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Marcella Davis Joins Dynamic Consultants Group to Lead Enterprise Resource Planning Practice

by Nickey Clark
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KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 7, 2022 — Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG), a leading Kansas City-based Microsoft Consulting company, adds Marcella Davis to the team as Enterprise Engagement, Practice Director.

DCG’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) practice helps small to enterprise businesses in supply chain, warehouse management, and distribution industries seamlessly update business processes without missing orders. Simultaneously, this practice helps Microsoft partners expand their expertise in back-of-house business processes through flexible partnerships. With Marcella’s background in accounting and software, DCG is positioned to support clients in the ERP space like never before.

Marcella Davis

Marcella Davis
Practice Director, Enterprise Engagement

ERP is about more than consulting on a specific product. It’s about listening and making the proper connection between people and software. It’s about identifying the best route for the client out of the 92 possible scenarios that can get the job done. Beyond both of those things, it’s about creating the ‘aha’ moment when all they have to do is click a button to gain more hours back in their day to do more important tasks.

Marcella’s work history includes cost accountancy in domestic and international companies focused on distribution, warehouse, and manufacturing. After her move into software support and implementations in 1999, she began to embrace the Enterprise Resource Planning field that merged the best of both worlds. With many years of Enterprise Resource Planning experience and extensive knowledge of Business Central as well as other Microsoft applications, Marcella is stepping into her new leadership role as an expert resource for clients, partners, and a full team of dedicated consultants. 

Marcella’s unique background helps clients and partners better understand their business needs and software because she can relate to them and speak their language. In her short time at DCG, she has already proven to be a valuable resource to our clients, partners, those she leads, and the other practice areas through cross collaboration.

DCG’s new ERP practice area is a vital part of the updated service structure DCG continues to roll out. Additional practice areas include advanced support, infrastructure and security, business applications, custom development, and project success. This strategic solution for Microsoft services allows clients and partners to build out their infrastructure for scale and drive better connections with their customers.

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