Our History

Founded in 2012 and based out of Kansas City, Missouri, Dynamic Consultants Group has been a trusted Microsoft partner to businesses large and small. Take a look at our history to better understand where we started and how much we have grown.

Company Timeline

We work with people all over the world to turn their problems into successful business solutions. With the improvement of their existing businesses by providing the software, experience, and access to development experts necessary to create, launch, and manage engaging mobile experiences.

In 2012, computer programmers Dustin Domerese and Kevan Brewer banded together to form Dynamic Consultants Group, providing Microsoft Partners with low-cost Dynamics CRM resources for projects. During the next decade, DCG grew rapidly to serve partners and expertise worldwide with offices on three continents.

December 2012

Dynamic Consultants Group was Founded

The founding discussion took place at a Chili's in O'Hare Airport

February 2013

Our First Website Launched

The website you see today is a combination of hard work, long hours and a lot of amazing designers, programmers, and marketers. However, our first website was a lot more humble. 

April 2013

Our First Office Opened in Smithville, Missouri

We moved out of the garage and into our first office. Located on Shamrock Way: our first office started in Smithville, Missouri. As our business began to grow, so did our need for larger space.

April 2015

Dynamic Consultants Group Chico, California Opens

With a member of our executive team living in Chico, California, it was a great opportunity to expand our business. After finding the perfect office space, the Chico, CA branch of Dynamic Consultants Group was founded.

July 2015

We Moved Our Office to Tiffany Springs, Missouri

Our Smithville office quickly reached capacity and we were forced to move to a larger space. Tiffany Springs, Missouri quickly became our new home; although this was to be a short home with our continued rapid growth.

July 2017

We Sponsored Microsoft Inspire 2017

In July we sponsored the Microsoft Inspire conference held in Washington D.C. Microsoft Inspire is Microsoft’s largest annual event, connecting thousands of attendees from 130 countries around the world.

April 2018

GDPRoactive for Dynamics 365 Launches

GDPRoactive for Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one solution for GDPR data management. It simplifies Dynamics 365 GDPR compliance through automation, our easy toolkit, all while building a direct integration to Microsoft Compliance Manager. Now you can have one holistic view of your GDPR data in Dynamics 365.

DCG Product Logos

July 2018

We Sponsored Microsoft Inspire 2018

We decided to sponsor Microsoft Inspire again after a successful trip in 2017. Instead of Washington D.C. this conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

January 2019

We Moved Our Office to Kansas City, Missouri

As Dynamic Consultants Group continued to grow, our need for more space increased. We decided to move closer to the center of Kansas City, MO. Our current office space is constantly evolving as we continue to expand and renovate to fit our employee’s needs.

March 2019

We Sponsored Our First International Event

We started sponsoring events in March 2019 with the eXtreme365 Conference in Amsterdam. Currently we have sponsored more than 50 conference events and attended or spoken at events in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. This Conference was located at the RAI Amsterdam and was focused on Dynamics 365 & Partner Engagement.

May 2019

Office & Partnership in Belgrade, Serbia Opens

In May of 2019 we partnered with our European counterpart GoPro in Serbia to provide our European and US customers with Business Central resources and skills. An office and partnership in Europe has allowed us to reach a whole new market while supporting and serving our existing customers.

July 2019

We Sponsored Microsoft Inspire 2019

In the summer of 2019 we sponsored Microsoft Inspire – the global Microsoft Partner conference which sees an average of 48K people in attendance over the course of the week. 

December 2019

We Sponsored D365 Saturday

In December 2019, we sponsored D365 Saturday in Lisbon Portugal. The D365 Saturday Community is a non-profit organization to address the challenges of digital transformation.

February 2020

Office & Partnership in Hyderabad, India Opens

An office and partnership in Hyderabad, India has allowed us to strengthen organizations using Microsoft technology worldwide.

March 2020

We Sponsored Dubai Summit

From February 29 to March 2, we sponsored D365 Dubai Summit. It was the largest Dynamics 365 & Power Platform conference in EMEA in 2020. Our experts Dustin Domerese and Josh Santiago were session speakers.

March 2020

Offices in Dallas, Texas & Hartford, Connecticut Open

In the last year we decided to expand our business market to Dallas, Texas and Hartford, Connecticut. Both areas are benefiting from our expertise.

February 2021

Partnership With DQ Global

In February 2021, Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global announced their partnership. This new, innovative alliance leverages Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global’s respective strengths to create compelling value for both companies as it relates to data quality and management. 

May 2021

Partnership With Stallions Technologies

In May 2021, Dynamic Consultants Group and Stallions Technologies announced their partnership. This new, partnership expands on the respective strengths to create compelling value for both companies specifically in the UK and EU with resources and project experience. 

June 2021

Expansion of our Dallas Office

In June of 2021 we moved our Dallas location out of the Regus offices, and into Cypress Waters near DFW. Now with full time staff located near and around or existing partners and customers to provide local support, and sales.

July 2021

Microsoft Gold & Silver Competency

We obtained the coveted Microsoft Certified Gold Partner Award in July of 2021

August 2021

Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company Award

In August of 2021, we received the coveted Fastest Growing Company award.