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Future Proof your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With over 700+ successful projects we are Dynamics 365 experts, adept at increasing success and accelerating deployment timelines.


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Award-winning Dynamics 365 implementations

dynamics 365 Implementations

We're More than just an Implementation partner - We're a complete, end-to-end consulting solution across the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

 Dynamics 365 Implementations can be complex! We’re a highly experienced team of certified consultants. We make projects low risk with our streamlined project process and unique approach. As your Microsoft Partner, rest assured that we will support your organization during every step of the process. It’s our job to keep you moving. Implementations are high stakes and we take a potentially painful process and simplify it, streamlining your solutions and helping your team go-live faster with more confidence. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations

Find the Right Partner to Fit the Full Stack

Dynamics 365 Sales/CE

Sales are at the heart of every organization; Dynamic Consultants Group understands this better than most; our creative approach to implementations allows you to maximize the data you need to make the decisions that keep you profitable while keeping users engaged and productive.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

As a consulting firm, we know this one all too well. Our Project Service consultants can provide you with the detailed expertise that makes us stand alone from the competition. Our award-winning team has implemented PSA in some of the largest project-based companies, allowing an average 12% increase in efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Logistics and Transportation are the life-blood of economies, and we understand that better than most firms. Our consultant’s knowledge of the industry, coupled with the understanding of compliance and customers’ needs, allows us to provide implementations that work on day one for our most critical of industries.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamic Consultants Group has implemented hundreds of Customer Service tools across the globe. Our implementations power some of the largest organizations and allow for customers and companies worldwide to provide better, faster, and more secure support. Call us today to learn how we can implement it for you.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Marketing is the next level in integrated systems. Gone are the days of multi-systems that don’t communicate. We can help you implement Dynamics 365 Marketing in your organization today, at a fraction of the cost of implementing third-party tools like Pardot, HubSpot, and Marketo. We can help.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamic Consultants Group can help you harness the power of a new ERP. Business Central allows SMB and Mid-Market customers to transition off Quickbooks and the like to a full-featured ERP. Business Central is a robust enterprise-level ERP with inventory, finance, and manufacturing controls at a fraction of F&O’s cost.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

We’re ready for customers looking to make the step up to Finance and Supply Chain Management. This enterprise-class ERP is built for the most extreme uses, with complex manufacturing and accounting; Dynamic Consultants Group can lead your team through to a successful implementation around the globe.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft’s integrated approach to Human Resources allows you to manage talent and employees with ease. We have implemented HR for companies like Costco. Our experience and first-hand working knowledge with the Microsoft team allows us to implement and provide support at a speed most partners simply can’t.

FREE project assessment

Get an assessment tailored for your organization. This assessment is designed to review an organization’s needs, processes and challenges. We will discuss how an organization can define and manage implementation projects to achieve greater visibility in order to keep your Dynamics 365 project on schedule and under budget. Learn about the latest tips and tricks in selecting a good implementation partner. 

Dynamics 365 Implementation Process Strategy

A Successful Deployment of Dynamics 365 is Critical to your Success!

Discovery is the bedrock for a strong project and the basis for how the implementation will go. We spend time working with everyone, from management to end-users, to review business processes and talk through the current pain points and reasons for your transition. Once we have engaged our architects, we begin documenting everything from users to security, data migration, and system functionality.

Technical Design
Technical design is a series of workshops that we engage your team in to begin the process of documenting the complexities of your current tools and how we’re going to implement Dynamics 365 against it. We will review data migrations, system integrations, data quality and clean up ETL tools, and more in these workshops. These are the heart of the design sessions for technical components in your Dynamics 365 implementation.

Functional Design
This is the most critical session for the success of the implementation of Dynamics 365. We take this period to work through business processes, training, process design, and best practices and the user adoption paths and designing the detailed information around how we are going to implement everything else that users touch and use.

Implementation – Development
We believe in measuring twice and cutting once. With this, we’ve spent time working with your time on getting the foundation right before we ever configure a screen or move one KB of data. This is the most critical part of the implementation. The actual work is done in this phase. During this section, we are working on our process of agile-fall to do the implementation. You can read more about this process below or Here.

Once we’ve gone through the initial phase of the implementation and design, now it’s time to begin the process of testing and user adoption. This is done through our unique process of a multi-point inspection on each critical function. From there, we move to a standard UX/UI and UAT process for each of the sprints to ensure the highest quality and that there are no production issues.

Once implementation is done and testing is finalized, now it’s time to train! We start with the superuser and admin training; from there, we move into end-user training. Once we complete this, we build a training library and a clickable walk-through library of your system for training, user adoption, and finally, ongoing upkeep—all to maximize your user’s experience and boost your productivity.

Deployment & Go Live
This is the ribbon-cutting ceremony, if you will. All the I’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed. This is the moment we push to production and release everyone into the finished system. After weeks of training, testing, and documentation, we are finally ready to show your Dynamics 365 implementation off to the world.

For the first couple of weeks following a system launch, we monitor it closely, working with the team to address any bugs, issues, or hotfixes that need to be made. This is the most critical moment following a launch that we monitor closely; most implementations fail at go-live, so we double our efforts to ensure project success.

Post Go-Live Discovery and Analysis
Following the project, we work closely with your team to identify new digital transformation areas where we can align Microsoft products and services to fit your organization better. We do this through our go-live assessment program. This allows us to get better and to learn new areas of improvement in your company.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Timeline

After choosing Dynamics 365, the next step is to think about the Dynamics 365 implementation processes and timeline. Outlined below is a list of the steps involved in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. You should know that this is a rough implementation plan; this will give you an idea of the implementation processes. Your actual implementation playbook may differ. The average implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes between 8-12 weeks.

Planning and Design  1 to 2 Weeks

The first phase of every implementation is the discovery and design phase. We carefully work with your team to design and plan out the implementation of Dynamics 365 – our team of architects works with your team to prepare business processes, document data migrations, and plan complex integration components. Our planning and design process has won awards and keeps our customers happy.

Implementation & Training — 4 to 8 Weeks

Once we’ve designed the implementation, we will work with your team on the installation based on the scope. From there, we validate the tasks and work breakdown structure. This allows us to validate the installation, data migration, and settings and security are correct. From there, we begin the intense process of UAT and UX Testing to ensure the highest quality functions. Once we’ve completed the testing, we move into user training, superuser training, and admin training. This ensures the highest level of user adoption.

GO Live and Support — 1 to 2 Weeks

Finally, once we’ve completed the implementation, we move on to Go-Live. This is done after a multi-point inspection and sign-off process, a cutover and production push, and once the final training videos are completed. Then we roll off to a support model to provide you with the best care should any questions or issues that arise with your Dynamics 365 Implementation.



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Subject Matter & Implementation Experts

Dynamic Consultants Group ensures that subject matter experts are able to allocate time to work on your Dynamics 365 implementation. Their knowledge is indispensable to the project, and they provide critical feedback on the solutions, implementation, and how it will support the organization.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Cost

The Real Cost of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Understanding Dynamics 365 Total Cost of Ownership

Dynamic Consultants Group helps you to navigate the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing and implementation costs. Our team of experts works with you to tailor an approach that is both affordable and fits your needs. We look beyond the current state to see where you’ll be in five years. This helps us to future proof your system.

Professional Services

The cost of implementing Dynamics 365 can vary greatly from company to company, depending on the system’s complexity and the number of users. On Average, SMB customers pay between $15-45K, Mid-Market customers pay $80-170K, and Enterprise customers pay between $250-750K. Our team of architects works closely with your team to form a cost-effective and timely Dynamics implementation.

Licensing Costs

Understanding Microsoft’s licensing can be rough at times. The complexities are what keep many people from making the switch. We have tools that help you to understand everything from consumption-based costs to per-user licenses. We help simplify it.

Third-Party Costs 

Today’s modern business uses, on average, 32 systems to keep track of the many business units’ various functions. We know that it is critical these systems integrate and function seamlessly. Sometimes this is native, and sometimes this is with tools. We help your team to understand these tools and the overall impact on cost.

Professional Services

Average Implementation (20 Full Users)
$ 0 K

Professional services can range significantly from $5K to $50M. It all depends on your complexity and your level of customization. Most SMB implementations are about 1/3 this cost, while most enterprise implementations are about 5x this cost. We help navigate you through the complexities of the cost of starting up a Dynamics 365 implementation.

Software licensing

Annual Licensing for 20 Full Users
$ 0 K

Microsoft changes its licensing about once a year, during Microsoft Inspire. This corresponds to their new fiscal year. Microsoft licensing is complex and often fraught with complex configuration requirements and conditions. We help you to navigate these complexities and maximize every dollar you spend on Dynamics 365.

Third-party costs

Annual Third-Party Costs
$ 0 K

We know and understand that your implementation does not start and stop with only Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are things like ETL tools, Azure, and Office 365, Salesforce, or other tools your organization uses to integrate and use. We help you understand these costs upfront and how you can either avoid them or reduce them.

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Dynamic Consultants Group is here and ready to help you get started on your next Microsoft Dynamics 365 project!

Why Use Dynamic Consultants Group?

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Dynamic Consultants Group is a Microsoft consulting partner with projects around the globe. We understand and know how painful projects and user adoption can be! That is why we’ve created some simple methods for increasing project success and high user adoption on all projects. When you start with an excellent project plan and tie in exceptional user adoption, your projects will always be a success from start to finish! 

We want to implement tools that allow project teams structure with flexibility, and that is why we chose an implementation framework rather than a methodology. A framework allows for each project team to have their own interpretation of how the tools will be implemented. We manage projects in a more fluid manner, while still providing structure for reporting progress, risks, and change control – without additional costs or project risks. 

Our Project Process

A Few of Our Customers

Implementation Services

We help customers with all of their Microsoft Dynamics project needs including, solution road mapping, proof-of-concept, full-scale implementations, version upgrades, conference room pilots, or project “rescue missions.” We understand what makes projects a success and the pitfalls that many companies encounter during implementation. Our focus on critical factors such as people and process change, adoption, and alignment with business strategy ensures your projects achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Full Cycle Implementation of ERP and CRM
  • Rapid Deployment “Jump-start”
  • Project Recovery or Re-Implementation
  • Version Upgrades
  • On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Models

Supplemental Staffing

Our consultants have a deep skill set. With our broad network of seasoned certified Microsoft consultants who help our clients with a variety of staffing needs during all phases and aspects of your next project. We provide full project staffing, ad-hoc fractional support, “administrator-on-demand” and fill key resources on mission critical projects. Speak with our team about your short term staffing needs, and if you’re a Microsoft Partner, take a look at our Co-Sell and collaboration partnership programs. 


  • Project, Program, and Change Managers
  • CRM and ERP Architects
  • Functional Process Analysts
  • Application Developers
  • Systems Integration
  • Developers
  • Database  and System Administrators

Advisory Consulting Services

We are well aware of how frustrating it can be for organizations moving from legacy systems to the cloud. With licensing, pricing models, security options, and customizations: it’s hard to determine the best approach. We help our customers take advantage of the powerful integrations with Microsoft solutions. We help support customers and partners with:

  • Solution Roadmaps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP 
  • On-Premise vs. Cloud Migration Use Cases
  • Build vs. Buy Strategies 
  • Integration and Migration Strategies
  • Analytics and Reporting Strategies
  • Architectural Strategy and Review

Learn About Our Full Service Offerings

Microsoft Consulting Services

We create a tailored implementation plan for each customer, from the small businesses and do-it-yourself crowd to enterprise-level, large-scale implementations for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Data Migrations & Integration Services

Our data migration, integration, ETL, and ESB experts have extensive experience in the planning, developing, implementing, and tuning of data migration strategies; helping you get off the ground faster.

Microsoft Premier Support Alternative

We offer a complete alternative Microsoft Premier Support package for your company. Allowing you to craft the service you need when you need it without the additional cost from Microsoft direct. 

Business Intelligence Consulting

We give you the tools to empower users to observe and examine an extensive range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling data visualizations.

Microsoft Azure Consulting

We’re experts at spotting opportunities that help you minimize errors and maximize accuracy in your Azure instance. Allowing you to deploy faster with less expense and more confidence. 

Powerful alone. Better together.

Dynamic Consultants Group will help your team to build powerful end-to-end business solutions by connecting Power Apps across the entire Microsoft Power Platform—and to Dynamics 365, Azure, Office 365 and hundreds of other apps—to drive innovation across your entire organization. Learn how moving from SaaS to a fully unified platform can save your team time and money. 

Power Apps

Build apps in hours—not months—that easily connect to data, use Excel-like expressions to add logic and run on the web, iOS, and Android devices

Power BI

Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

Dynamics 365

Easily engage with your customers and employees with a direct approach to hundreds of services and connected applications on a unified platform.