Failure is Not an Option - Understand the True Picture

Project Health Assessment

Implementation projects are critical. Failure of implementation can be devastating for organizations. We help organizations gain a true picture of their projects. This allows us to help rescue a failing project early, saving you time and money. Learn how we can help you by getting a truly objective assessment.

What does our Health Assessment Cover?

When most customers come to us for this service, their project is not going well. Communications have broken down; delays, overruns, poor training, and support are just a few of the reasons why customers reach out to us. Our assessment is designed to provide you with much-needed guidance on what to do with a project in jeopardy. Below is an outline of what our health assessment will cover.

  • Project’s Strategic Intent & Business Case
  • Project Team Roles and Responsibilities Review 
  • Internal and Partner Communications
  • Project Risk Management Assessment
  • Budget Analysis & Review
  • Project Timeline Review 
  • Technical Review of Implementation Progress
  • Final Findings Report Score and Recommendations

What makes us qualified to provide this service? 
Our unique partner experience. We’ve implemented alongside partners both large and small around the world. During the course of hundreds of implementations, we have seen numerous project failures. We are the team of last resort. The experts whom partners and even customers call when the project is gone and they need to save a customer or the implementation. This gives us the unique ability to offer truly unbias and objective feedback on our peers work, the issues with the project and the steps needed to put the project back on track and quickly complete it. 

A 360° View of Your Project Partner Team Support Implementation

Assessment Objectives

If you feel that your project is failing, be it from your internal team or your current implementation partner, we will help address and identify the needed tasks, items, and recommendations to take your at-risk project and move it to a successful launch.

Functional Review

During the functional review of your project, we will assess the fit and capabilities of your current completed work and future work plans, all while assessing your timelines and budgets to make cost-saving recommendations. 

Technical Review

When it comes to the technical side of our review, we will deep dive into the data migration, customizations, and integrations of your project to see how they are coming along and what tasks still need to be completed to keep your team on target.

Project Health Assessment Score

One of the main benefits of the health assessment is the scoring and recommendations components. These will allow you to make informed decisions about the status of your projects and what steps you need to take to ensure your project is completed on time and budget, with your current partner or a new one. 

Sample of Health Assessment Report View

Common Project Failure Points


A lack of clearly defined objectives, roles, responsibilities, and leadership will lead to many issues with the project, and a blind following will only last for so long.


Personal priorities, pet projects, and agendas from your internal team or your partner can slowly begin the death spiral. By solving these issues, you can realign the team and finish on time.

Scope Creep

A poorly designed scope or weak objectives can lead to massive overruns, costs, and delays to a project. By tightening this up, you can quickly get the project or partner back on track.

Timeline Slip

Just as deadly as a poor scope, having timelines that are not anchored to deliverables or that are out of date can cause massive issues during your implementation. 

Loss of Vision/Hearing

User adoption and buy-in are the most critical parts of any project. If you lose your team, you have lost your project. Quickly assessing if the team is losing its purpose will help get you back on track.

Health Assessment Workshop Agenda

A Solution Health Assessment is a three-day proactive engagement led by Dynamic Consultants Group with your key stakeholders to review project objectives, processes, and technology, risks, and more. The result is a tailored solution assessment to achieving your project goals. Get a true view of your project and how our team can help you navigate the transition from project failure to project success.

What this workshop is NOT:
  • End-User or Admin Training
  • Software Previews or Demos
  • Functionality Review

Day One Agenda

Day Two & Three Agenda