Unlock the Power of Seamlessly Integrated Business Management

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

We will help you implement a revolutionary suite of solutions that seamlessly interlink your finance, supply chain, and operations departments, providing you with an all-encompassing, unified perspective of your entire business ecosystem right at your fingertips.

Streamline Your Business Operations for Maximum Efficiency

Are you fighting with outdated financial processes, disorganized supply chain management, inaccurate inventory reporting, or impaired employee data? We understand the struggles that stand in the way of efficient workplace performance. We discover deep operational insights in order to implement a solution that will empower your business to: 

Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard
  • Elevate financial performance
  • Manage crucial supply chain operations
  • Improve demand forecasting
  • Optimize inventory allocations
  • Improve workforce performance
  • Reduce inventory and overhead costs
  • Improve risk mitigation
  • Reduce redundant business processes
  • Ensure organizational readiness

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Experience a Paradigm Shift with Our Game-Changing Solutions

We believe in understanding all aspects of a business in order to find the most suitable solution aligned with the client’s goals. Our business transformation journey is initiated through the IDEA framework: Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve. This framework serves as a true digital transformation, incorporating a data-first approach. It provides tangible action items that enable businesses to achieve success. We utilize data and insights to inspire innovative thinking, design customized solutions, empower businesses with the necessary tools and resources, and ultimately help them achieve their transformation objectives.

"As AFCAT has grown over the last several years, it has become clear that to continue this upward trend, and support our planned new geographies, an integration of our Marketplace with Dynamics 365 Business Central is going to be paramount. We selected Dynamic Consultants Group as our partner in large part due to the breadth and depth of the experience with Microsoft Technologies, and their history of successful Microsoft Projects with 170+ partners."

- Michael Boulding, President, AFCAT Group Inc.

Enhance Your Business Operations Efficiently

We’ll assist you in improving your business processes through real-time visibility into financial and inventory performance, optimizing supply chain operations, managing operations, enhancing project planning and budgeting, and providing reporting insights.

We’ll help transform your financial management by streamlining your accounting processes, creating accurate budgets, properly forecast using historical data and market trends allowing you to make better financial decisions. 

DCG will help you benefit from this powerful suite of tools so you can improve your inventory and warehouse management, create accurate production plans, monitor quality at every stage of production, and manage suppliers more efficiently. 

Maximize Your Return on Investment

At DCG, we understand that the journey to optimal ERP implementation starts with meticulous preparation. Our revolutionary IDEA framework sets the foundation, but the benefits extend far beyond. We treasure the value of support and training, offering your team educational how-to’s and immersive best practice sessions, empowering them to wield your new system with confidence. Additionally, our unwavering commitment means you’ll have access to monthly support, ensuring you’re seamlessly connected to the right resources whenever you need them. Experience unparalleled ROI on your ERP investment, guided by our Microsoft-inspired approach to innovation and excellence.