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Boosting Productivity with Business Central’s Tell Me Feature: A Game-Changer for Efficient Navigation

by Power Learn Academy
3 minutes read

This blog was written by Power Learn Academy Apprentice and Business Central Functional Consultant Caleb Raymond.

Business Central, Microsoft’s comprehensive business management solution, offers a wealth of features to streamline operations. But how do you find and access the functions you need quickly and easily? That’s where the Tell Me feature comes in. Tell Me is a powerful and intuitive tool that lets you search for anything in Business Central, from pages and reports to actions and help topics. In this blog post, we will explore how Tell Me can revolutionize your experience with Business Central and boost productivity in your business operations.

How Tell Me Works: A Rich and Intuitive Command Search Tool

Tell Me is more than just a simple search box. It is a versatile command search tool that allows you to quickly access various functions and features in Business Central. You can access it from any page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner, or by pressing Alt+Q on your keyboard. 

Tell Me is designed to accommodate users of all skill levels, making it easy for newcomers to find their way around the software. Its intuitive interface enables users to execute commands efficiently, ultimately saving valuable time. As you type, Tell Me intelligently suggests relevant commands, eliminating the need to navigate through complex menus and submenus. You can also use natural language queries, such as “how to create a sales order” or “show me sales by customer”. 

How Tell Me Helps: A Seamless Navigation Experience

Efficient navigation is crucial for maximizing productivity in Business Central. Tell Me simplifies this process by allowing you to swiftly locate relevant information and perform essential tasks without losing focus. Whether you need to find a specific report, access a customer’s data, or manage inventory, Tell Me is your go-to tool. 

What sets Tell Me apart is its ability to understand your context and provide targeted suggestions based on your current task. For instance, if you are working on financials and need to create a new chart of accounts, simply type “create chart of accounts” in the Tell Me box, and it will present you with the appropriate command. This feature streamlines navigation and minimizes the need for extensive searching or consulting external resources. 

How Tell Me Impresses: A Remarkable Capability to Analyze Your Business Data

The true power of Business Central’s Tell Me feature lies in its remarkable contextual indexing feature. This advanced technology allows the software to use your business data and context to identify relevant commands or features for your needs. This feature offers you a comprehensive set of options tailored to your specific business situation. 

Suppose you are managing your inventory and need to reorder a specific item. By typing “reorder item” into Tell Me, the feature will not only present you with the command to reorder but also provide additional options, such as setting reorder points, managing vendors, or generating purchase orders. This contextual indexing feature goes beyond basic navigation, empowering users with a wide range of options that can help them optimize their business operations. 

Embrace the Power of Business Central’s Tell Me Feature

Business Central’s Tell Me feature is a game-changer for efficient navigation and productivity in managing your business operations. Its rich and intuitive nature, coupled with its advanced technology, empowers users to swiftly locate relevant commands and accomplish tasks with ease. By leveraging the power of Tell Me, businesses can streamline their workflows, optimize efficiency, and focus on what truly matters: driving growth and success. Embrace the power of Business Central’s Tell Me feature and unlock a new level of productivity in your business operations. 

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