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October 2021 Leads a New Wave of Releases to Finance and Operations

by Allie Wolf
8 minutes read

Microsoft recently announced plans for the 2021 wave 2 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, and there are loads of new features for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps (Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce, Project Operations, etc.) you need to know about. The incredible range of new capabilities will roll out from next month through March 2022. Here’s what to expect:

  • Cross-app features for all Finance and Operations apps like WCAG 2.1 accessibility support, vertically scrolling workspaces, updates to client feature states, enhanced support for the full feature life cycle in Feature Management, and much more.
  • Full data and process integration with Dataverse and Azure Data Lake.
  • Power Platform convergence.

Learn more about these new features and enhancements below.

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Finance and Operations Cross-App Capabilities

Microsoft’s wave 2 release for 2021 has cross-app features for all apps in the 365 Dynamics Finance and Operations ecosystem, including Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Project Operations. These new features include:

Visual Studio 2019 Support X++ Development

The Visual Studio extension for developing Finance and Operations apps in X++ will now support Visual Studio 2019, the latest version of Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) that develops computer programs, websites, web apps, mobile apps, and more.

Additional Support for the Full Feature Lifecycle in Feature Management

You can now turn optional features in Feature Management “on” by default. (Previously, you could only set optional features to “Mandatory.”) That means you can benefit from new features automatically rather than having to switch them “on” and “off.”

Enhanced Legal Entity Support

Wave 2 2021 brings improved legal entity support for saved views in all Finance and Operations apps. You can also save personal views as “global” or assign them to specific legal entities.

Updates to Client Feature States

Microsoft will roll out new updates to client feature states such as “Show related document attachments” and “Edit basic control values in task recordings.” Updates are only available in the most recent version of Finance and Operations apps (10.0.21).

WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Support

There’s now WCAG 2.1 accessibility support for the Finance and Operations apps web client, making all features more accessible for users with disabilities.

Vertically Scrolling Workspaces

Panorama sections in Finance and Operations apps will now stack vertically instead of horizontally.

Auto-Update Enabling for Sandbox Environments

A brand-new feature that ensures Microsoft cloud environments are running the latest supported version.

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Data and Process Integration

Wave 2 2021 makes Finance and Operations data and processes available in Dataverse and Azure Data Lake, providing users with much more flexibility. Here are some of the specific features to come from this change:

Data Lake Change Feeds

New “change feeds,” available in your data lakes, provide chronological logs of data changes across all Finance and Operations apps. You get a 360-degree overview of data changes like inserts, updates, and deletes with transaction-level detail.

‘Export to Azure Data Lake’ Feature Available in More Regions

Microsoft has extended the “Export to Azure Data Lake” to users in more regions, including China.

Dual-Write Health Check

A new feature that ensures you meet minimum system requirements when moving data between Finance and Operations apps and Dataverse.

Increased Legal Entity Limits

More support for users who want to integrate over 40 legal entities between Finance and Operations apps and Dataverse.

Improved Data Exchange for Customer Engagement Apps

Better data exchange between Finance and Operations apps, Dataverse, and Customer Engagement apps, including a more unified experience when gathering customers, orders, quotations, and address books.

Better Offline Mode for Finance and Operations Data

View Finance and Operations app data like virtual tables offline on mobile devices.

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Power Platform Convergence

One of the most exciting features of wave 2 2021 is the convergence of Finance and Operations apps with the Power Platform.

New Finance and Operations/Power Platform Capabilities

Now you can get more value from the Power Platform across all Finance and Operations apps. From next month, you can:

  • Dual-write in one click.
  • Access unlocked add-ins in environments that use the Power Platform.
  • Access virtual entities without manually adding or managing them in Dataverse.
  • Manage Finance and Operations business events in Dataverse.
  • Write, register, debug, and deploy C# plug-ins from Visual Studio.

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Final Word

Microsoft’s new 2021 release wave 2 features for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps provide data-driven businesses with more ERP intelligence than ever before, with an incredible range of insights that improve performance and productivity. These features will roll out from next month, so it’s time to select those that provide your business with the most value. Working with a Dynamics 365 consultant helps you get more from these features, so you can make smarter organizational decisions that grow your business.

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