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Top Reasons Your Organization Needs to Use Business Central

by Chaz Domerese
6 minutes read

Microsoft Business Central can transform the way you run your organization. Data-driven companies use this all-in-one cloud ERP solution to power financial, HR, accounting, and inventory management processes. Unlike traditional accounting software, Microsoft’s ERP can optimize the capabilities of your internal processes and help you make smarter decisions that result in better profitability, productivity, and performance. Learn the reasons your organization needs this system below. 

BC Adapts as Your Organization Scales

You can tailor Business Central to your specific business needs by using its features on-premise or in the cloud on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Your team will benefit from this system in the office or home, powering your traditional, remote, or hybrid work model.  

For even more scalability, download extensions from the Microsoft AppSource marketplace to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and boost profitability. Also, adapt to market dynamics with technologies built on Microsoft’s cloud, such as IoT and machine learning.  

Protect Your Organization

Business Central’s advanced security safeguards your data across systems and devices at all times. The platform encrypts sensitive data, helping you comply with data governance frameworks while preventing mission-critical information from landing in the wrong hands. 

Save Money

Business Central uses a SaaS model, where you pay one cost for every user in your organization monthly. That can work out cheaper than other licensing models that require you to pay upfront and enter a long-term contract that’s difficult to cancel. 

Because Microsoft’s ERP utilizes the cloud, you can also save money on servers, data centers, and other hardware costs. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to get started! Unlike other systems, Business Central includes free automatic updates as part of its subscription model, saving you even more money in the long run.  

Generate Business Intelligence

Business Central’s real-time dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) for different user roles help you learn more about your business and make smarter decisions. You can share the latest insights with team members and identify ways to speed up workflows and improve productivity. For example, you can forecast cash flow in your organization or discover processes that optimize inventory management. Alternatively, shorten cycle times with late payment prediction and become more responsible for financial-related decisions.  

Connecting Business Central with Microsoft’s productivity tools like Excel and Outlook can result in even more powerful data insights that benefit your business. 

Improve Inventory Management

Business Central provides various solutions for inventory management, including the ability to speed up shipments with cross-docking and connecting operations and customers for improved fulfillment processes. You can also optimize your warehouse by improving stock placement and enhancing your storage facility’s layout.  

Microsofts ERP is Constantly Evolving

Unlike other ERP systems that never change, Business Central is always adapting to the latest trends in your industry. Microsoft releases new capabilities throughout the year and major updates — called ‘waves’ — twice a year. These updates include brand-new features, security fixes, and other benefits that help you connect your business and optimize day-to-day operations.  


Business Central integrates with Power BI, Microsoft 365, and Dynamic 365 Sales. These integrations improve end-to-end visibility, enhance processes, and make it easier for teams to access the features needed to do their jobs. For example, integrating the system with Power BI lets you generate unparalleled insights into Business Central data, access more complex dashboards, and merge company data. That can improve business intelligence and help you get more value from all the information that flows in and out of Business Central.  

Business Central consulting can help you choose and implement the right integrations for your specific business use case.  

Speed Up Sales Processes

Microsoft’s ERP is also a valuable sales system that tracks customer interactions and identities upsell and cross-sell opportunities in your pipelines. For example, you can monitor customer agreements, create customized discount and pricing structures for customers, and access details about prices, discounts, deliveries, products, and order fulfillment from within the system. 

Other Ways BC Can Transform Your Organization

As if BC wasn’t good enough already, here are some additional bonus capabilities that can enhance your organization: 

  • Get support for 25 languages and localization 
  • Benefit from no-code user interface changes 
  • Extend the system with Microsoft Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate 
  • Optimize resource levels 

Final Word

Business Central is more than just another ERP. It’s a cloud-based comprehensive business management solution that can improve your organization’s productivity, performance, and profitability. The reasons to use Microsoft’s ERP listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Investing in this platform can transform the way you run your entire business.  

Dynamic Consultants Group provides consulting, support, and implementation services for Business Central, helping you get more value from this system. Take BC to the next level with customized project planning, development, training, deployment, and business analysis from a reputable and experienced Microsoft 365 partner. Learn more about Business Central consulting by scheduling a Teams meeting

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