Protecting The Future of the Internet

Digital Sovereignty

We believe in the fundamental human right of digital sovereignty. At DCG, we are working hard to ensure the next generation has an open and free internet with a truly connected economy through digital currency that will help alleviate poverty and inequality. 

What is Digital Sovereignty?

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) helped to solidify the role of Digital Sovereignty in the digital age by defining it as: the right one has over the sovereignty of their data. Digital sovereignty is a big consideration in the privacy world. GDPR helps to establish the key requirements for data handling related to individuals or businesses in the EU. The GDPR extends the principal of data sovereignty around the world, and requires foreign dealers in European data to get in line. On an individual level, digital sovereignty has to do with individuals owning their data and controlling its use

Privacy is a Fundamental Right

Through the encroachment of corporate digital activity, individual user information is too often harvested by corporations and sold for profit. As governments begin to legislate the access and use of customer data, the GDPR acts as a flagship for the gold standard in how data privacy should be handled. While we are still fighting to see more freedoms to consumers, we believe that GDPR, CCPA, CDPA, CPA, PIPL are all good starts to giving control back into the hands of consumers and customers alike. We understand the constant need for data and analytics (We are a consulting firm, after all). However, we also know that the right to privacy and the right to be forgotten is a fundamental human right. That’s why DCG will continue its committed fight to allow the rights and freedoms we hold so dear to be granted in all areas of the globe and for all social, and economic classes. 

Ending Poverty through a Connected Economy

As DCG continues its expansion around the globe, we believe that it is our responsibility to leave the communities and regions we operate in a better state than when we entered it. DCG is committed to helping end poverty by helping to empower a connected digital economy through a tax-free and decentralized internet. As we continue to work with industry leaders around the globe, we are working hard to do our part to end poverty. DCG contributes this by helping bring knowledge and new career opportunities to those in the most remote parts of the world. As we continue our efforts to increase the awareness of these campaigns, we are building our plans to expand Power Learn Academy into the international market, in cities and regions we operate, to grow and expand the economic opportunities in non-traditional and diverse areas.