Transparency and Compliance Confirmed.

CHECKMATE is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), created to confirm transparency and compliance of the Sunshine Act through information submitted in the Open Payments Portal.

Leading the Charge Towards Transparency Within the Healthcare Industry

In a time when transparency is not only valued but required, CHECKMATE emerges as a transformative force for healthcare compliance. Developing from significant legislation such as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, the Support Act of 2021, and California Bill 1278, it is evident that the healthcare sector is committed to a path of transparency and accountability. These laws have set the stage, pushing for clear reporting of financial exchanges and ensuring healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical manufacturers play by the rules.

For those who prioritize transparency and compliance, CHECKMATE is more than a tool—it’s peace of mind. It’s about knowing that the healthcare sector is keeping up with the times, safeguarding against fraud and disputes with enthusiasm for transparency. With CHECKMATE, we’re not just following the trend—we’re leading the charge in making healthcare interactions as transparent as our values demand.

Physician Payment Sunshine Act

Transparency in physician payments by manufacturers and group purchasing organizations.

Support Act of 2021

Expansion of the Sunshine Act that includes five new healthcare provider types in the Open Payments Portal.

California Bill 1278

Mandates disclosure of physicians payments from pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to patients.

Voices Advocating for Transparency from Capitol Hill

“Congress passed the Sunshine Act to promote transparency and accountability in taxpayer-funded government healthcare programs…We look forward to working with the Administration to ensure that the Sunshine Act is up-to-date and that the penalties for non-disclosure are implemented against bad actors who fail to report.”
Chuck Grassley
(R) Senator of Iowa
“What regulatory changes and guidance are being considered to ensure compliance, and what current enforcement measures are taken when there is a failure to comply?”
Ron Wyden
(D) Senator of Oregon


CHECKMATE is carefully crafted to enhance compliance and transparency within the healthcare industry. Specifically tailored to address the accountability needs and monetary exchange challenges, our product serves as a robust mechanism for authenticating charges submitted to the Open Payments Portal. Its innovative design offers users immediate access to, and visual understanding of, all sign-in sheets, payments, and receipts associated with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) even before these transactions are recorded in an expense report.

This level of oversight and verification is a proactive step towards ensuring that all monetary exchanges and valued transfers are conducted in full alignment with the requirements of the Sunshine Act and CA Bill 1278. By providing an unparalleled accuracy that surpasses current standards achieved by senators and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), CHECKMATE stands as a confident affirmation of transparency and compliance, setting a new benchmark for accountability in the healthcare industry.

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CHECKMATE Provides Users:

Immediate access and visual knowledge of all sign-in sheets, payments, and receipts being presented in the name of an HCP before it makes it to an expense report.

Confident affirmation of transparency and compliance to the Sunshine Act and CA Bill 1278 with incontrovertible accuracy.

With CHECKMATE, healthcare professionals (HCPs) now gain clarity and authority over the charges made in their name, substantially minimizing disputes.

Using Mirror Data Collection to reciprocate information with the Open Payments Portal, CHECKMATE provides continuous updates with accurate data, eliminating the extensive wait to view monetary transfers charged to a name.

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