Our Sustainability Initiatives

Committed to a sustainable future

As a global leader, it’s imperative that we address climate change. We are driven to build a better tomorrow and have set ambitious climate goals and plans to achieve them while helping clients and partners do the same.

Areas of focus

The areas we choose to focus on are the areas where we can have the greatest impact, which includes water, carbon, waste, and ecosystem across all the work we do.

Powering a zero-carbon future

DCG is working hard to become carbon neutral by 2040, we take a principled approach to reduce our carbon emissions by deploying technology to help us monitor and reduce our overall carbon footprint as well, with annual sustainability reporting that provides our progress in moving to our goals. All of this while enlisting our employees in advancing innovation by creating opportunities that enable them to contribute to our efforts across our global footprint. 

In 2021 DCG was able to achieve 100% renewable energy in Dallas, and an overall 86% reduction in single-use plastics in our offices.

Renewable Electricity
0 %
in Single Use Plastics in 2021
0 % Reduction

Redefining the future of water

Water is critical for sustaining every person and organization on Earth, but for many people in many places, the task of accessing clean, freshwater is becoming more difficult. DCG is committed to taking action, within our operations and with our partners to use less water. DCG is utilizing the power of the cloud, and machine learning to champion this cause. We are also employing data analytics to better track and find innovative solutions to dramatically reduce the amount of water used at our facilities. Using Microsoft’s technology stack – we’re enabling organizations big and small to make smarter decisions about water.

DCG’s Dallas office is our flagship in sustainability and the Gold standard for all our offices and event spaces with such features as:

Water Saved in 2020
0 M Gal.
  • Water Conservation
  • Tree Planting
  • Lake Water Irrigation
  • Electric Shuttles

Net-Zero Carbon by 2040

We are driving toward a net-zero carbon future where the clients we support and the entire value chain are treated with dignity and respect. As part of DCG’s mission to embolden disruptive companies, we are committed to being disruptive as well by building a sustainable business for our employees, clients, and partners that go beyond to really build a brighter and better future. 

The Climate Pledge

In 2022, DCG became a signatory to The Climate Pledge. The pledge is a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our business by 2040. As part of our path to the Pledge, DCG has made significant commitments toward reaching our goal. For example, in 2021, we slashed 86% of our single-use plastic usage in one year with many other successes.

Net-Zero Carbon

We are committed to reaching net-zero by 2040 across our operations through a broad means of programs to achieve these goals.

Cloud Zero

We are working hard to make every cloud migration and implementation have a net zero impact. Through clean renewable energy and offsets.

Partner Zero

We've always been focused on our partners and part of that is helping them to reach new levels in their organizations with the tools to help them zero out.

Renewable Energy

We are on a path to power our operations using 100% renewable energy, our Dallas office is currently using all renewable energy for operations.

Client Zero

Beyond zero emissions project, we are working to develop new methods, processes and projects to help see our clients achieve net-zero.

Land and Forest Conservation

Our passion for the environment goes beyond just the pledges and the offsets but we're working hard to actually ensure land and forests expand.

Scope 1 Emissions Neutral Since: 2015

Learn about our
Carbon Negative Implementations

Expanding Sustainability Beyond

DCG believes that a part of sustainability is conserving our natural resources and wildlife. As such, we are working hard to re-establish the natural lands, provide open waterways, revert to reverse commercial fisheries, and solve the wildlife crisis that is causing the death of 30,000 species a year while decimating local economies. We believe that wildlife conservation along with land and water protection are a pivotal part of the ecosystem, and protecting them will increase our chances of solving climate change.

Our Approach

DCG will continuously strive to promote sustainability across all our operations, products, services, and help enable our clients and partners to do the same.


DCG is actively working to reduce our footprint by evolving the way we operate. We’re 100% renewable energy at our Dallas campus. As we continue our efforts our goal is to minimize our impact and maximize a positive return on the planet.

Services and products

We see how our investments in sustainability come through in our products, and services. Our services help businesses cut energy consumption, reduce physical footprints, and design sustainable products themselves.

Clients and partners

In conjunction with Microsoft, we help clients manage their businesses in a way that protects communities, biodiversity, and the planet. Though our cloud migration paths and AI implementations we help you to make a positive impact.