Intensify Strategy in the Digital Age

Digital Transformation Strategy

Gain a real understanding of the true cost savings on the technology you use most with a structure that fits the growing needs of your business. Make software choices based on a position of knowledge and strength with our team of experts who can walk you through every step of the process.

Understanding Digital Transformation

Empowering Clients to Deliver at Scale

Digital transformation is about advancing and extending—not replacing—human capabilities. DCG helps companies create their digital planning structure in areas like data science and system architectural design. We also help them zero in on the optimal strategies and balance between insourcing and outsourcing resources. We assist, from day one, in training, on-the-job learning, coaching, and upskilling—essential but often less focused on elements of digital transformation.

Organizations are beginning to understand that they must embrace intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of the business to thrive during monumental changes—in short, becoming more autonomous, and having the capability of scaling on demand. These organizations deliver value with competitive differentiation enabled by agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights. To be successful, these organizations must develop new operating models enabled by key technologies that provide automation, support data driven decisions, and safeguard the organization through a clear and adaptive cybersecurity program. 

Transform Technology

We help companies transform their digital platforms as well as the processes & governance that let them deliver new experiences—and value—at rapid speed. We also assess how innovative technologies, ecosystems, and partnerships, in areas such as AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), can enhance transformation and spur new opportunities.

Transform Operating

We show leaders how they can deploy agile throughout their entire organization. And just as clearly, we work to position governance, processes, and organizational structure with a more platform-driven—and less siloed—operating model your technology platform and operating staff can rapidly transform to meet the changes of the modern age.

Transform Outcomes

The process entails three stages: innovate (build a proof of concept and validate the operating model case), prototype (configure the minimum viable product and test and learn with agile sprints) and transition (by running the technology and business process at scale). After an initial wave of use cases, the process repeats with the next wave—and so on.

enhance Your agility, speed, and
data-driven decision making

We start by assessing where a company stands—and where it wants to go. We look at its people, technology, and data.

DCG's Approach to Digital Transformation

We start by assessing where a company exists today—and where it wants to go. We look at its people, process, technology, and data. We look at the culture, complete a detailed review of their leadership, and governance. We then study current industry trends and areas for disruption. All of this helps us to create a methodology that ties their digital transformation strategy to business objectives and goals with a sharp focus on identifying and delivering measurable business outcomes.

A Proven Methodology of Transformational Success

Integrated Strategy Design with Clear Goals

Deciding to start a digital transformation project just because is a recipe for disaster. Begin by making sure everyone understands why you are undertaking this effort. You need to have agreement on your current situation and a sharp vision for where you want to go. The most effective digital transformation goals come with key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics that allow you to track your progress toward your goal

Full Organization Commitment to Success

For any Digital Transformation project to achieve success, it takes the entire organization being aligned. Having every part of the leadership of the organization committed to the health and success of the transformation is critical. When leadership champions the cause the user adoption across the project will skyrocket, allowing for everyone involved to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to achieve the vision.

Deployment of High-Impact Talent

Many organizations are in the initial stages of understanding the true impact of their transformation strategy. Having a strong high-impact team both internally and externally is key to building a long-term successful transformation. In the modern economy we are focused on developing the talent that will bring organizations into the next level of growth for their vision and we’re committed to helping them do the same thing.

Agile Implementation for Broad Adoption

We are consistently helping organizations to adopt agile, this is a key pillar of our digital transformation consulting strategy. We embed the culture and behaviors that cultivate cross-functional collaboration, iterative development, and an innovative approach to learning—one that enables people to adapt and innovate at digital scale. All of this allows DCG to achieve success faster and with better data than our competition.

Clear Status Reporting and Progress Monitoring

Companies that transform successfully often leverage fast—and simplified—decision making. They use the right OKRs—often all-new ones—to monitor progress toward outcomes. Removing obstacles quickly and effectively. We help companies develop a weekly cadence for vital decisions (gone is the once-a-month gold standard) and a robust digital value measurement system. We help to bring your business and tech sides together.

Modular Technology and Robust Data Platform

Today there are many companies that have not applied digital technologies and working processes at scale. Neither have they created a culture that embraces rapid change, experimentation, and continual development and improvement. Other companies on the other hand are planning end-to-end transformations but have yet to move beyond basic ideation. DCG helps achieve this transition to a modern enterprise platfom that solves this.