Unleash Boundless Growth Potential with an Adaptive Solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central

The ultimate all-in-one business management solution. Experience the power of hyper-connectivity, enabling your organization to make more thoughtful decisions while enjoying the flexibility to evolve and thrive. Allow us to revolutionize your business with seamless integration and limitless possibilities.

Unleash Your True Potential with Business Central

Organizations grapple with fragmented operations, rigid systems, data inconsistencies, and scalability hurdles in today’s dynamic landscape. Without a centralized solution like Business Central, businesses face inefficient workflows, disjointed data, and communication gaps, resulting in missed opportunities, supply chain errors, and operational bottlenecks. We help conquer these challenges and seize control organization’s operations. Experience seamless collaboration, enhanced decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

DCG empowers businesses to leverage Business Central to:

  • Increase financial visibility
  • Optimize supply chain
  • Boost sales & improve service
  • Deliver on-time & on-budget projects
  • Leverage an all-in-one organizational database

“Our experience with DCG has been outstanding so far. They display a deep understanding of our business requirements and work closely with us to map out a comprehensive plan for our Business Central implementation project. It was also completed in a timely manner. Due to DCG’s expertise and professionalism, the financial, sales, and inventory modules have been seamlessly integrated, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and operate more efficiently.”

Carla E. Cavallo
President & CEO, Monarch Office Furniture

Transform Operations, Empower Growth

DCG helps organizations take advantage of the versatility Dynamics 365 Business Central offers across different industries and organizational needs. By leveraging its features, organizations streamline their processes, improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Discover how companies are using the solution to accelerate digital transformation in these use cases:

Seamless Integration, Limitless Possibilities, One Solution

We are here to help organizations enhance Business Central’s core functionality. We specialize in producing integrations and extensions tailored to your specific requirements. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating Business Central with other Microsoft and third-party applications. By doing so, we enable smooth data flow and collaboration across multiple platforms, allowing businesses to leverage familiar tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint. This ensures a cohesive user experience while boosting productivity.

Additionally, we understand the importance of leveraging your existing investments. With Business Central’s capability to integrate with third-party applications and services, we assist with incorporating specialized solutions that align with unique business objectives. Whether you need to integrate e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, CRM systems, or industry-specific software, we provide the flexibility and scalability required to create a connected and efficient Business Central environment.


With DCG overseeing Azure and Business Central integrations, organizations will intensify the flexibility to handle various workloads, ensure data protection, and enable cost optimization, all while enhancing business efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

Microsoft 365

We help organizations integrate Business Central with Microsoft 365, providing a solution with seamless collaboration, centralized data management, and access to productivity tools. Communication, productivity, and processes throughout the organization will skyrocket.

Power Platform

With a Business Central and Power Platform integration, organization’s strengthen the creation of custom apps, automate workflows, and deliver powerful analytics. We give users the correct solution to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and gain advanced insights into valuable data.

Third-Party Apps

By integrating Business Central with a third-party application, we help organizations improve inventory management, streamline order processing, enhance visibility, and provide efficient collaboration with suppliers. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Experience the Art of Implementation, Crafted by DCG

No matter how complicated a technology stack is, we have a solution for most organizations. Whether it’s a point-to-point integration or a custom code development, we can help organizations make the best decisions that align with their goals. Reach out today and let our team of experts guide you through the process.