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More cities and states are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure than ever before. We help find the right solutions inside of the Microsoft stack to provide citizens with the same experiences they are accustom to in the private sector.

Smart Cities and Smart states

State & Local Government Consulting

Urban centers leverage technology to improve operations by connecting with citizens, and businesses in new ways.

While incremental progress has been made toward this bright future, cities and communities continue to face complex challenges, including infrastructure upkeep, population growth and migration, and sustainability issues. Dynamic Consultants Group is fine-tuning and seamlessly integrating, these modern urban environments with advanced multi-modal transit systems, self-sustaining energy grids, clean and safe neighborhoods, integrated services, and meaningful amenities with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure

Citizen Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - State and Local Government

We’ve designed and implemented an innovative citizen engagement platform that cultivates meaningful interactions between community residents and community leaders. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Dynamic Consultants Group has used technology to create products that streamline workflows and resource allocation for civic and municipal entities worldwide. Whether you’re improving process efficiency, streamline citizen services, find a new 311 vendor, or simply plan for next year’s budget, our robust civic engagement platform built on Dynamics 365 has all the tools you need to connect with your constituents and make data-driven decisions.

Dynamics 365: Unify your systems into a single system that is purpose built to save you time and money by helping you citizens, operations and community together to provide you the insights you need to make informed decisions. Manage workflows, and engage with citizens faster and resolve issues sooner with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Complete Integration: We provide citizens with a single platform that is user-friendly,  and a complete all-in-one solution that encourages engagement and gives community leaders a unified view of valuable data to help provide more meaningful experiences for residents. All while building a stronger community. We guarantee trouble-free system operation. Our full-stack team provides you with decades of industry experience, a smooth integration and functionality. 

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State and Local Government - Powered by Dynamics 365

The modern city is facing more and more demands. These challenges are increasing, and citizens are looking for cities that provide faster communications and transparent information. We know that providing citizens with the details and access to the services they need is critical to keeping them happy and safe. We leverage the Microsoft cloud’s power to unify platforms and create tools for governments to react faster and be more transparent. Dynamics 365 allows us to offer a full-featured constituent relationship manager (CRM) for government entities that act as a centralized hub for engagement with your citizens. Dynamics 365 lets you see how your residents interact with you, when and why – and even brings your departments and teams together to address their needs and any problems they are having. With Dynamics 365 for State and Local government, you can enhance your civic engagement capabilities by layering resident-focused features onto your Dynamics 365 platform. Create the experience your community needs without adding complexity to your ecosystem or additional costs.

Enhanced Services and 311 Management

Improve Case Resolution
With case and resolution scoring based on AI models to identify citizen case history and trends. Feed-in data from your citizen and department team leads or other sources to increase insights.

Tailor engagement based on contextual insights
That recommend personalized talking points and next best actions. Keep key citizens top of mind with your teams to increase their productivity.

Show leaders when and how citizens interact
See email interactions, so teams can be more proactive and responsive, and thoughtful in their emails. Get marketing level insights for your teams. 

Full Featured Citizen Engagement Platform

Efficient Cast Management
Drive smarter case management and manage any case across a broad range of issues facing citizens today. Streamline communications and resolve issues faster.

Improve Automated Resource Management
Manage multiple teams, departments, and organizations all within the same system allow you to access information faster and resolve issues sooner. 

Effective Omni-Channel Communication

Support all your citizen’s communication channels by supporting them. Receive information in a consolidated manner allowing you to address their issues faster.

Simplified Reporting and Analytics

Improve On-Time Delivery
Perform planning in real-time. Account for changing citizen demand, material, and department availability and managing capacity constraints across multiple sites and teams with the Planning Optimization tools.

Get Real-Time Intelligence
Gain full visibility of your departments and citizens, operations, and services and create customized reporting of your entire municipality.

Gain End-to-End Visibility
View your cities operations and departments to effectively manage capacity and consumption of your services, materials, and movement of cases.


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In comparison to out-of-the-box software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure offer solutions that are tailor made and designed to streamline and automate processes within your particular organization in the most efficient way. Dynamics 365 is a building block system, meaning you can flexibly and quickly plan, design, implement, and execute a number of customer-oriented initiatives – without custom code or a high dollar consulting firm. Tailored to your company’s specific needs and priorities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will give you a competitive advantage and a class leading enterprise application trusted by 98% of Fortune 100 companies. 

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Idaho changes lives for its most vulnerable citizens with Dynamics 365

Governments are often slow to make technological leaps, but for IDHW, moving critical child welfare processes and tools to the cloud was vital to help its transformation initiative succeed. With Dynamics 365, IDHW will have more open communication between child welfare team members, caseworkers, families, other agencies, and other involved parties. And it can meet federal standards for sharing data with other entities, such as courts and entities related to Medicaid and education, while also safeguarding sensitive information.

IDHW plans to increase each caseworker’s efficiency by as much as 30 percent through process automation, streamlined communications, and on-the-go access to critical information with Dynamics 365. This focus will help reunite children with their families more quickly and reduce the time a child is in foster care, through increased efficiency, better use of data, and making more informed decisions, enabled by the new case management system on Dynamics 365.

"In our old system, it was difficult to understand our data—we couldn’t tell what worked well and what didn’t work. Now, we plan to use Dynamics 365 to automatically track, aggregate, structure, and present our data so that we can understand what we are doing and how to improve."
Greg Kunz
Lead Project Manager

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