Optimize Supply Chain Operations and Improve Decision Making

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

We are here to empower organizations with groundbreaking solutions that swiftly adapt and flawlessly operate, delivering an intelligent, reliable, and resilient supply chain.

Ignite Your Potential with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Do you face numerous challenges that stand in the way of effectively managing your supply chains? These challenges could be anything from complexities of globalization and demand forecasting to supplier management and inventory control. In addition to those challenges, the implementation and utilization of supply chain management software poses their own set of obstacles, including integration issues, scalability concerns, and data quality amongst the top few. This is where DCG comes in. We help businesses set up Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management that offers a comprehensive and efficient solution to address these challenges.

Transform Your Operations to Enable Growth

Mitigate Supply Chain Issues & Risks

We construct robust supply chains that effectively respond to various issues and risks by utilizing real-time visibility, agile planning, and advanced insights.

Optimize Inventory Management

We optimize stock levels, prevent stockouts, minimize excess inventory, and improve overall inventory accuracy by leveraging real-time visibility into inventory across various locations.

Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

To achieve maximum on-time and in-full deliveries, our solutions enhance service levels by reducing the time it takes for new workers to become fully operational and minimizing travel time within the warehouse.

Refine Planning & Scheduling

With advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, we create solutions to predict customer demand accurately. By leveraging historical data, market trends, and other factors, we help organizations optimize inventory levels, production schedules, and procurement activities.

Enhance Warehouse Management

By optimizing warehouse layouts, improving picking and packing processes, tracking inventory, and efficiently managing labor and equipment, we enhance warehouse productivity, reduce errors, and increase order fulfillment rates.

Strengthen Quality & Compliance

Maintaining product quality and compliance with regulations is essential. We provide a solution that includes tools for implementing quality control processes, tracking product specifications, managing certifications, and monitoring compliance throughout the supply chain.

How We Build Customized Solutions

We believe in understanding all aspects of a business in order to find the most suitable solution. Our business transformation journey is initiated through the IDEA framework: Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve. This framework serves as a true roadmap for digital transformation, incorporating a data-first approach to tangible action items that enable businesses to achieve success. We utilize data and insights to inspire innovative thinking, design customized solutions, empower you with the necessary tools and resources, and ultimately achieve transformation objectives.


During the first phase, we help you imagine a future state solution for your business and define your digital transformation journey through envisioning workshops.


By aligning technology investments to your business goals, we then help discover what is possible through business value and solution assessments.


After discovering the value of your digital transformation, we ensure you have buy-in across your organization with a visual and tailored immersive solution demonstration.


Lastly, we execute your unique strategy and ensure a smooth launch with an executive-ready proposal so you can start achieving positive change across your organization.

It's Time to Implement a Supply Chain Solution That Works

With the help of DCG’s Microsoft certified experts, businesses can optimize inventory management, streamline procurement processes, enhance demand forecasting, refine production planning and scheduling, and improve supply chain collaboration. We are here to assist businesses every step of the way – from planning and implementing, to providing ongoing support – for a successful digital transformation.