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Trademark & Brand Guidelines

These Trademark and Brand Guidelines detail how you can help us protect DCG’s brand assets, including logos, names, app and product icons, and the confidence that they represent.

Thank you for helping us protect our brand assets and trademarks

Dynamic Consultants Group appreciates people’s trust in our services, products, and experiences. We have created these guidelines to help illuminate the proper usage of our brand assets. DCG reserves the right to take action as necessary to protect them and, as a result, safeguard its customers and the public.

DCG’s brand assets—including the Dynamic Consultants Group Trademarks (PDF) (as updated from time to time), logos, icons, designs, trade dress, fonts, names of Dynamic Consultants Group products, services, and any other brand features and elements, whether registered or unregistered (“Brand Assets”)—are proprietary assets owned exclusively by Dynamic Consultants Group and its group of companies. These Guidelines, which may be updated from time to time, detail how our Brand Assets can be used under specific circumstances. Many uses—including our logos, app, product icons, and other designs – will require a license first. Unless you have express authorization from Microsoft, these Guidelines will govern your use of our Brand Assets.

Examples of Uses Governed by These Guidelines

  • GDPRoactive is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
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Examples of Brand Assets Requiring a License From Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG)

Dynamic Consultants Group Corporate Logo
DCG Corporate Logo

See the Specific Brand and Product Guidelines section for more information on use requirements.

DCG Product Logos
DCG Product Logos

This includes logos for products such as GDPRoactive, Canary, and others. See the Specific Brand and Product Guidelines section for more information.

DCG Product Icons
DCG Product Icons

This includes app icons for products such as GDPRoactive, Canary, and others. See the Specific Brand and Product Guidelines section for more information.

Copyrighted Content

Dynamic Consultants Group products and services—including images, text, and downloads (the “content”)—are owned either by Dynamic Consultants Group, LLC. or by third parties including Microsoft Corporation who have granted Dynamic Consultants Group permission to use the content. Dynamic Consultants Group cannot grant you permission for content that is owned by third parties including Microsoft Corporation. You may only copy, modify, distribute, display, license, or sell the content if you are granted explicit permission within the End-User License Agreement (EULA) or license terms that accompany the content or are provided in the following guidelines. For more information, consult your copyright attorney. 

Legal Notice

Any use of Dynamic Consultants Group’s Brand Assets inures solely to Dynamic Consultants Group’s benefit, and all users must comply with these Guidelines or other licensing/contractual arrangements with Dynamic Consultants Group. Third parties, including licensees, may never claim ownership rights in Dynamic Consultants Group’s Brand Assets or brands that are confusingly similar to Dynamic Consultants Group’s Brand Assets, in any manner, including without limitation as a trademark, service mark, company name, or designation, domain name, social media profile/handle, or in any other manner.

Dynamic Consultants Group expressly reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate, revoke, modify, or otherwise change permission to use its Brand Assets at any time and expressly reserves the right to object to any use or misuse of its Brand Assets in any jurisdiction worldwide.


Suppose your proposed use falls outside these Guidelines or the Specific Brand and Product Guidelines linked above. In that case, the use is not permitted unless you seek approval from an appropriate contact within Dynamic Consultants Group. Please consult your legal counsel or your Dynamic Consultants Group business contact if you have a question.

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