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Power App Spotlight: Leave Request streamlines the time off request process

by Tony Pimpo
3 minutes read

If you’re looking to see what Power Apps are all about, Microsoft’s Canvas app templates are a great place to start. These templates are meant to demonstrate the functionality and integration capabilities of the Power Platform.

Canvas apps are a type of Power App – applications targeted to a specific business requirement. Model-driven apps, on the other hand, are full-featured. Dynamics 365 is an example of a full-featured, model-driven app.

We mentioned earlier that Microsoft’s Power Apps templates are designed to demonstrate functionality. While this is true, they also deserve a closer look as a potential solution for your organization. Today, we’re highlighting the Leave Request app. It’s available to anyone with a Power Apps license, and it can be installed free of charge for use by your organization.  

How can the Leave Request app benefit my organization?

Managing employee time off requests can be a headache for both the one submitting the request as well as the one approving. If your organization is still using paper request forms, it’s time for a rethink. 

The Leave Request app is designed to make the process run smoother from start to finish. As a Canvas app, Leave Request can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, it can be integrated into a Microsoft Teams channel. This functionality is a big win for usability and is just one of the many benefits of the Power Platform.


  • Submit leave requests
    • Requests are routed to a user’s manager. This is determined by populating the Manager field in Azure Active Directory.
  • Notifications
    • When a request is submitted, the manager receives an email with the pertinent details
    • When the status of a request changes (approved or declined), the user who submitted this request receives an email with the information
  • View past and future leave requests
    • These are sorted by pending, approved and declined requests
  • About
    • On this page, relevant details can be provided to your employees on the requirements for different types of leave
  • See a count of how many days are available and remaining
    • Reduce the need to manually track days – the Leave Request shows it all in a user-friendly format
    • Leave is calculated based on a few out-of-the-box buckets. This includes standard vacation, sick leave, floating holidays, bereavement, and jury duty.
  • View company holidays
    • A set of standard observed holidays is included

What’s next?

Every organization is different. Your company may not have separate categories for leave, as an example. That’s where Dynamic Consultants Group comes in. We can customize the Leave Request app or develop a new one from the ground up.

We can develop apps specifically geared to your business requirements, HR department standards, etc. The Leave Request template, and others like it, are meant to spark conversation as to how the Power Platform can be used to meet your needs.

If you’re interested in how Power Apps can accelerate your business, contact us today. In the meantime, check out the 360 Customer View, developed in-house by our team.