SharePoint Implementation and Migration Services

Our consultants have been helping enterprises create a more collaborative and smarter workspace with SharePoint implementations and migrations.


Professional Implementation & Migration Services

At Dynamic Consultants Group we provide full SharePoint implementation and migration services, including consulting, custom development services, training, maintenance and support. We have helped many businesses complete successful SharePoint migrations and have found great value in its capabilities. 

SharePoint Services for the Business and Microsoft Partner Community

For the past 6 years we have been providing services to companies of all sizes and industries. Our team’s mission is to prioritize business integrity, minimize migration and implementation risks, and complete a successful project. Don’t let concerns about downtime prevent your project and company from continuing it’s processes, we help you complete your project on-time, on-budget, and correct the first time.

Implementation/Migration Process

Education & Analysis

This phase is to educate yourself about the capabilities of SharePoint. We will provide you with a demo answering any questions you may have. We will then move on the analysis. Where is your company currently at? What are some of your future goals? What are you looking to accomplish with this implementation or migration?


We help your company focus on existing projects by taking over the tough stuff for you all while keeping you in-the-loop throughout the entire project. We will configure data based on your requirements and design document. Sites and libraries are created, metadata and views are setup, navigation is build and security groups are provisioned.


The most important part, the migrating of your existing data. It is crucial this is done correctly to ensure your data is safe through the entire process. Projects, documents, files, and other content are moved from file shares or older SharePoint versions to the new version.

Training & Roll-out

Project success! In this last phase, we go over a run-through of the entire project. SharePoint is designed to be a completely unique and independent ecosystem of components to solve various business needs in large corporations and enhance collaboration. This is why we love it so much. It requires training and understanding of your new solution as needed.


Are you looking for support with?

  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • SharePoint Implementation Consulting
  • Customer Sharepoint Design & Development
  • Upgrading to a newer version of SharePoint
  • Migrating from a third-party solution
  • Improving your SharePoint user experience
  • Customizing SharePoint to your Businesses Needs
  • Improving Management of Documents, People, and Projects
  • Providing Secured Mobile Access Anytime & Anywhere
  • Integrating Enterprise Grade Social Networking
  • Taking care of Legal & Regulatory Requirement Concerns

Why are we your SharePoint Implementation & Migration Partner?

Dynamic Consultants Group has been working with SharePoint for many years. We offer complete end-to-end support for implementation and migration, on-premises, and hybrid services ensuring your business isn’t getting left behind with legacy solutions. 

When you choose Dynamic Consultants Group, you are getting experienced professional consultants to lead you through the entire process, resulting in successful data implementation/migration. Our consultants are masters in customizing SharePoint to fit your organization’s unique business needs. You won’t have to worry about finding more than one company, at DCG, we provide you with all the resources you need.

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