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GDPR Solution for Dynamics 365 Launches, GDPRoactive® By Dynamic Consultants Group

by Josh Santiago
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KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 27, 2018,/PRNewswire/ — Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG), a consulting company helping grow businesses worldwide, has launched their first add-on for Microsoft 365; GDPRoactive®. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU Regulation began on May 25, 2018, requiring companies to give better access for consumers to remove personal information. Dynamic Consultants Group created a solution that integrates directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Compliance Manager. GDPR provides individuals with the right to be forgotten, while our GDPR solution for Dynamics 365 allows companies to detect, classify and redact sensitive information.

GDPRoactive® Add-On

GDPRoactive®  for Microsoft Dynamics 365, an add-on solution for GDPR data management, sets up quickly with no need for programmers or developers. This cost-effective solution for businesses simplifies the process of managing and removing GDPR data in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Knowing what information to delete is difficult without the correct system, GDPRoactive® eliminates the guesswork. DCG provides actionable insights through GDPRoactive® and the Microsoft Compliance Manager.

GDPRoactive® significantly reduces costs with staffing, data management, risk assessments and consulting for support of GDPR with Dynamics 365. This solution gives companies rich insights for meeting EU standards and lowers the stress of becoming GDPR compliant in Dynamics 365 by enabling the management and protection of your company’s data ownership.

LEARN MORE AT: https://ow.ly/uMs330lxED7

GDPRoactive® Add-On features:

  • Audit Cleanup: Allows your team to remove relevant historical data from Dynamics 365’s audit logs, solving hidden dangers.
  • Data Dictionary Builder: Builds a data requirement dictionary helping the maintenance of data usage and validation.
  • Bulk Delete: Purges non-compliant data from Dynamics 365 to remove data through automation.
  • EU Records Check: Allows you to create predefined EU record searches to determine what data requires removal.
  • Redacting Data Fields: Maintains system history by redacting EU personal data, allowing keeping your records and reporting.
  • Security Data Builder: Provides security setup approach through an Excel extraction for internal processes.

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