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Microsoft and UnitedHealth Group Collaborate to Launch ProtectWell App

by Allie Wolf
4 minutes read

Employers face unprecedented challenges in maintaining their production while keeping their workforce safe. COVID-19 has changed everything, particularly the way we think about work. Some businesses have their employees working from home, at least part of the week. But many essential businesses cannot function with remote workers. Employers have had to balance safety with their company’s financial health, undoubtedly your company has struggled with this challenge as well.

Determining who should work, quarantine, or isolate has been especially difficult. That’s why the ProtectWell App is the new, welcomed development. Created through a collaboration with UnitedHealth Group and Microsoft, the ProtectWell app helps employers and employees safely navigate the pandemic while continuing to work.

ProtectWell Overview

ProtectWell provides guidelines for a safe workforce that comply with CDC recommendations. It addresses social distancing, sanitation, personal hygiene, as well as other factors. Employers can configure this application so it addresses their particular needs. For instance, healthcare workers might need a different protocol than store clerks. Food workers have other concerns. And teachers undergo many precautions set in place to keep their classrooms safe. ProtectWell empowers workforces to remain healthy so their establishments can continue to function efficiently.

Employers and employees can download the ProtectWell app for free from Google Play and Apple’s App Store through 2021. The app is the result of UnitedHealth Group’s clinical and data analytics expertise combined with Microsoft’s Azure, AI, and analytics programs. It also incorporates Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot, an application that uses AI-assisted technology to battle COVID-19. 


How ProtectWell Works

First, employers can set up a customized version of the application for their staff, which sets protocols for safe workplace behavior, including when to stay home. This smartphone app asks employees basic questions about their symptoms or potential COVID-19 exposure, including inquiries about fever, muscle aches, sore throat, loss of taste and/or smell, etc. Then it asks the user if the symptoms are mild or severe. The app also inquires if the user has been exposed to COVID-19. Depending on your company’s guidelines, it will then recommend that the worker stay home or go to work. Furthermore, it refers the worker to the next steps they should take, if necessary. 

The app allows you to screen employees at the door to confirm that they have used the application that day. Also, you can get an instant snapshot of your workforce’s health. You’ll see the percentage of workers that have been cleared and the percentage told to stay home.

UnitedHealth Group manages the healthcare information, taking care to uphold HIPAA laws that protect workers’ privacy. As one of the dominant names in healthcare, their years of experience in this area are invaluable to you. Without it, you may lack the expertise to stay compliant with federal law and expose yourself to fines and/or legal action. 

ProtectWell Effectiveness

Protecting your company from COVID-19 requires taking simple measures, and the assistance of ProtectWell is the perfect solution. You cannot eliminate COVID-19 from the workplace, but you can protect your workforce’s health and your company’s productivity by customizing this application to your organization.

Many businesses have not survived the pandemic. Others will succumb in the coming weeks and months, regardless of the vaccine arrival. Lower infection rates mean a quicker financial recovery for your business when the pandemic is over.

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