, and time of traditional application development. Our Power Apps consultants’ team can take you from the design stage to the application stage in less than 48 hours.

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Power Apps Drives Business Transformation

We help companies and partners reduce the development costs, implementation timeframe, and user breakdown of traditional applications. This is done by increasing overall efficiency using Power Apps. We’ve seen an almost 200% increase in ROI to our customers over three years.


Average Customer ROI Over Three Years


Average Reduction in Development Cost

3.2 hour/week

Average Employee Productivity Increase

Model-Driven Apps Consulting

Enterprise Framework Without the Development Costs

We provide expertise and specialized skills to ensure your application is developed with the latest industry standards and innovations. Our experts can foresee and mitigate potential challenges, facilitating a streamlined development process. With the integration of Power Apps with your existing systems, we will help you meet your business goals while elevating your project success.

Complex Business Applications Made Simple

Model-Driven apps are great for bringing complex business applications to the modern world. Streamlining your processes and helping you get your team working faster and more efficiently with apps that fold natively in Dynamics 365.

Enterprise Development Framework

Dynamic Consultants Group can help you navigate the framework of Power Apps, helping you solve complex integrations and design challenges with simple solutions. 


No Sacrifice in Mobility

Model-Driven apps are just as responsive as canvas apps, without the complexity of designing the UI. You can spin up mobile apps that have enterprise functions quickly and get them deployed in hours, not weeks.

How Does Power Apps Consulting work?

Power Apps Project Consulting

Do you have a project but don’t have the resources or experience to complete it? We can help your team scope and define your Power App’s needs and provide resources and direction to complete the project quickly. In addition, we allow you to take on projects, either small or large, without the need for long-term contracts or high-cost consulting fees.

Power Apps Support

If you have many small tasks or issues with your current Power Apps, we can help your team resolve these items. Our professional services team can provide reactive and proactive PowerApps Support with the same level of care and response that you would expect from Microsoft at a fraction of the cost. In addition, our support team can take care of the break-fix issues or the heavy lifting to get you back on track. 

Power Apps Staff Augmentation

Dynamic Consultants Group is well adept at serving partners and customers with resources. If you are having a hard time finding resources or struggling to get Power Apps resources that can expand your team, that’s where we come in. We can offer resources through our partner program with long and short-term Power Apps resources. We can provide you with the resources you need. 

Power Apps Solutions

Are you stuck or struggling with where to start? We can help you with solution road mapping and design to get you up and running quickly with your Power Apps needs. Our skilled team of consultants can help you design an app, improve an existing app, automate a processor, or turn a form into an application that your team can use. So get started with our team of professionals today and start making apps. 

Power Apps Portals Consulting

Low Code - Drag and Drop App Portals

We save clients time and money by bringing years of development experience to Power Apps Portals. Our consultants’ team goes beyond the basics that Power Apps offers to get your team world-class experience in custom designs. We implement portals for the simple customer to enterprise-level partner and EDI portals.

Integrate All Your Data From All Your Systems

Give insights into Power BI and Power Automate with the connections to Common Data Service. Dynamic Consultants Group is adept at creating complex integration systems and portals. This allows your teams to surface data to those who need it most without past systems’ complexity.  


Modern and Responsive Websites For All

Dynamic Consultants Group will match the look and feel of your website with customizations and branding. We help you create and manage the content that users and partners can access using an intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance from our team. Since it’s low code – you reap the cost savings.  

Engage Your Customers and Partners - Securely

We help you secure data access for your customers and partners via a single source of truth. We work with your team to provide public or authenticated data to customers who need it most through the same secure channels you’ve come to know and love from the Microsoft stack!

Customer Service Portal

Customer service is critical for the health of any company. With a portal, customers can visit a centralized location to get support and communicate with your team to offer better, faster, and more competitive customer service. This will boost your revenues and decrease customer churn. 

Partner Portal

Suppose partners are the lifeblood of your organization. In that case, you need a partner that understands that Portals play a significant role in providing the most up-to-date information to your partners for changes to your products and services. We can help you implement a portal solution that meets all your needs.  

Supplier/Vendor Portal

Connecting to your vendors and suppliers is critical in today’s modern world. Keeping up with inventory and orders keeps a competitive edge to your business in a global market. We can build and implement a vendor or supplier portal to allow you to enhance your forecasting and EDI or decrease your time to pay, all using one seamless portal.

Employee Portal

We can help you develop and implement an employee self-service portal for employee record management, payroll, and HR management, as well as for performance management and recruiting. In addition, save yourself from integration projects with other portals that are not integrated with Dynamics 365 using Power Apps Portals. 

Dynamic Consultants Group Power Apps Portals Consulting

We can help you start your Microsoft Power Apps Portals solution with a team of reliable portal implementation services. Using Dynamic Consultants Group’s extensive experience and robust Portals Implementation Process, we help ensure your solution’s solid foundation. With a rapid implementation that can be ready in weeks, not months, at a fraction of traditional consulting firms’ cost. Our team of talented, experienced, and Microsoft-certified architects, consultants, and engineers have accelerated dozens of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions. Kick-start your portal configurations at Dynamic Consultants Group.

AI Builder Consulting

Enhance Your Business Processes with AI

Harness Artificial Intelligence in your Apps

Dynamic Consultants Group helps you navigate the complex AI and Machine Learning world with the help of AI Builder in Power Apps. We can help enhance your business processes and apps with AI that is easy to implement and understand.

We Enable AI for Everyone

Our architects can help everyone in your organization, regardless of their technical skills and ability to use AI apps. We make complex AI models simple and easy for your team to grasp and use. Let us worry about the complexities of overfitting and neural language processing.

We Make AI Intuitive

Dynamic Consultants Group can help you quickly quantify your needs around AI and simplify tasks. Form processing, predictions, classifications, object detections, and entity extractions are all examples of this. We can also help you navigate the basic prebuilt AI scenarios in Power Apps AI builder.

Automated Your Apps and Take Control of Your Workflows

Empowering everyone on the planet to build apps

Power Apps + Common Data Service

Connecting Data without Headaches

Data Without Limits

Microsoft Common Data Service makes bringing all your siloed data easier. Quickly allow yourself to create powerful apps using Power Platform, with compliant and scalable data service and app platform integrated into Power Apps.

You can use various development and application lifecycle management tools to meet your needs. With Dynamic Consultants Group, whether you have a simple or complex problem, we can help you achieve your needs. Our developers use the Common Data Service software development kit (SDK) and code plugins to build apps and create customizations your team needs to implement faster.

Finally... A Single Source of Truth

Dynamic Consultants Group helps you use the common data service to standardize your data through the Common Data Model. As a result, we make it easier for you to build, implement, and run apps using the same data without complex integrations. In addition, dynamics 365 applications are natively built on CDS. As a result, with Power Apps’ enterprise-grade security and manageability, we do not need additional data integration to help you cut project costs.

There are currently over 200 legal business entities in the common data model, making it easier for DCG to connect and manage third-parties apps all within the same data stream. Let us tailor the model to your specific business needs by extending it with custom entities and fields.

Dynamic Consultants Group guides companies through business processes to automatically create workflows and provide simple data validation rules using your current business processes. As a result, we help you to make apps smarter, faster, and more efficient. As a result, DCG saves your business time and money on implementations, training, upgrades, and more. 

Powerful alone. Better together.

Dynamic Consultants Group will help your team build robust end-to-end business solutions by connecting Power Apps across the entire Microsoft Power Platform— to Dynamics 365, Azure, Office 365, and hundreds of other apps. Drive innovation across your entire organization. Learn how moving from SaaS to a fully unified platform can save your team time and money. 

Power Apps

Build apps in hours, not months, that easily connect to data. Then, use Excel-like expressions to add logic and run on the web, iOS, and Android devices.

Power BI

Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

Dynamics 365

Easily engage with your customers and employees with a direct approach to hundreds of services and connected applications on a unified platform.