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The more I get to work with Microsoft Power Automate (RIP Flow), the more impressed I am. Power Automate’s ability to create and move data in a way that would traditionally require a developer is going to make a huge impact. For now, Power Automate is going to be dependent on developers for some of D365’s more complex functionality (such as calling actions and executing retrieve multiples). Still, there’s plenty that power users can do now with Power Automate that they wouldn’t have been able to prior to Power Automate. ...


If you haven’t started using Flow yet, now is the time. Microsoft is pushing for Flow to replace D365 workflows, and for a good reason. Microsoft Flow has immense potential and will, without a doubt be significantly more powerful than workflows are in the future. That being said, Flow has some significant holes in it right now. While power users are going to be able to create simple flows to create or update records, more...


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