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Microsoft Implementations and Support: Myth vs. Fact

by Andrea Domerese
6 minutes read

There is no underestimating the complexity of a Dynamics 365 implementation. These projects can easily become high stakes for your company, with major and painful delays occurring along the way. As certified consultants and D365 experts, our thorough planning and implementation process will ensure that doesn’t happen.

We make projects low-risk, simplifying and streamlining every step to help your team go live faster. With hundreds of successful projects, we know what to look for and what to avoid to ensure success. Of course, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions regarding D365 implementations and the services offered by partners like us, so let’s set the record straight regarding what you should expect and the typical experience of a DCG client. 

Myth: Microsoft Direct Support PFE’s are not as knowledgeable as client IT staff

Fact: DCG has offices in seven cities and provides around-the-clock support from Microsoft Certified Engineers.

Dynamic Consultants Group is proud to utilize senior engineers who possess specialized experience in the environments and business models you’re working with. Our premium support offerings will replace your existing support model, reduce costs, and enable an end-to-end approach that acts as a complete solution. 

When you partner with DCG, you’ll get more than a support plan. Not only do we promise reliable problem resolution, we also dedicate time and monitoring tools to your preventative and proactive care to protect your Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure environments from avoidable downtime and issues.

Plus, we have offices around the world, in the USA, Europe, and Asia, empowering us to offer 24/7 support whenever you need it. Enjoy a 10x faster response compared to Microsoft while you cut your costs in half. Our Microsoft Certified Engineers provide real-time problem solving, tailored to your needs, responding in as little as five minutes. 

Myth: Escalating issues is time-consuming, never intuitive, and always frustrating.

Fact: DCG has over 150 partners worldwide, standing by to help you proactively address any and all challenges without adding costs.

Thanks to our proactive and preventative measures, we’re able to address issues that may arise before they ever have the opportunity to slow down or bring down your systems. We’ve achieved excellent problem prevention and proactive problem solving through years of building strategic partnerships, allowing us to bring a broad selection of expertise and IT teams into an affordable plan for your company.

Our comprehensive solutions will help you accomplish your business goals by enabling issue-free scaling and innovation. With DCG by your side, you can rest assured knowing that we are continuously screening and preparing for potential issues so we can keep you up and running. 

We help our partners identify and fill gaps in their skill set by providing access to expert consultants, architects, managers, and developers, giving you access to new services without added payroll, overhead, or costs. We even offer co-sell and white-label programs, which means you can reduce customer loss while supporting more Microsoft Technologies. 

Myth: No continuity of care by incident/issue, often having to start over with every call.

Fact: DCG has organized and dedicated teams that own projects, so you never have to start from scratch with a problem.

By far, one of the most frustrating elements of receiving support as a client is calling back only to have to start all over again. At DCG, you’ll never run into continuity issues. We build and align our teams and their assignments in a way that keeps the burden of status, progress, client knowledge, and preferences where it belongs: With us and our team. We own every assignment, which means you’ll never have to call back just to start from step one.

We’re invested in offering a seamless user experience to all of our clients, just as you are. That’s why we recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, which is the world’s most powerful customer relationship management system. With unmatched scalability, security, and performance, Dynamics 365 CRM can help you equip your sales teams with adaptive guidance, pre-built intelligence, and Sales AI. 

When it comes to D365 solutions like the CRM, realize that Dynamic Consultants Group is far more than an implementations team–we’ll completely transform your business’s technology, goals, and workflows to help you make the most of everything these advanced solutions have to offer. With DCG by your side, your company will be able to realize the high-visibility and granular control you’ve been seeking throughout every aspect of the customer relationship.

Myth: Proactive planning, strategy guidance, upgrades, and internal project stall assistance rarely fit into competitive contracts.

Fact: DCG prioritizes proactive, strategic planning and provides on-going support to ensure your Dynamics projects are successful.

We understand our clients want flexibility in the use of hours they buy for support, and it’s often believed that things like proactive planning and strategy guidance don’t qualify in the most competitive contracts that offer a good number of support hours. At DCG, things are different. We are focused on future-proofing your business by effectively implementing Dynamics 365 technologies, all while accelerating deployment timelines and increasing success.

We have more than 700 successful Dynamics projects under our belts and we can ensure a great outcome for your high stakes process due to our dedication to taking a potentially painful, complex process and simplifying it. We streamline solutions to help your team go live faster and with complete confidence. You can trust our certified consultants to reduce risk and keep you moving through every stage of the process.

What’s more, we always factor in things like preventative and proactive planning because we recognize their importance. To help show you our attention to detail and empower you to make an informed decision, we even offer a free project assessment.

Myth: You’re fine without Dynamic Consultants Group

Fact: Partnering with us will make a real difference in your implementations and support needs.

As an experienced support provider, Dynamic Consultants Group will empower your team to proactively prevent and plan for issues, greatly reducing the time it takes to implement and begin utilizing all the power that lies within Microsoft Dynamics.

We fit the full stack of D365 solutions with the knowledge to help with implementation projects big and small. To help your organization get off on the right foot, we even offer tailored assessments that will review your needs, processes, and the challenges you can expect to face throughout the implementation process.

Get your free assessment today and we’ll discuss how your organization can define goals, manage projects, and gain better visibility to help keep your Dynamics 365 project under budget and on schedule. Click here for your project assessment.

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