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A New Wave: Everything We Know About Microsoft Power Platform’s Latest Release

by Tony Pimpo
10 minutes read

Since its inception, Microsoft Power Platform has had a pretty simple M.O. While most backend solutions cater solely to diehard developers and data scientists, Power Platform embraces entrepreneurs like you who want to create and deploy apps, workflows, and reports for business growth. This spectacular software suite makes automation accessible for those of us who don’t want to deal with convoluted and complicated code. (No, thanks!) It doesn’t require Java. Or Python. Or a Master’s degree in Data Engineering. And that’s why it’s the foundation of so many tech stacks. 

Now, 16 months after its launch, Power Platform has received a facelift. You can still build complex business apps, streamline workflows, create virtual agents, and draw stunning data visualizations. But there’s a glut of brand-spanking new features that make Power Platform an even more powerful platform. Introducing Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1, which boasts a treasure trove of shiny new capabilities. We think you’re going to love it.

There are new features for three of the four products in the Power Platform suite:

  1. Power BI
  2. Power Apps
  3. Power Automate

There are currently no new features for Microsoft Dataverse, but 2021 Release Wave 1 remains Power Platform’s most exciting release so far. 

We’re going to preview Wave 1’s most exciting features below and explain why you should work with a reputable partner like Dynamic Consultants Group to benefit from the Power Platform experience.

Note: Early access to Wave 1 started on February 1, and general availability rolls out from April 1. Some features below are only available on the Pro versions.

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Brand New Features Available in Power BI With Power Platform Wave 1 2021

The new Quick Create feature, available on Power Platform Wave 1 2021, provides an enhanced experience for Power BI users who lack the technical know-how to connect to data or create apps. Also available through Microsoft Teams, Quick Create provides guided knowledge for building apps, reports and dashboards when you type or paste data into Power BI.

Share links that let (select) team members view Power BI datasets and reports. This feature lets colleagues access valuable data, which instantly improves collaboration.

New visualizations that let you summarize data visuals and reports with customized insights. Add Narratives to reports and identify trends, make predictions about business growth, and tailor all this data to specific audiences. 

This feature speeds up dataflow validation when changing dataflows in Power BI. Save dataflows, leave the screen and let the validation process run in the background. Simple. 

Working with a partner like Dynamic Consultants Group helps you implement the new Power Platform features from Wave 1 2021 into your organization without breaking a sweat. Get more value from Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Microsoft Dataverse. Schedule a Microsoft Teams or in-person meeting. Learn more here.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics now manages materialized views for your larger Power BI datasets (premium only) in DirectQuery mode, enhancing user concurrency and performance. 

Power BI users often find Time Series Charts complicated to master, but a new Wave 1 feature simplifies the process. Power BI now provides automatic anomaly detection for all time series charts. Receive customized explanations about how to fix problems and improve chart management. 

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Power Platform Wave 1 2021 Features for Power Apps

The Power Apps Monitor feature provides improved capabilities for debugging, sharing diagnostic sessions and importing and exporting log files. Make quick fixes to problems and troubleshoot apps with greater precision. 

Power Apps now shows search results as you type, so you can use Quick Actions to access features with just one click. Searching Power Apps has never been easier. 

Export documents to PDF from a canvas app in Power Apps.

Experience enhanced navigation in Power Apps with these two new capabilities:

  • Open a new page on the far side of a current page from the side pane and keep both pages open.
  • Override multi-session app navigation and click to open to a multi-session new session, a multi-session new page tab or the side pane.

Power Apps just updated its Merge Records feature, and there’s a new user interface that merges data into a single record. (The feature also merges related and child records.)

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New Power Automate Features Available in Power Platform Wave 1 2021

Learning Power Automate features is a challenge for new users. So Microsoft developed “new experiences that make it easier for customers to onboard and get started creating flows.”

Power Automate now lets you create workflows for Operations and Finance from cloud flows.

New governance capabilities to protect your business from data loss include restrictions for sharing connections, connector action restrictions, connector restrictions, and endpoint filtering.

Manage solution-based workflows in My Flows and add data flows into solutions quickly. 

Invite colleagues to record experiences in Process Advisor, Power Automate’s process mining capability. 

Search Dataverse records from Power Automate using relevance search, an AI-based algorithm based on Azure Cognitive Search. This feature provides enhanced search capabilities for Dataverse, including proximity search and fuzzy search. 

Share connections between flows and let these flows run smoothly after importing data. This feature optimizes life cycle management. 

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Why You Need A Partner for Power Platform Wave 1 2021

With so many features available on Wave 1 2021, which ones provide your team with the most value? Some features are harder to implement than others, potentially disrupting day-to-day activities. Working with a Power Platform partner solves this problem. 

Dynamic Consultants Group provides customized solutions for Microsoft Power Platform users, with a broad range of consulting and support services that serve your enterprise. Here are some benefits of working with a partner like DCG:

  • Implement the best Power Platform features that benefit your business.
  • Phase your Dynamics 365 implementation. 
  • Enhance data security. 
  • Improve communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Resolve technical issues quickly and reduce downtime.
  • Receive recommendations and advice from global Microsoft experts and grow your business.
  • Incorporate other products from the Microsoft ecosystem into your tech stack. 
  • Train team members how to use Power Platform Wave 1. 
  • Improve compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other data governance frameworks.  

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Before You Go

Wave 1 2021 has even more features than those listed above, but we don’t have the space to list them all. Take our word for it when we say Wave 1 is Power Platform’s most exciting release so far, with a raft of brand new features that facilitate app creation, workflows, and reports in your business. If you haven’t yet incorporated Power Platform into your enterprise, now’s the best time to do it.

Dynamic Consultants Group is the No.1 Power Platform partner of choice, helping entrepreneurs like you get more value from Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse and Power Platform. 

From full-service consulting to full-stack development, we provide world-class support for the entire Microsoft 365/Dynamics 365 stack, helping you meet business technology milestones. Schedule a Microsoft Teams or in-person meeting and learn more. Connect here.

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