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Recent Events Are Causing Businesses to Seek Supply Chain Management Solution

by Allie Wolf
6 minutes read

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a backlog of cargo at several locations off the Californian coast, and it’s causing unprecedented shipping delays. As ships wait to dock at ports that handle imports, a supply chain crisis has affected manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers — and it could take months to resolve.

The reason for the backlog?

Deleted inventories, a lack of logistics workers and the reopening of the U.S. import economy — all the result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With this situation getting worse, data-driven companies are turning to technology to mitigate the impact of the delays, provide customers with real-time shipping updates, and better manage their supply chains.

Technology like Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management could help business owners navigate this crisis. It’s an operational and warehouse management platform powered by the Microsoft cloud that provides real-time insights into manufacturing, productivity, supply chain issues and shipping delays.

You’ve never needed it more than now.

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What Is Causing Supply Shortages?

Cargo ships have been lining up outside two of the biggest ports in California. Los Angeles and Long Beach, which handle 40 percent of all shipments that enter the U.S., have experienced a massive backlog for several weeks, resulting in a commensurately large delay for imported products.

So why are supply chains disrupted?

Several reasons. The reopening of the U.S. economy for imports, as well as pandemic-induced depleted inventories and a lack of logistics workers. There is currently a shortage of various products, including clothes and toys.

How long will supply shortages last?

It’s unclear, but experts are warning of shipping delays through the holiday season and well into 2022.

How Can the Supply Chain Be Improved?

Business owners should monitor their supply chains and provide customers with the latest information about shipments. Otherwise, consumers might become frustrated with the delays and take their business elsewhere.

If the current backlog has affected your supply chain, investing in the latest technology lets you digitize your logistics processes, improve planning, enhance asset management, optimize customer service and generate a 360-degree overview of your products as they enter the country.

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DCG helps you navigate the current shipping delays with a wide range of support and consulting solutions for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Call 844-567-2590 to learn more.

What Does Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Do?

SCM software lets you optimize your inventory management processes, so you can get products to market and customers quicker. You can track products stuck in cargo ships off the Californian coast and provide customers and partners with real-time updates about shipments.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you build flexible distribution strategies so you can manage the current crisis. Here are some features of this SCM software:

  • Real-time production
  • Distribution planning
  • The opportunity to integrate inventories with IoT, AI, and mixed reality for greater distribution insights
  • The chance to integrate your warehouse management system with products in the Microsoft ecosystem such as Outlook, PowerPoint and Teams

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management boasts 99-percent uptime and optimizes inventory management across your departments.

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How a Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Managment Partner Can Help Supply Chain Shortages

DCG helps you harness the power of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management so you can:

  • Benefit from intelligent manufacturing operations.
  • Modernize inventory management.
  • Enhance production performance.
  • Improve goods tracking.
  • Streamline supply chains.
  • Maximize asset performance.
  • Migrate data to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Our Dynamics 365 Supply Chain migration, implementation, support and consulting solutions help you manage your inventories, warehouse operations and logistics methods during the current shipping crisis and beyond.

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Final Word

As cargo ships wait to dock at California’s busiest ports, organizations like yours need to invest in technologies that streamline supply chain management. As a result, you can track goods, notify customers about shipping delays, and plan alternative methods to get products to market. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides you with the tools you require during the current logistics crisis.

Get more value from Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management when you work with a partner like DCG. Whether migrating data to this software or customizing the platform to achieve your supply chain goals, DCG provides ongoing support and consulting for your entire team. Schedule a Teams meeting to discover more.

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