Compare Pricing with Microsoft and Dynamic Consultants Group

Microsoft Premier Support Costs

See how to pick the best support for your organizations by learning the costs for Microsoft Premier Support and Unified Support Pricing. Learn how you can use an alternative to Premier Support to reduce your costs and increase your overall support experience with our world class support team.

Premier support Pricing


At Dynamic Consultants Group, we are witnessing huge demand from many medium and enterprise organizations to switch from Microsoft Premier/Unified support to DCG Premier Support services. When working with Dynamic Consultants Group, you will save a significant budget on included Microsoft services that are not needed or redundant, with the same level of attention to detail and care that a Microsoft partner can provide. 

Compare Premier Support Pricing

Compare the Microsoft Premier Support Price List and our current Premier/Unified Support Cost. See how you can save 30-70% with Dynamic Consultants Group and our budget alternative to Microsoft Support. Learn how we work with Microsoft to provide you with exceptional services with a dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAM), application-specific Designated Support Engineers (DSE), and your own Support Account Management (SAM). In addition to these resources, you can access our Support Assistance (SA) and Application Development Managers (ADM). We take Problem Resolution Support (PRS) seriously when providing you with the best support resources.

Microsoft Premier Support is no longer available for direct customers, the only option for Microsoft Support to direct customers is Unified Support from Microsoft. 
This is a cost comparison to the Unified/Premier Support pricing. The table below is from the Microsoft Q4 FY2021 pricing guides for Unified and Premier Support.

Support FeaturesDCG Premier SupportMSFT Premier SupportUnified Support Core PlanUnified Support Advanced PlanUnified Support Performance Plan

$225 per Hour

$299 per Hour6 or 8% of Annual Software Spend8 or 10% of Annual Software Spend10 or 12% of Annual Software Spend
Minimum Contract$0 - None$50,000$25,000 $50,000$175,000
IRT / SLA<15 Minute Standard1hr Critical, 2hr Standard1hr Critical, 8hr Standard1hr Critical, 4hr Standard30m Critical, 4hr Standard

What Makes DCG a Cost-Effective Premier Support Alternative?

Proactive Support

Get real expert help with quality engineer lead support. Get proactive help with issues, learn how telemetry data can help spot problems and get you the help you need before you know you need it. Gain access to our proactive services catalog, and use hours for consulting, assessments, RCA, and health checks. Our support model is the most flexible in the business, tailored to your organization. 

First Problem Resolution

24×7 Proactive and Reactive Support, Worldwide. Go beyond the marketing speak SLA of 15 minutes with our revolutionary TTE SLA. We measure time in how fast your problem is resolved not how fast you talk to us. Get a team that can manage your Microsoft escalations, connect with a TAM (Technical Account Manager) and interface with all Microsoft technologies and severities. 

Priority Routing and Service

We understand that when things are down, your bottom line is at risk, your customer service is at risk and everything you’ve worked to build is on the line. That’s why we work to custom tailor your support program to you, with specialized routing for priority cases, proactive support, and flexible support plans. It goes beyond our rapid response SLA but moves to the next level in support care and management of your account. 

Elements of the Program

Instantly experience better budget management with an instant 30-70% savings off your Microsoft Support costs. We provide you with our documented SLA and process for Microsoft escalations, and offer the smallest support hour terms, and even offer a Free Trial.

Engineering Support Staff that Understands You and Your Systems

Gain the peace of mind you’ve been missing over the last few months or even years. Our team will give you access to a team of DSEs (Dedicated Support Engineers), access to a TAM (Technical Account Manager), and quick assessments like the RAP (Rapid Assessment Program). Understand that we are your first line of defense when working with Microsoft 95% of our cases do not escalate to Microsoft Premier Support, saving you time to resolution and expense. Gain access to our network of award-winning, world-class consultants for additional projects and Microsoft Certified support engineers.