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Dustin Domerese serves as CEO and Principal Architect of Dynamic Consultants Group is a thought leader and technology innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem and delivers his vast technical experience in the CRM, ERP, and Software Development industries to business leaders, end-users, and technical leaders throughout the community.

As some of you may already know, Dynamics 365 Portals are websites that can be customized in order to offer a personalized experience to your customers, partners, or employees. Portals integrate directly with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and can surface data from the system in a public-facing way. In this learning blog I will show you how to stand up a basic public facing Membership Application which leverages Dynamics 365 Portals as its back-end....


The following are best practices in how you build and architect your serverless solutions using Azure Functions. Avoid long-running functions Large, long-running functions can cause unexpected timeout issues. A function can become large, due to many dependencies. Importing dependencies can also cause increased load times that result in unexpected timeouts. Dependencies are loaded both explicitly and implicitly. A single module loaded by your code may load its own additional modules. Whenever possible, refactor large functions...


Working as a Dynamics Consultant for the past seven years has exposed me to a variety of problems to solve. From D365 Finance & Operations (FO) to Customer Engagement (CE) integrations, to using Common Data Model (CDM) or not using CDM, replacing Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP services with Function Apps or Logic Apps, and everything in between with PowerApps replacing the separate line of business applications. No matter the specifics in the scope of...


Connecting multiple systems requires an infrastructure that moves data between the systems. However, you often want the solution to do more than just pass data around. You want to add an additional layer of functionality on top of the functional assets that reside inside the existing applications. This layer can automate complex business processes or provide unified access to information that is currently scattered across many systems. How should such an integrating layer be designed,...


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