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Andrea Domerese is the Marketing Events Coordinator for Dynamic Consultants Group, creating content and managing the social media platforms. She discovers the latest local restaurants and decorates an office space or two during any free time.

A “chatbot” sounds like something from a 1950s sci-fi novel, where super-intelligent machines replace humans and take over the planet. The reality of AI-powered technology isn’t as scary as that, but it’s just as exciting. You can use chatbots to automate various tasks and align customer and employee needs in your organization at scale. Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents let you create intelligent chatbots that answer questions from customers, clients, and even employees in multiple languages so you...


The enormous rush to measure sales and customer satisfaction has cultivated a suite of new tools and technologies for data-driven businesses like yours. But nothing quite hit the spot like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, which packages four tracking apps into a single hub for unprecedented sales insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is so much more than another analytics platform for sales. For most users, it’s a necessity. Without it, companies can’t track sales and customer satisfaction...


There is no underestimating the complexity of a Dynamics 365 implementation. These projects can easily become high stakes for your company, with major and painful delays occurring along the way. As certified consultants and D365 experts, our thorough planning and implementation process will ensure that doesn’t happen. We make projects low-risk, simplifying and streamlining every step to help your team go live faster. With hundreds of successful projects, we know what to look for and...


In 2019, Microsoft created Power Apps Portals, and it remains one of the best features of Power Apps for three reasons: Power Apps Portals are an extension of Dynamics 365 Portals, which Microsoft previously offered as add-ons to customer engagement apps. These add-ons were inward-facing, so only the people in your organization could view your websites. Power Apps Portals, however, has outward-facing capabilities so you can share websites with people outside your organization. Customers, vendors, investors, you name it. Power Apps Portals are...


On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, Satya Nadella announced one of the most exciting developments in Microsoft’s 45-year history. That announcement was the rollout of Power Platform, an impressive suite of services that merge business intelligence and app development into a single platform. It combines Azure, Microsoft’s extremely successful cloud platform, with Office 365, bringing together the company’s most popular services for the very first time.  Everyone was talking about it.   A couple of weeks later, Satya said on Twitter:   “With...


We asked 100 people to name something that creates, automates, shares, syncs, and streamlines forms. Our survey says, Power Apps! Comparing Microsoft Forms to Microsoft Power Apps is a bit like comparing a pickup truck to a Lamborghini. Both vehicles have wheels and brakes, but only one offers power, performance, and precision. Forms launched in 2016, part of Office 365, as a super-streamlined online survey creator. And it served its purpose. At least for a year or two. Forms...


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