Dynamics 365 Project Assessment

Our assessment is tailored for organizations that are looking to begin an implementation project for Dynamics 365. This assessment is designed to review an organization’s functional and architectural needs, processes and challenges.  

We will discuss how an organization can define and manage their implementation project to achieve greater user adoption and a faster project timeline. 

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What is included in a project assessment?

The most extensive and accurate implementation assessment for Microsoft Dynamics 365! Dynamic Consultants Group will take you on a deep dive to examine all business processes and technical constraints resulting in an exhaustive and a thorough analysis that delineates all aspects of your implementation to determine total effort level and priority for each requirement. Our Dynamics 365 Implementation Assessment, your organization will be fully examined by our business and technical analysts in a series of in-depth interviews and evaluations.



  • Meet with executive and leadership team to discuss business objectives and processes to assess.

  • Gain an understanding of how the executive and leadership are currently utilizing technology.

  • Connect with organization team members to determine their business objectives, changes, areas for improvement, and end business goals.

  • Outline challenges that may hinder team members from making progress on their business objectives.

  • Document processes that team members are looking to implement.

  • Understand the current use of the technology in place.

  • Identify inefficiencies and potential risks and of the technology in place


  • Functional Scope of the Implementation.
  • Supplemental 3rd Party Components and Integration Options
  • Power BI and Reporting and Dashboarding Approach
  • Data Migration Requirements
  • Licensing and/or Subscription Options
  • Post Go-Live Support Strategy
  • Estimated Project Timeline
  • Project Implementation Checklist

Implementation Services

We help customers with all of their Microsoft Dynamics project needs including, solution road mapping, proof-of-concept, full-scale implementations, version upgrades, conference room pilots, or project “rescue missions.” We understand what makes projects a success and the pitfalls that many companies encounter during implementation. Our focus on critical factors such as people and process change, adoption, and alignment with business strategy ensures your projects achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Full Cycle Implementation of ERP and CRM
  • Rapid Deployment “Jump-start”
  • Project Recovery or Re-Implementation
  • Version Upgrades
  • On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Models

Why Use Dynamic Consultants Group?

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Dynamic Consultants Group is a Microsoft consulting partner with projects around the globe. We understand and know how painful projects and user adoption can be! That is why we’ve created some simple methods for increasing project success and high user adoption on all projects. When you start with an excellent project plan and tie in exceptional user adoption, your projects will always be a success from start to finish! 

We want to implement tools that allow project teams structure with flexibility, and that is why we chose an implementation framework rather than a methodology. A framework allows for each project team to have their own interpretation of how the tools will be implemented. We manage projects in a more fluid manner, while still providing structure for reporting progress, risks, and change control – without additional costs or project risks. 

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