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The Five Qualities that Define Success for Microsoft Partners

by Genna Joudrey
9 minutes read

As a Microsoft partner, you have unlimited opportunities waiting for you at your doorstep. What you do with those opportunities, is completely in your hands. There is a lot of pressure for success, and some partners even find it difficult to measure their own progress. How can one determine their success, especially when comparing their business to other partners? Microsoft has listed the five attributes that all partners should strive for, and we have outlined those for you.

1 – Customer Obsessed 

Putting customers first should be the main goal for all partners. The Microsoft partner journey is all about engaging, empowering, and listening to the clients that you serve. By getting to know your customers, you will be able to recognize their true needs. Instead of massproducing content that anyone has access to, try to focus on solving their everyday problems. This will show them that you are truly dedicated to their success. Just as Microsoft makes their mission possible with us, their partners, we can make our mission possible with our customers. 

2 – Differentiated Value Proposition 

Satya Nadella stated that there are over 17 million technology partners worldwide in his 2019 Microsoft Inspire CorenoteThat being said, the competition in our industry can be rather fierce. The ongoing challenge for Microsoft partners is to stand out in the crowd by offering a level of expertise that other partners fail to offer. It is necessary to highlight differentiation and show how you can uniquely help your customers. There is always room to increase your level of expertise by investing in materials to better serve your audience. Do whatever it takes to ensure that customers are getting on your platform – and staying on your platform.  

3 – Alignment with Microsoft 

Microsoft partners understand that there are several different platforms and products to keep up with. Software and data are everchanging in today’s world, and it is very easy to lose track of important updates. Partners should strive to grow in areas where they can align with the business of Microsoft in order to achieve mutual benefit. By researching the best partner programs out there, you can ensure that you adopt a growth mindset crucial for success.  

4 – Leverage the Ecosystem

This quality may be the most powerful of all. Due to the sea of partners around the world, there is an unlimited opportunity for the Microsoft partner network. Microsoft advises for partners to focus on customer outcomes, look for complementary solutions with other partners, and deliver value together. Make sure you check out Microsoft’s new tools that make Partner-to-Partner collaboration and co-selling more powerful.  

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5 – Cultural Alignment  

Microsoft wants to create a culture that serves everyone. They want to include perspectives from partners all over the world. That being said, it is up to partners to maintain a growth mindset and focus on diversity and inclusion as well. Microsoft provides gender-specific opportunities such as their Women in Cloud initiative. Female technology entrepreneurs have access to resources such as funding, investments, mentorship, and more.  

These five attributes will be able to help you stay on track as a Microsoft partner. You can take these five points and apply them to your daily practice. By ensuring that you are implementing Microsoft’s recommended qualities, it will be easier to measure your growth and success each quarter. As stated above, reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating with our team. Two partners working together is better than one!

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