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Master the Art of Communication with a Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

by Andrea Domerese
8 minutes read

A “chatbot” sounds like something from a 1950s sci-fi novel, where super-intelligent machines replace humans and take over the planet. The reality of AI-powered technology isn’t as scary as that, but it’s just as exciting. You can use chatbots to automate various tasks and align customer and employee needs in your organization at scale. 

Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents let you create intelligent chatbots that answer questions from customers, clients, and even employees in multiple languages so you can streamline customer experience and team management tasks. 

You’ll never be lost in translation again.

The best thing about Power Virtual Agents? There’s no programming required, so you can integrate these bots into your workflows without a data science or engineering team. That means fewer outgoings and none of the complex code you’d expect from implementing this technology. 

In this guide, learn how Power Virtual Agents make it easier to communicate with customers in various scenarios. Then discover the benefits of using a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner when incorporating this technology into your organization.


What is a Power Virtual Agent?

Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents are intelligent chatbots that answer questions from clients, customers, and team members with no human intervention. Instead of dealing with employee communications manually or hiring an expansive customer service team to communicate with customers, you can design sophisticated bots that do all the hard work for you. 

Chatbots are becoming increasingly common for businesses in all niches. Research shows that 85 percent of customer interactions will take place without human agents by the end of 2021, and chatbots reduce operational costs in an organization by as much as 30 percent. Power Virtual Agents, however, prove even more effective for businesses because of how they integrate with so many other apps, services, and connectors in the Microsoft ecosystem. Part of the Power Apps suite, Power Virtual Agents sync with various technologies that streamline communications across multiple platforms. Take Microsoft Teams, for example. When you combine Power Virtual Agents with Teams, you can automate conversations with team members and solve problems quickly. 

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Working with a Dynamics 365 partner like Dynamic Consultants Group helps you create intelligent custom chatbots that power your workflows. Build smarter bots and get more value from Power Virtual Agents with ongoing support from a world-class team of Microsoft specialists. Schedule a Teams meeting now to learn more. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Power Virtual Agent?

Here are some benefits of incorporating Power Virtual Agents into your organization:

  • Streamline conversations with customers and team members
  • No code required to create custom bots
  • Communicate with people in multiple languages (see below)
  • Integrate Microsoft chatbot technology with other apps, services, and products (Teams, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)

You can customize chatbots to facilitate all kinds of conversational tasks commonly associated with customer service and team management. For example, schedule bots to look up customer records or answer complaints. 

“Get suggestions on which topics to build, create rich, personalized conversations using natural language understanding and entity extraction, and monitor and improve your chatbot’s performance using AI and data-driven insights,” says Microsoft.

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Dynamics Consultants Group provides you with the support you need when integrating Power Virtual Agents into your organization. Create sophisticated bots based on your specific business requirements and optimize custom workflows in your organization.

How to Use a Power Virtual Agent to Communicate in Multiple Languages

Power Virtual Agents recognize multiple languages without users setting up complicated trigger phrases — typically required when using chatbot technology. Here’s how it works: A “system fallback topic” configures conversation flows between the chatbots that answer questions and the people who ask them. Microsoft Azure then translates these conversations via Power Automate and uploads questions and answers to QnA Maker. Over time, Microsoft chatbot technology gets smarter and selects the most appropriate answers to questions in various languages.

Again, all the above requires no code. So you can automate conversations in various languages without data engineers or scientists. The result? More effective multi-lingual conversations with customers, clients, and employees. 

Communicating with customers and team members in other languages has become increasingly important for organizations. As business becomes more ‘global,’ entrepreneurs need to communicate with foreign consumers, trading partners, investors, and staff. Technology like Power Virtual Agents is redefining the future of multilingual customer service and team management. 

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents supports 60 different languages. Find a full list here.

Why Work With a Microsoft Power Virtual Agent Partner?

Although Power Virtual Agents requires no code, you can still benefit enormously from working with a partner. That’s because a Virtual Agents specialist integrates this chatbot technology into your organization quicker and helps you get more value from features. You can create custom bots tailored to your specific business requirements and reduce any downtime when setting up this new technology across teams. 

Dynamic Consultants Group is the go-to partner for Power Apps users around the world. With a highly experienced global team of certified Microsoft consultants, you can reduce the risks associated with integrating new technology like Power Virtual Agents into your organization and get custom support during every step of the implementation process. Reduce possible downtime, prevent errors, and set up custom bots just the way you like. It’s that simple.

Dynamic Consultants Group has offices in 7 cities worldwide and has worked with over 150 customers and partners. With over 700 successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations, it’s no wonder so many organizations choose this consulting firm when scaling their operations. 

Final Word

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents lets you interact with customers, clients, and team members in up to 60 different languages, and you don’t need code to do any of it. Incorporating this technology into your organization provides multiple communication benefits without spending thousands of dollars on data engineers. 

Working with a Power Virtual Agent partner provides you with even more value. A specialist will customize the software to your business needs and provide you with all the tools you need for effective implementation and ongoing maintenance. That means more effective communication over time.

Dynamic Consultants Group is your No. 1 Power Virtual Agents partner. Work with a top-tier Microsoft specialist that helps you create and maintain custom chatbots for better communication with customers and clients. Schedule a Teams meeting to discover more.

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