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Two Partners, One Vision

by Genna Joudrey
4 minutes read

If you are a Microsoft partner, you are most likely aware of the partner to partner, or P2P network. This network operates as an open forum for partners to share knowledge, opportunities, and insights regarding their engagements. Regardless of whether you are a partner looking to expand into new markets or a partner seeking industry knowledge – the P2P network has you covered. It’s a quick, community solution that is always accessible. Recently, Microsoft published a case study on how two organizations formed a partnership and experienced success through their P2P network. I am going to outline the details of this connection, to hopefully inspire fellow Microsoft partners to join forces more often.

Focus on What You Do Best, and Partner for the Rest

BitTitan is no stranger to the P2P community. They refer to themselves as a “Cloud enablement company” and are committed to engaging with other Microsoft partners to educate, automate, and help deliver lifetime value. Their Director of Alliances, David Huth, explained that the P2P Network is the place to go to see what is working for other partners and their businesses, and to also look for opportunities to assist other partners in need. “Microsoft’s P2P Network is a great place to learn about what is happening with Microsoft and their partners to look for opportunities to work together.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, David!

Although BitTitan is a Microsoft partner that specializes in migration solutions, they have made it clear that they do not want to be known as just a migration partner. “We have expanded our business to teach other partners to become what we call ‘Modern MSPs.’ We work in lockstep with Microsoft’s current strategic initiatives and see ourselves now as a cloud enablement partner – we are out there helping Microsoft partners scale, automate, and make their businesses more profitable. Migrating workloads to the cloud is certainly something we can do, and do well, but there is so much more work to be done once those workloads get there,” stated Huth when asked about the evolution of BitTitan’s services. It’s safe to say that Microsoft’s P2P community is a place to ask questions, feel out your strengths, and call in reinforcements from other partners to fill gaps you may have in your organization.

The P2P Network Success Story

Fyrsoft, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is an enterprise consulting services provider that specializes in business solutions. They understood the value of connecting with fellow partners, so they decided to rely on the Microsoft P2P community. Fyrsoft had an engagement with a customer that required a quick migration of several workloads to Office 365 in several different locations. Unfortunately, they lacked a standard onboarding process from multiple, disparate environments and didn’t have the time or resources to attend each location individually. This is where BitTitan stepped in! After seeing Fyrsoft’s post in the community, BitTitan knew they could work together to not only help the customer with the migration but open the door for future opportunities down the road. Through the MigrationWiz, the automated migration and onboarding solution created by BitTitan, Fyrsoft was able to meet their customer’s needs and move all of the workloads to the cloud.

If you are looking to partner with other organizations, Microsoft recommends knowing what you do well, where you can improve, and what is out of your scope. Start to research how you can use educational tools other partners have in place to build similar strengths that your team lacks. Don’t let potential business get away simply because you can’t do something in-house, especially when there is a team of professionals willing to help.

Creating Your Own P2P Success Story

Together, Fyrsoft and BitTitan were able to overcome an obstacle for a client in need. This interaction highlights the value that comes from teaming up within Microsoft’s P2P community. This community is the place to plug into resources, learn from one another’s mistakes, and grow your own business in the process. It’s a win-win!

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