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Microsoft Premier Support

Trade in your outdated support model and high costs and adopt an end-to-end approach to support, with reliable problem resolution plus proactive, preventative care for your Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

Enterprise IT Services for Unified support

Premier support Alternative

More than just a support plan - complete, end-to-end managed support across the full Microsoft platform

We offer a complete Microsoft Premier Support package for your company. With offices based in the United States, Europe and Asia we are always available to provide 24/7 support. Cut your support costs in half, while getting 10X faster response times vs Microsoft. We can provide up to 5-Minute response times. Get real time support from Microsoft Certified Engineers.

What is Microsoft Premier Support?

As of July 2018, Microsoft Premier Support is a now a Partner Only program within Microsoft Enterprise Services. Microsoft allows Partners to direct Microsoft Support for Dynamics 365, Azure, Microsoft 365, and the full Microsoft Stack to their customers. Microsoft Premier Support customers are being shifted to Microsoft Unified Support.

They are no longer available outside of a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft Premier Support offers proactive, reactive, and mission-critical support for developers, cloud, and on-premise Microsoft Customers through the Microsoft Partner Network.

Dynamic Consultants Group can protect your IT budget with our Microsoft Support alternative. With Dynamic Consultants Group, organizations can pay for the support areas they need, not for products that are unused. Typically we can save clients and partners up to 50% or more after switching them to Dynamic Consultants Group Premier Support.

Reports from industry analysts, VAR/LAR’s, and client companies all confirm the significant price increases for Microsoft Premier Support underway. Support costs are rising +50% year-over-year (or more) for a large portion of customers.

What is Premier and Unified Support?

Learn how Microsoft’s changes to support affects you and what you can prepare to continue supporting your team.

Microsoft Unified Support Pricing

Pricing Increases on Unified Support by Microsoft

Microsoft has rolled out its most significant change to its support in two decades. Microsoft is shifting its Premier Support customers to Unified Support. Premier Support is now for Partners only. Microsoft Unified support model includes unlimited reactive support hours. There are three levels – Core, Advanced, Performance – which have a minimum contract size of $25,000, $50,000, and $175,000. The pricing for Unified Support is based on a percentage of Office 365 annual costs, client software annual costs, other software, and online yearly costs. Analyst show it adds up to 30-60% price increase most support customers.

Cut your Unified Support Price by 50%

Are you wasting money paying for support you don’t need? Cut your Unified Support price in half by only paying for the Microsoft support your enterprise consumes when you consume it. Our typical client gets 52% better Unified pricing at Dynamic Consultants Group, with some clients getting up to 300%! Capture even more savings by reducing your DSE wasted hours with a 71% smaller commitment at Dynamic Consultants Group. Right-size your Unified Support agreement and start saving today by switching to Dynamic Consultants Group – the only proven global alternative to Microsoft Unified support services.

Introducing an Industry First: TTE SLA - Time to Engineer

Microsoft and even some partners can use SLAs to offer fantastic response times, either with auto-responders or with basic support. At DCG, we’re adding an all-new SLA to our offering. The “Time to Engineer” SLA. Meaning you have a price guarantee on how fast you be connected to a specialist engineer to solve your problem. Move beyond just getting someone generic. Start tracking how fast you can get on the phone with someone who knows your issue. It’s all part of our First Problem Resolution philosophy for how we operate Premier Support.

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Resolve Issues Faster

Prioritize your problems and reach resolution for you and your team’s most complex issues up to 50% faster than Microsoft Premier Support would.

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Dynamic Consultants Group is the leader in Microsoft Premier Support offerings for customers and partners.
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Certified Microsoft Experts

Our Premier Support includes service delivery from Designated Support Engineers and Technical Account Managers. Get real-time assistance from Microsoft Certified Engineers.

Start Accessing Faster Support

Dynamic Consultants Group is the the fastest in-market support team on the globe. Get the help you need when you need it, all at the speed you demand.
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Save 30-60% on IT Support

vs. Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support, per analyst research. Keep more of your IT Budget for projects and feature enhancements!

Get More Budget Back

Dynamic Consultants Group helps customers and partners both to maximize budget dollars on support and maintenance programs.
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10,000+ Tickets Resolved

Solving cases is part of our DNA, from written SLAs to managed escalations to Microsoft we take care of it all and we can for your team too.

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Dynamic Consultants Group is a global leader supporting enterprise and mid-market customers to get the support they deserve from Microsoft
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Global Support With US Teams

With offices based in the United States, Europe and Asia we are always available to provide 24/7 support. Cut your support costs in half, while getting 10X faster response times vs Microsoft.

Get Global 24x7 Support

If you are in Atlanta or Algeria, Dynamic Consultants Group is the the fastest support team on the globe. Get the help you need when you need it with US based TAM's and DSE's.
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Full Stack Platform Support

Comprehensive support for Microsoft Dynamics 365, cloud, hybrid and on-premises, Azure, Microsoft 365 and the Full Microsoft Platform.

Get More Budget Back

Dynamic Consultants Group helps customers and partners both to maximize budget dollars on support and maintenance programs.
Save Us Money!

Dynamic Consultants Group has experience supporting all Microsoft technologies. We have over 15 Microsoft certifications covering cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Leverage Dynamic Consultants Group’s Microsoft expertise to optimize your Microsoft technology.

We connect you with the right subject matter engineers who can solve your issues right away. Our technical account manager can understand your business challenges, and ensure you receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated support, and strategic advice tailored to your IT environment.

Our Premier Support includes service delivery from a Designated Support Engineers (DSE) and Technical Account Managers (TAM). Dynamic Consultants Group’s Premier Support service delivery assures your organization is meeting U.S. compliance and security standards.

Our Approach

Our support services' IT-focused approach helps you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to ensure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way with Proactive Services. Microsoft Services Premier Support options are available for our enterprise customers and partners. Many of our enterprise IT customer and partner's environment is dependent on applications and developers who innovate on the Microsoft platform. You can connect with deep expertise with Microsoft development technologies, Microsoft Premier Support is available for our on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid solutions customers.

Supporting Mission Critical

Our support of Mission Critical applications offer a holistic, in-depth solution, covering the interdependencies and interactivities among Microsoft server products across your mission critical environments. We emphasize a proactive approach that helps customers maximize their uptime, optimize performance, and lower their total cost of ownership for your mission-critical solutions.

Enterprise Customer Support

We are a global enterprise ourselves. We understand the need for comprehensive solutions that provide expert resources and support for multiple regions, services that drive global IT efficiencies, and knowledge and resource sharing across locations. Microsoft Services serve 75 percent of global Fortune 1000 companies across various industries. Using Dynamic Consultants Group, you gain the most benefit from your IT infrastructure by pairing your business with Microsoft Services Premier Support. Our dedicated support teams provide continuous hands-on assistance and immediate escalation for urgent issues. This rapid response speeds your resolution and helps you keep your mission-critical systems up and running all while saving you money.

Support Cloud & On Premise

We offer support for all manner of Micorosft customers from on-premise to the latest cloud applications. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that cloud access allows work around the world in new, more productive ways. Challenges in adjusting can keep you from operating and realizing the value of IT investments successfully.

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