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Partner Spotlight – C5 Insight

by Genna Joudrey
8 minutes read

The true meaning of a “partnership” is a relationship between two or more individuals, both working together towards the same goal. There is a mutual respect for one another, even upon roadblocks. Therefore, we have decided to start our first ever blog series called “Partner Spotlight” – in hopes of portraying our professional relationships in a new light. For our first post, we are featuring Tricia Desso-Cox who is employed with one of our trusted partners, C5 Insight. The following interview will touch base on how we work together, why our Channel Consulting services are mutually beneficial, advice to fellow Microsoft partners, and more.


1. What is your position at C5 Insight, and how long have you been with the company?

I am Managing Director, and I have been with C5 Insight for 6 years.

2. Can you briefly explain to our readers what your company, C5 Insight, does?

C5 Insight likes to joke that our team members are experts in failure. Failure is an option, unfortunately, when it comes to customer and employee engagement projects on CRM and Intranet platforms. In fact, research suggests that 47% of companies fail two or more times before getting it right. However, failure doesn’t have to be part of the journey. C5 Insight’s innovative LUCK Principle™, our 17-year history implementing CRM and collaboration projects, and its team of authors, architects, certified trainers, and MBAs, is our key to success. Nearly 60% of C5’s clients are considered to be rescue or CPR clients in need of a reboot to get their implementations back on track.

C5 focuses first on people and processes, then on implementing technology solutions that support and extend the business process to improve efficiency, accuracy and overall employee engagement, and the customer experience. Our team is capable of leading a client through up front planning engagements, actual solution implementation and post go-live coaching, enhancements, training and support.

3. Who would you say C5 Insight’s target audience is?

Mid-size organizations that are starting to feel the pinch of rapid growth due to a lack of well-defined processes and supporting technology solutions. Also, enterprise level organizations struggling with information architecture, reducing silos, the governance and oversight of its platforms and the people side of change management.

4. Describe C5 Insight’s relationship with us at DCG. What is communication like?

The DCG team brings the right amount of expertise to the table at precisely the right time. DCG is a natural extension of C5 Insight’s team of experts, as they seamlessly work alongside us to provide well thought out solutions to complex client situations. Their team is super responsive to our requests and willing to jump into the mix anytime we need them.

5. Why do you think this partnership, a term we refer to as Channel Consulting, is beneficial to Microsoft partners?

A partnership like the one we share with DCG allows both parties to bring the right expertise to the table as necessary. The skillset the DCG team has compliments the skillset that the C5 team has and vice versa. This allows both teams to have a breadth and depth of expertise without all of the overhead that hiring additional employees typically costs.

6. What type of problems have we, DCG, helped you solve?

The DCG team has done everything from simple configuration work to complex multi-platform projects and everything in between. Some of the toughest situations have been integrating more modern online tools with legacy on-premise solutions in order to ensure the client has the information they need at their fingertips.

7. What is one piece of advice you would give to other Microsoft partners looking to get involved with Channel Consulting?

Go for it – you don’t realize what you’re missing until you’ve got the expertise available to you when you need it! I promise you won’t want to go back once you’ve gone down this path!

8. Have you found your utilization of our Channel Consulting services to be successful?

Super successful! It has allowed us to complete projects we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do on our own without bringing on additional specialized FTEs that may not have continued to be fully utilized later.

We hope you enjoyed our first blog post of our new series, Partner Spotlight. To learn more about how we can help Microsoft partners, feel free to browse our website or shoot us an email. Stay up to date with us by following our social media accounts, below!

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