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HP is Using Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Boost Customer Satisfaction

by Laura Brewer
8 minutes read

HP is one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and printers worldwide. They provide hardware and software to businesses of all sizes and many industries. To give you an idea of their company size; they ship one printer every second and 50+ million PCs every year! While they are selling these products, they are also selling the excellence of support and services averaging around 600 million technical support calls each year.

If you have worked in the Customer Service sector, you know that every aspect of your customer’s experience could make all the difference. Whether they are reading an email, visiting your website, engaging with your brand on social media, speaking to an employee personally, or using your product or service, every touchpoint is a part of your brand’s customer experience.

“Customer service is a big driver of loyalty. If we’re able to provide a good customer experience, that will drive more continued business for HP.” 

-Daniel Martinez, Director of Support Solutions for HP Inc.

HP realizes the importance of customer service and how AI can improve the journey of both customers and support agents. Turning their vision into reality, HP has utilized Microsoft Dynamics AI solution for Customer Service by building a virtual agent to serve as the foundation for its new support model!

This Virtual Agent built through Microsoft, allows customers to engage in multiturn dialog. This provides customers with details to easily and rapidly solve a wide variety of issues on their own. If they are still unable to resolve an issue, the conversation will then seamlessly transfer to a live agent.

“When the customer’s inquiry comes in to our contact center, the agent gets all of the context around the issue, including what problem the customer is facing and what they’ve already tried with the virtual agent, plus information such as diagnostic results, the system state, and the serial number. “The customer doesn’t need to start over from scratch.”

– Daniel Martinez, Director of Support Solutions for HP Inc.

AI is streamlining the agent’s processes more than ever. With this solution in place, contact agents can quickly open resources and pull their information while on-call. Joseph Thibodaux, an agent at HP believes these tools streamline the process for shorter call times and reducing the overall wait for the customer.


In addition to providing easy access to information, Microsoft AI also provides key business insights in one unified Dashboard. This allows agents to better understand customer feedback, see key metrics around system performance, and witness how these tools are resolving customer problems. Analytics along these lines are crucial, especially when looking at customer service and retention rates. HP is taking advantage of this top-of-the-line solution to build from to improve future products and services!

As we see with HP, implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service provides businesses with valuable benefits that last a lifetime.

As we have consulted for and implemented this solution with companies around the world, we know that Dynamics 365 is transformative for growing businesses that are looking to improve their overall customer service. One of my favorite things about this solution is the connectivity and customization we have access to. Other benefits we have experienced include:

Omnichannel capabilities

With omnichannel capabilities, we can empower agents to engage in real-time with customers using chat for Dynamics 365 and mobile text messaging with SMS. Not only does it allow seamless communication, but we can maintain full customer context and history across all channels. This leads us to deliver a full omnichannel experience.

Deliver reliable, personalized service and support

  • We can use AI-driven insights to guide agents to the right actions
  • Have a 360-degree view of each customer experience, allowing agents to personalize interactions
  • Be Proactive. With the ability to analyze data from connected devices, we can detect warning signs and solve issues before they happen.

The ability to learn from every interaction

Learning from interactions, both positive and negative, help us to grow as a company. With Dynamics 365 we are able to gain insight, with the ability to analyze operations and agent interactions. We can provide onboarding team members with tailored in-app learning. We can also bring our customer data together with survey insights from Microsoft Forms Pro (included with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service).

AI-driven Insights

We are blown away at the out-of-box capabilities of Dynamics 365. One feature is the Customer Satisfaction Score. This helps us see where we need to improve and where we are doing well. We use dashboards with built-in AI, machine learning, and business intelligence capabilities to visualize customer patterns and agent performance.

From large companies like HP, to small startup businesses, customers are the fuel that keeps our businesses running. With any number of customers, you need excellent customer service, and a strong scalable solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is the best solution in the market today. If you are looking to scale your customer service and improve customer satisfaction, contact us today to help your business grow!

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