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DCG Power Model streamlines the design and requirements gathering process

by Tony Pimpo
2 minutes read

At Dynamic Consultants Group, we are focused on innovative solutions. From custom Power Apps such as the 360 Customer View to our integration with Samsara for fleet management software, we’re always looking for ways to push the ball forward. 

Today we are focusing on the DCG Power Model, a new tool that we’re deploying as a key part of our design and consulting processes. 

If you’ve ever been on a software development project, you know that developing requirements that everyone can understand is critical. Designing systems that work for everyone is at the heart of everything we do at DCG. Getting forms and fields just right is an essential piece of user adoption as well as training. DCG Power Model enables us to smoothen this process and to work more collaboratively with our customers. Let’s take a look. 

Look familiar? At first glance, you may have thought you were looking at Dynamics 365. However, DCG Power Model is an entirely custom application hosted in Azure. Power Model mimics the appearance of a default Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement trial environment. That makes it an ideal canvas for design and requirements gathering. 

We’ve included four entities (for now) that represent core Dynamics 365 CE functionality. These include: 

  • Accounts 
  • Contacts 
  • Leads 
  • Opportunities 

From the start, these entities are configured similarly to the default entity forms in Dynamics 365. In just a few clicks, this can be customized – without a trial account or updates to worry about in a live environment. 


  • Change field order with a drag and drop interface 
  • Add new fields on the fly 
  • Rename existing fields 
  • Create new sections and tabs 
  • Delete sections and tabs 
  • Change button labels 


Changes made in the Power Model can be saved and viewed later. Also, you can reset the whole interface back to the original settings. 

As part of working with Dynamic Consultants Group, we will use Power Model to deliver superior results and service. Your organization will get a custom Azure application hosted with a unique URL for internal use. With it, we can collaborate in real-time on form and field requirements. Also, you and your employees can get familiar with the system we are designing for you. Our development team is excited about the ways we can use this to serve our customers better. 

Are you looking to engage a partner in developing a software solution for your business? We offer white label consulting that provides everything you need to expand your business into new industries. Are you looking into a CRM or ERP system for your own business? No matter your industry, Dynamic Consultants Group can work with you to develop a tailored system. We specialize in CRM and ERP systems using Dynamics 365, along with the Power Platform. Whether you’re well versed in the Microsoft ecosystem or not, we can get you and your team up to speed on available options. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.