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Power Apps Spotlight – Meeting Capture provides a hub for notes and action items

by Tony Pimpo
4 minutes read

On the Dynamic Consultants Group blog, we love highlighting the possibilities for targeted solutions based on the Power Platform. The Power Platform includes Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Within the Power Apps portfolio are both model-driven and Canvas apps.

Model-driven apps are full-featured solutions like Dynamics 365 (the largest model-driven app), while Canvas apps meet a more specific business requirement. A few examples of this are the Expense Tracker app and 360 Customer View, both Canvas apps developed by our in-house team.

The beauty of the Power Apps platform is the ability to stand up applications with a significantly reduced development time. No prior coding experience is required. Microsoft calls a new wave of Power App creators “citizen developers.” These citizen developers are critical to the company’s goal of 500 million new applications over the next five years. These apps leverage the full power of the Microsoft 365 portfolio.

Microsoft has provided several templates that can be used by organizations free of charge. Today we’re highlighting Meeting Capture.

What does it do?

Meeting Capture is a Canvas app that is designed to be the central hub for in-meeting note capture and delegation of action items. Capture shows how Microsoft Graph connectors can be used to pull in data from other Microsoft productivity applications. Several Microsoft services are used, including Office 365 Users, Office 365 Outlook, Planner, OneNote (Business), and Content Conversion.

During a meeting

  • See meeting details – such as agenda and a join link, all in one place
  • View a dynamic progress bar based on the meeting duration
  • View a list of attendees
  • Take notes
  • Attach photos
  • Use a virtual whiteboard to sketch out ideas
  • Create Planner tasks based on what has been discussed

After a meeting

  • Send an email to attendees with notes that collected during the meeting, as well as meeting details and Planner tasks, all wrapped in a stylish HTML template.
  • Export meeting details to the OneNote notebook and section of your choosing
  • A meeting is considered closed once details have either been emailed or sent to OneNote.
  • Check availability for scheduling a follow-up – Meeting Capture will show you a percentage of which attendees are available for the time slot you choose

How do I deploy the Meeting Capture app?

We mentioned earlier that Meeting Capture is a PowerApps template. That means that Meeting Capture is available – free of charge – to any organization with existing access to Power Apps. To add it to your organization, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Create PowerApps Under Make your own app, select All templates.
  2. Scroll to Start from Template and select Meeting Capture from the list.
  3. Name the application and click
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. Share the application with users in your organization who need access.


Project managers and team leads can benefit from a central hub for managing meetings on the fly. Also, standardizing your processes with an app like Meeting Capture can ensure continuity in the way notes are distributed. Meeting Capture is just one example of how a Canvas app can be used to meet a business need.

You may also have a more in-depth requirement you would like to see developed into a Power App. This may include custom development and a holistic approach that also includes model-driven apps. Dynamic Consultants Group brings together a wide range of experience with Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and other Microsoft services. We integrate these solutions to provide your organization with the tools to adapt to a changing world. Contact us today for a consultation.

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