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Make Things Happen with Microsoft Azure IoT

by Samantha Summers
10 minutes read

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a new mainstream in the business world. IoT is built together with catalytic technology such as the cloud, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality to develop endpoints for businesses to better optimize their operation productivity, improve workplace safety, and increase profit. Microsoft is empowering businesses and industries to implement IoT and shape their future. According to Microsoft IoT Signals report, 85% of decision makers from enterprise organizations have adopted IoT. It is the gateway to business transformation to create substantial opportunities for growth. The IoT in Action event allows you to build new experiences and drive innovation for your business. With 11 events left this year, you should capitalize on the opportunity to attend, learn, and grow.

IoT Overview

IoT is inventing new ways of business efficiency with the combination of AI and machine learning. Azure IoT is built on several years of Microsoft enterprise experience and is designed to be accessible for organizations, small to large. Even if you are working with a Microsoft partner, or on your own, IoT has all the devices, tools, data analytics, and security competencies you help you achieve your IoT goals. It is flexible, intelligent, and trusted. 

Microsoft has committed to investing $5 billion in IoT research and the intelligent edge. They want to add new features and services, to Azure IoT while driving business strategy and executive leadership discussion to define success in the age of intelligence. By the end of 2020, 94% of businesses are projected to be using IoT. Although there are many aspects to IoT, you can check it out more for yourself with the Azure IoT overview 

What is IoT in Action? 

IoT in Action is a chance to develop new IoT experiences and drive innovation in your business with the intelligent edgewith Microsoft and the IoT partner network. The first IoT in Action event took place in San Jose in 2017, which has since grown to thirty cities and 17,500 attendees from across the globe. It truly is a worldwide movement. This event hosts any business in any industry that is looking to implement out-of-the-box solutions. IoT is for your business if you have a vision to transform by building scalable and repeatable IoT solutions for your customers.  

A few key takeaways you will gain from the IoT in Action event are: 

   1. Capitalizing on the IoT growth opportunities 

   2. IoT is continuing to pick up the pace as companies and individuals realize the potential for growth opportunity and increase revenue. With 85% of decisions makers adopting IoTthey believe they will see a 30% ROI on their IoT projects moving forward.  

   3. Accelerating your IoT vision through partner and customer Matchmaking 

   4. Connect with partners and customers across the IoT ecosystem. I believe it is agreeable that IoT solutions require expertise and skill sets that are not always limited to one company. IoT in Action even gives you the opportunity to begin matchmaking with other attendees by scheduling meetings. If you are looking for others to enable IoT build-withco-sell opportunities, specific skills, or valuable insights, you are given the unique chance to do so. Matchmaking can surface possible business ventures for you 

   5. Creating co-sell opportunities through sponsorships 

   6. Hundreds of partners participated in the program last year. Thus, leveraging the IoT in Action Solution Showcase to develop profitable connections with customers and partners. You can download the sponsorship booklet to learn about the benefits.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a remarkable asset to Microsoft Azure. It is a strategic and competitive advantage for businesses by improving the key aspects of business – efficiency, safety and profit increase. Reports show the increase of users and profit for businesses adopting IoT and explains why Microsoft is investing $5 billion into it. The IoT In Action event allows partners and customers to come together to learn more about the ins and out, but it also gives the opportunity for matchmaking. There are 11 more events in 2019 to attend and begin shaping your business’s future. As Microsoft says, make things happen. 

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