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As we mentioned in a recent blog post, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now being licensed as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. With all things considered, there are even more changes that are occurring in February. Keep reading to learn about features that have been added, deprecated, or modified this month within the platform

New Features

  • Data management export file size limit update: When exporting files using data management, there was a maximum file size of 256 MB. Gone are the days of restriction! You can now remove this limitation in the Platform update 32 by implementing flight DMFBlobSize256. If needed, you can always revert back to the previous behavior if you encounter issues due to enabling this feature. 
  • Continued stabilization of saved views: A preview of saved views was made available in October 2019 with Platform update 29. Moving forward, enhancements to saved views will continue to be introduced as part of monthly updates until the feature is available to the public. 
  • Improved responsiveness of Action Panes on smaller screens: Most of the application user interfaces have been enabled to be used on mobile devices.  This will improve usability as well as increase productivity for users. This set of improvements will stretch over multiple release waves. 
  • Ability to filter on blank values by using the filter pane and filters in grid column headers: Filtering is one of the most common and important foundational features of the user interface. For user success, being able to find data easily is critical. Users can now filter for blank values via the Filter Pane and grid column header filters. The syntax for looking for a blank value in a column is simply “”.
  • Continued evolution of the new grid: The new grid provides several benefits for usersIt also enables more complex features to be built into it. Some are available now, and some will be introduced in subsequent monthly updates. Here are the benefits: 
    • Performance: The new grid provides improved rendering speed and faster scrolling experience. 

    • Positional scrolling: Users can now positionally scroll in the data that has been loaded in the web browser. For example, if you browse through 10,000 rows in a grid, you can just select the middle of the scrollbar to immediately go to record 5,000 without having to retrieve data from the server. 

    • General improvements: In the existing grid, users may run into situations occasionally where the grid headers and data are misaligned, or the grid jumps while users scroll through data or create new records. The new grid eliminates these issues. 

    • Reorder columns: Users can now reorder columns by dragging them. Hover the mouse pointer over the column header, and then drag the gripper control that appears on the left side of the column. 

    • Mathematical formulas: Users can now enter mathematical formulas into numeric cells in a grid. For example, you can enter =15*4. To make the system recognize a value as an expression, start the value with an equal sign (=). 

  • Priority-based scheduling for batch jobsTo prepare existing batch jobs and tasks for the Priority-based scheduling, two new system batch jobs have been introduced: 
    • System job to seed batch group associations to batch jobs: This batch job, with class name SysMigrateBatchGroupsForPriorityBasedScheduling, associates batch jobs with batch groups. 
    • System job to clean up expired batch heartbeat records: This batch job, with class name SysCleanupBatchHeartbeatTable, cleans up the new internal monitoring BatchHeartbeatTable table. 

Removed and Deprecated Features 

With every update, there’s always going to be features that are removed or deprecated. A removed feature is when it is no longer in the product. A deprecated feature is when it is not in active development and may possibly be removed in the future. Here are a few of the most recent removed and deprecated features:  

  • Chinese voucher types without Account groups selection 
    • Reason for deprecation/removal: Changed to the feature with Account groups selection 
    • Status: By December 1, 2020, Microsoft plans to no longer support Chinese voucher types setup without Account groups selection. 
  • DimensionHash.getHash(str _message) 
    • Reason for deprecation/removalWindows is deprecating the use of SHA1, as documented in Windows Enforcement of SHA1 Certificates. 
    • Status: By April 1, 2020, developers must use the new API. 
  • Hash.ComputeSHA1Hash(string message) 
    • Reason for deprecation/removalWindows is deprecating the use of SHA1, as documented in Windows Enforcement of SHA1 Certificates. 
    • Status: By April 1, 2020, developers must use the new API. 
  • FormDateTimeControl.setUtcString() 
    • Reason for deprecation/removal: Microsoft is retiring the setUtcString() method, because a better replacement method is available. 
    • Status: By October 1, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support the setUtcString() method. Developers should be using the setUtcDateTime() method instead. 
  • Blacklist report (IT) – Feature reference IT-00001 
    • Reason for deprecation/removal: Not legally required 
    • Status: By October 1, 2020, we plan to no longer support the Blacklist report (IT) – Feature reference IT-00001. 
  • Domestic tax report – Feature reference IT-00003 
    • Reason for deprecation/removal: Not legally required 
    • Status: By October 1, 2020, we plan to no longer support the Domestic tax report – Feature reference IT-00003. 

If you have any questions about the new features or deprecations, let us know! We have a team of experienced Solution Architects, Consultants, and Developers who can assist you with any of the Dynamics 365 products.

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