Migrate Dynamics GP to the Cloud with Dynamics 365 Business Central

GP is going away soon, don't be caught off guard. Solve the technical debt carried over from years of on-premise solutions. Migrate to Business Central and solve the many security and upgrade concerns with on-premise solutions.

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Migrate Dynamics GP to BUsiness Central

Microsoft is planning to sunset Dynamics GP! Many companies lately are talking about moving their systems to the cloud. We have also witnessed this shift for several years now, helping customers move their essential systems and financial data to solutions such as Business Central. Upgrading Dynamics GP to the cloud lets your most valuable resource – People – focus on keeping your company running. With our consultants and Microsoft’s newest technologies, we will support your business for years to come!

Dynamics GP Sunset Date

The sunset date for Dynamics GP 2010’s extended support is 10/13/2020. While this is concerning for some, Microsoft has yet to set an official date for when Dynamics GP will be sunset. However, with Business Central and BC Hybrid being the main focus of Microsoft’s enterprise business applications for finance and manufacturing. It is only a matter of time before the current version of GP is finally sunset. It’s time to start moving to the cloud.

Why are businesses migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Boost scalability and flexibility

0 %

of businesses report a benefit of greater flexibility and scalability in the cloud

Increased Security

0 X

more likely of a ransomware attack or data breach running outdated versions of software

Greater Cost Savings

0 %

decrease in operational costs by migrating and modernizing your financial software

Implementation ROI

0 X

higher costs when implementing on-premise costs vs. Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics GP Cloud Migration Roadmap

The switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central can seem like a daunting and stressful task as your prior ERP migrations may have shown, but our proven project assessments and processes help teams migrate to newer systems, enhance their reporting abilities, boost their security and enhance mobility. 

Microsoft has recently launched GP migration tools that provide greater support in handling more comprehensive migrations. Dynamic Consultants Group has worked to expand these tools to help companies expand these mappings and transition plans to reach a broader audience and create a more seamless transition from ground-to-cloud in as little at 18 days. 


Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics 365 Business Central

Feature or Product Dynamics GP Dynamics 365 Business Central
Legacy On-Premise or IaaS via Azure or AWS (not Included)
Microsoft Cloud w/Hybrid On-Premise Deployment
Licensing Cost
3 Users - $5K USD then $65/user/month - Perpetual Cost
$70 USD user/month
Upgrade & Update Costs
Free service pack updates for GP 2019 October release and later. Earlier GP versions — manual upgrades $10-50K per update.
Free, Automatic and Customization Proof
Power BI & Reporting
✓ - Significant Effort - Management Reporter and Jet Reports
✓ - Minimal Effort - Leverage account scheduling and analysis views as well as jet reports.
✓ - YES
✓ - YES through AppSource
Excel based Import Budgets.
Create multiple budgets for financials, revisions, analysis, and dimensional reporting.
Salesforce/Dynamics 365 Sales CRM Integration
✓ - YES - Significant Effort
✓ - YES - Significant Effort
GL Account Structure
Multiple Segments for Structure
Dimensional Chart of Accounts
Purchase Orders
PO creation, separate inventory receipt, Requisitions, and 3-way PO invoice matching.
PO creation, separate inventory receipt, and 3-way PO invoice matching. Does not have requisitions.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Opportunities on-the-go

Users are no longer limited to stationary, in-office devices, but can now stay connected with their clients and team members while on-the-go. Business Central provides connectivity through apps on iOS and Android.

Increased Financial Visibility

Dynamics Business Central leverages other Microsoft products you use such as Power BI for increased dashboarding/visualization and Flow which improves workflow, notifications, and system integrations.

Reduced infrastructure hassle

Business Central is hosted in the cloud resulting in a stronger, more secure system that requires less server maintenance. It is also delivered via a web browser and we can easily transfer and set up your migration.

Access cutting-edge technology at any time, control costs & complexity, and improve IT productivity by migrating your existing solution to the cloud.

Not ready to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Ground to Cloud Migration

Migrate Dynamics GP to Azure for a Hybrid Approach

With our migration services, you can keep enjoying the benefits of GP while taking advantage of what Azure has to offer. This migration is perfect for companies that: 

  • Want to experience the benefits of the cloud.
  • Want their data to be more secure and accessible anywhere, at any time.
  • Have systems that are reaching the end of their subscription and don’t want the expense of replacing it.
  • Are looking for an external IT team to save money because they do not have internal GP expertise.
  • Are ready for a GP upgrade (This is an excellent opportunity to migrate to the cloud).

Aging Servers & Migrations

With aging servers and support ending on a few operating systems, those with older servers need to decide to buy new servers or go to the cloud. If you are currently in this state and need to make a decision, we highly recommend you upgrade to the cloud. We will work with your team from the beginning to the end of the migration, making sure your company is successful in the process.

System Requirements

System requirements are something to be considered when planning your upgrade. With Microsoft ending support to Microsoft GP 2015 in April 2020, this means no more updates will release for GP 2015. If you are currently using this version or want to get ahead, now is an excellent time to plan your GP software and server upgrade. 

Disaster Recovery Planning

Imagine a disaster where your business systems are down due to flooding, fires, cyber-attacks, etc. This can happen, and the truth is, a lot of businesses aren’t ready for these situations. When we migrate your entire GP system to Azure, you can keep everything running smoothly. Even when your on-premise servers are unable to keep up with outages, Azure steps in, and you can still access all your critical data.


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