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An A-Z Guide to Free Azure Cloud Security Services and Technologies

by Allie Wolf
13 minutes read

Businesses are more than a little neurotic about their data, constantly looking for the latest and greatest cloud security products. The total market size of security services in the United States reached $38.44 billion in 2019. (That’s more than the entire GDP of some countries, including Cyprus, Moldova, and Tajikistan!) For many companies, security budgets continue to spiral. 

With Microsoft Azure, security doesn’t come at a premium. You’ll receive a treasure trove of security features at no extra cost, providing you with much-needed peace of mind. With so many features, Azure’s super-suite of security solutions seems a little daunting at first. So, working with an established Azure partner like Dynamic Consultants Group lets you decide what products provide the most value.

Note: This A-Z lists free Azure security services and technologies. (Correct as of January 2021.) Some services listed might have a premium tier with extra features for an additional cost. 


  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory B2C
  • Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Azure Application Proxy
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Client-Side Encryption
  • Azure DDoS Protection
  • Azure DevTest Labs
  • Azure Files
  • Azure Firewall
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Azure Monitor Logs
  • Azure Role-Based Access Control
  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure SQL Always Encryption
  • Azure SQL Cell Level Encryption
  • Azure SQL Connection Encryption
  • Azure SQL Database Auditing
  • Azure SQL Firewall
  • Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption
  • Azure Storage Analytics 
  • Azure Storage Service Encryption
  • Azure Storage Shared Access Signatures
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Network Security Groups
  • StorSimple Encrypted Hybrid Storage
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Azure Active Directory

An authentication repository based in the cloud that supports various identity management services in Azure.

Azure Active Directory B2C

Decide how customers get authorized to manage profiles and acquire authentication in Azure-based apps. 

Note: There’s a cloud-based and managed version of the above called Azure Active Directory Domain Services, which you can also access for free. 

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

Set up multiple forms of authentication before allowing users to access sensitive information in Azure.

Azure Application Gateway

This web app load balancer routes data based on URLs, providing enhanced network security.

Azure Application Proxy

Use this feature to secure remote access for the applications you host on-premises.

Azure Backup

Crank up your disaster recovery protocols with Azure Backup, which stores and recovers data in the Azure cloud. This free tool is one of the most crucial security features in Azure. 

Azure Client-Side Encryption

The Azure Storage Client Library for .NET encrypts data inside client applications before uploading data to Azure Storage. It also decrypts data when downloading to the client. 

Azure DevTest Labs

Calling all developers! Create test environments in Azure and minimize waste. 

Note: The free tier of DevTest Labs has limited features. 

Azure DDoS Protection

Protect against DDoS attacks from affecting your apps and exposing sensitive data.

Did you know that the cost of a DDoS attack averages between $20,000-40,000 per hour?

Azure Files

Azure Files allows automatic network encryption for the Server Message Block (SMB) file-sharing protocol and Network File System protocol.

Azure Firewall

Protect your Azure Virtual Network resources with Azure Firewall, one of the most essential Azure security services.

Azure Key Vault

Encrypt and store passwords, connection strings, and all the other super-valuable information that keep your apps running smoothly. Great for data compliance.

Did you know that only 63 percent of organizations extensively encrypt data? Those that don’t could expose valuable information to hackers.

Azure Load Balancer

Azure’s powerful TCP/UDP network load balancer for applications.

Azure Monitor Logs

Monitor telemetry and other data from an institute user interface for better operational insights into your apps. Perform simple queries to retrieve specific records or execute complex analysis to identify data trends. 

Azure Role-Based Access Control

Allow users access to specific resources based on their roles in your business. This feature could prevent insider threats, which make up 60 percent of all data breaches. 

Azure Security Center

Security Center is Azure’s security hub, providing threat protection and management tools across hybrid cloud workloads (whether or not these threats are in Azure.) Use Security Center to safeguard data centers, assess security posture, and improve compliance.

Azure Site Recovery

Enable recovery of services after a failure or data breach with Site Recovery.

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Azure SQL Always Encryption

This feature protects your most sensitive financial data such as Social Security numbers and credit card numbers stored in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server databases.

Did you know that 9 million Americans have their identities stolen every year?

Azure SQL Cell Level Encryption

A database security feature that encrypts data at a granular level.

Azure SQL Connection Encryption

An SQL Database feature that controls firewall access by limiting connectivity by IP address, requiring users to verify their identities. 

Azure SQL Database Auditing

With database auditing for Azure SQL, you can monitor database events and keep them in a secure audit log in your Azure storage account.

Azure SQL Firewall

Azure SQL Firewall protects you against network-based attacks on your database.

Did you know data breaches cost the average U.S. company $8.19 million in 2019? That’s a jump from $7.91 million in 2018.

Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption

Another encryption feature available in Azure for no additional cost. This tool encrypts the data storage of your entire database.

Azure Storage Analytics

Generate data insights for your storage account and provide your team with real-time intelligence about usage trends and diagnostics.

Note: Storage Analytics has a 20TB stored data limit that is independent of your storage account data limit. 

Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE)

This useful feature automatically encrypts data in Azure storage so you can meet compliance commitments. (There’s also support for Managed Disks.)

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Azure Storage Shared Access Signatures

This feature provides secure delegated access to the resources in your storage account. You can generate insights into how clients access your data.

Azure Traffic Manager

Azure’s powerful DNS load balancer.

Network Security Groups

An access control feature that relies on a 5-tuple to make smart network access decisions that safeguard your data.

StorSimple Encrypted Hybrid Storage

This integrated tool facilitates storage tasks between Azure cloud storage and StorSimple on-premise devices.

Note: You’ll have to pay extra for most features.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Part of Azure Application Gateway, Web Application Firewall protects web apps from everyday security vulnerabilities. 

Final Word

Azure adds new features to its security suite all the time, providing you with the latest protection for no additional cost. The security services and technologies listed above help you improve data compliance, network security, database security, identity management, and more.

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