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Modern Workplace & Cloud Services

Becoming a cloud-based business means streamlining operations, unlocking new functionality, and positioning your business to take advantage of cutting-edge advancements in technology. Partnering with an expert in cloud services will allow you to make the transition with as little friction as possible, while effectively reimagining your team’s fundamental workflows and processes to propel your business into a new era of productivity. 

Introduction to Modern Cloud

At a time when businesses need to be staying ahead of the curve, the absence of modern cloud services makes it a struggle to keep up. While your organization may be taking small steps to grow its tech stack, nothing can compare to the agility modern cloud services can afford your business.

By making the move to the cloud, your business can:

  • Become a future-ready organization with a strong IT team that’s able to take a cloud-first approach to integration, development, and expansion.
  • Excel at meeting increasing customer expectations through real-time data exchange, integrations, and insights. 
  • Leverage a global, connected team by providing on-premise and remote workers with consistent, secure cloud interfaces. 
  • Supercharge its decisions by integrating the latest solutions in business intelligence (BI) and big data right into your workflows.

These capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re thinking about switching to modern cloud services, Dynamic Consultants Group can introduce your team to the world of possibilities that lie ahead.

Types of Projects DCG Can Help With

Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is no mystery to DCG consultants. Our deep experience in both on-premise and cloud data center technologies help our clients and partners design and implement the best solutions for their organization whether it’s on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. Through strategic assessments of your unique business needs, our team of dedicated experts will ensure your organization is taking full advantage of cloud offerings like resource utilization, cost savings, flexible data storage, robust disaster recovery, and network extension. 

Cloud Service Implementation

Preparing your business for a successful cloud service implementation requires careful research and consideration. At Dynamic Consultants Group, we’re highly knowledgable with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). By discussing technical requirements with your team and asking key questions, we’ll help you develop a detailed implementation strategy that meets your needs and adheres to your time and budget constraints.

Cloud Service Migration

Moving from on-premise to cloud infrastructure or from one cloud service to another is a major undertaking. One wrong step and your business could end up wasting hours of precious resources trying to reverse a costly but avoidable mistake. With experts on your side, you won’t have to worry about high stakes or hiccups. At Dynamic Consultants Group, we have helped countless organizations perform successful cloud service migration on time and on budget. Before, during, and after the migration process, you can also call upon our team to help you with your strategic planning to ensure the best results.

Cloud Service Consultation

Are you aware of all the cloud services available to your organization? It’s hard to compare solutions and feel confident that you’re making the absolute best decision for your business when there are simply so many options on the market. If you need assistance selecting the right cloud service for your business, we can help. At DCG, it is our responsibility to be aware of the leading cloud services along with their strengths and weaknesss. Based on your requirements, we can walk you through your options and help you make a future-proof decision.

Cloud Service Training

Moving to the cloud is more than a technical feat, it also requires significant changes to how your team members work. If training isn’t delivered proactively and effectively, your business could easily face setbacks and delays due to problems with user adoption. Through our years of working with the cloud, we have become extremely efficient at helping both technical and non-technical individuals get comfortable with modern cloud services. Whil working with your organization to identify top priorities, we can help your entire team adopt the cloud with enthusiasm.

Cloud Products DCG Can Implement

In addition to IaaS, you can lean on DCG’s breadth of knowledge to fully utilize Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. We’ll help you strike the right balance of flexibility of features, optimized cost, and operational effort. We’ll provide you with customized recommendations that allow you to stop worrying about patching and maintenance and focus more on your applications and data. Whether you’re interested in Azure SQL Database /Managed Instance or App Services, DCG will help you migrating to these services and realize the ROI on this important piece of a cloud native digital transformation.

Azure Cloud




Modern Workplace Products DCG Can Implement

In addition to IaaS, you can lean on DCG’s breadth of knowledge to fully utilize Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. We’ll help you strike the right balance of flexibility of features, optimized cost, and operational effort. We’ll provide you with customized recommendations that allow you to stop worrying about patching and maintenance and focus more on your applications and data. Whether you’re interested in Azure SQL Database /Managed Instance or App Services, DCG will help you migrating to these services and realize the ROI on this important piece of a cloud native digital transformation.




Exchange Online

Moving From Dreaming to Implementing with a Cloud Roadmap

DCG is well-versed in the entire project lifecycle for Azure new deployments and can build a roadmap at any scale from implementing a single, small solution to implementing a full-scale digital transformation. As a first step, we will work to understand your business, identifying the business impacts of the processes, communications, and the steps required to get to your desired end state. Then we’ll design the most effective combination of cloud services to help you accelerate your business and improve collaboration. With our experience in Agile and Waterfall project methodologies, we can implement solutions across a wide range of cloud technologies using best practice architectures, handle both simple and highly complex scenarios, and design for global scale, high availability if needed.

Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure to Save Costs

DCG knows infrastructure is an investment and it’s critical to have good stewardship of that investment. To ensure you aren’t paying more than you need for your cloud infrastructure, we’ll guide you on how to ensure the resources are sized appropriately and that you are taking advantage of any price breaks or scaling techniques such as reserved instances, scale sets, autoscaling, etc. In addition, we can help redesign your applications and workloads to use cloud native technologies and architectures to save on cost while improving reliability and scalability.   

The cloud is not just a different place to run the same virtual servers, it is a different model of operating and a different set of tools to design and deploy scalable and flexible applications and infrastructure. Redesigning the architecture for an application or system to use more cost-effective cloud native solutions can be costly, but it can also pay dividends in the long term when operational costs and reliability are considered. Azure cloud native solutions such as Azure SQL, App Services, Application Gateway, Front Door, etc. are cost effective ways to host scalable applications and infrastructure. DCG has the expertise to help transform your application landscape to utilize these cloud native technologies and tools. 

When migrating to cloud, infrastructure and services cost is a very important factor. On premise infrastructure is purchased as a capital expense, putting less pressure on optimizing how many CPU cores or RAM is used by a given server or application. In the cloud, consumption is everything when it comes to cost, so it is important to get resource allocation very close to what is needed to maintain performance while also reducing cost. This is true across both IaaS and PaaS offerings. DCG recognizes the importance of right sizing to reduce overall operating costs and can provide the expertise needed to make the appropriate adjustments. 

Refactor Landing Zone Process
Refactor Landing Zones

Azure Cloud

DCG knows password-based attacks on user identities are the most prevalent vector of identity compromise, outpacing emerging attack techniques like consent phishing and attacks on nonhuman identities. Our team of experts is ready to share how to successfully implement invaluable tools like Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Defender for Identity, and more. Additionally, we're ready to show you how to eliminate passwords altogether with passwordless authentication using Windows Hello. When it comes to strong credentials, we have your back.


We can guide your organization on disabling the use of older, less secure protocols, limiting access entry points, moving to cloud authentication, and exercising more significant control of administrative access to resources and embracing Zero Trust security principles. Specifically, we’ll leverage Microsoft products like Cloud/Legacy Authentication, Invalid entry points, Privilege Access Management (PIM), Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Graph API to ensure your attack surface is limited.


In our experience, automatically intercepting attacks and removing the latency between detection and response reduces the time criminals use to embed themselves into your environment – saving organizations time and money. We’ll guide your organization in using sign-in risk policies, Risk Security policy, Conditional Access policies, M365 Defender (Endpoint, Office 365, Identity, Cloud Apps), Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and Monitoring and Alerts to ensure your organization is ready for an attack at any moment.  


We provide consultations on how to use security logs and reports to create electronic records of suspicious activities and help you detect patterns that may indicate attempted or successful external penetration of the network, and internal attacks. We’ll teach you how to use auditing to monitor user activity, document regulatory compliance, do forensic analysis, and more. In addition to setting up alerts to provide notifications of security events, we’ll work with you to make sure you have a log retention policy in place for both your sign-in logs and audit logs for Azure AD. 

Discover the Best Practices We Can Help You Implement

We employ a wide range of tools that align with these strategies to limit and detect threats, make sign on easier, and to set your users up for success.  

Enforce Multi-Factor Verification for Users

Use Role-Based Access Control

Lower Exposure of Privileged Accounts

Control Locations Where Resources are Located

Use Azure AD for Storage Authentication

Manage Connected Tenants (AAD Connect)

Single Sign-On

Secure Your Infrastructure Against Threats and Vulnerabilities

Security is a critical component of every project or implementation and it’s far more than just turning on a specific service. To ensure your infrastructure is secure, we can utilize a wide range of security strategy, policy, and solutions to meet the needs of your organization. This includes leveraging Microsoft’s Azure feature, which has several components woven into Azure identity management and access control security best practices. These components are centered on the protection of user accounts since these are one of the most critical components of your security and yet one of the most difficult to protect. We have extensive experience designing and implementing tailored strategies to keep your user accounts secure while still allowing your users to get work done. Our expertise includes enterprise scale architecture and configuration of both Azure and Active Directory. 

Take Ownership of Your Infrastructure with Assessments and Training Sessions

Now that you’ve implemented your Cloud infrastructure, it’s time to make the most out of your technology spend. DCG can provide assessments and security and compliance specific projects where we can help to understand your security landscape and make plans to increase your security posture. Additionally, DCG can deliver focused and flexible workshops and trainings that are targeted at specific Azure and Microsoft 365 technologies to help your team understand what solutions are possible, how to effectively operate them, and give them the confidence boost they need by validating their skills via a certification.  

Implement Your Migration with Purpose

Our teams are experts in all types of migrations. We can handle tenanttotenant migrations that often occur during major business changes such as acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, and restructures. We can also handle migrations from on-premises to Azure and Microsoft 365 or from other cloud providers. Migrations can be some of the most complex projects but we have the experience to perform these while minimizing the impact on your business operations.

Cloud Projects We Can Migrate for You


Virtual Machines (VMs)



Remote Access Solutions


Virtual Desktops

Application Delivery

M365 Services


Teams, SharePoint




SQL Databases

SQL Managed Instances

Support Your Infrastructure Through Break Fix and Proactive Engagements

A great support team is crucial to ensuring your infrastructure can operate at scale. DCG’s Microsoft Certified engineers, developers, and architects provides a full suite of support services, including access to our 24x7x365 support team. 

We provide reactive support. Our team is there for break-fix issues. With a 24x7x365 support team, your support request will receive the attention it deserves. We can also assist with Microsoft escalations and drive them to completion, including high severity cases. Our SMEs are able to assist with any supported Microsoft technology.   

We have a support team staffed available 24×7. When the sun sets in the Western Hemisphere there is a team ready to take over in the Eastern Hemisphere. We refer to this as the Follow the Sun support model.  

Our team can provide proactive support. This includes handling software updates, licensing updates, certificate updates, and any needed system upgrades. Also, we provide training sessions for your team. These sessions include how-to sessions, best practice sessions, and educational sessions. If you have us to do evaluations on needed and future changes we offer this under our proactive services. Our teams have a proactive culture that is consistently looking for root causes and proactive solutions to improve your business systems.  

Already have an onsite IT team? Fortify their efforts with DCG’s 24x7x365, follow the sun support. With our experience and Microsoft Gold Partnership, we have the leverage to support any environment and any case needing assistance. Our team is geared to take on reactive and proactive support cases with the ability to assist with your Microsoft Escalations.

Azure Help and Support Dashboard

Start Your Enhancements with an Infrastructure Assessment

Allow our consultants to perform a structured review of your existing Azure and Microsoft 365 environments with recommendations for improvement. This can be used for road mapping and IT strategy. This is also commonly used to reduce risk and accelerate an upcoming IT project. Rather than signing for a large IT project up front, this allows our clients and us to understand their environment and needs in a much deeper way so that a future project can be scoped and planned with a high degree of confidence. This includes a written report to capture the information that is gathered.   

Why Partner with DCG

DCG is a team of consultants you can trust. With 500+ successful projects and implementations, we know how to assess and gather information about your current infrastructure and business needs to help you determine the best fit for your infrastructure. We can assist with building a project roadmap to meet your goals, implement the changes that need to occur, and deliver workshops and training along the way to help educate your teams. We’ve used our proven methods to help 150+ companies achieve their business goals, and your organization could be next!

With DCG’s expertise, you can effectively leverage Azure Compute to utilize dedicated Linux or Windows virtual machines or other compute services like Kubernetes (AKS), ACI, and more to transform your infrastructure. This allows for applications that still need to be hosted on dedicated servers to be transitioned into the cloud. Let us help you by scaling resources as you need them as well as identifying cost savings over time with sizing and reservations.   

Azure Storage services are built with high availability and performance in mind, and DCG has the expertise to ensure your organization is using them effectively. Our team can teach you how to store hot, cold, and archive data in a variety of datacenters around the world while controlling the resiliency by replicating that data between multiple regions as needed. We can teach you how to control the access for many different scenarios. We’ll even consult with you on how to replace traditional file servers and tie authentication back to Active Directory through Azure Files.   

The proper architecture for any solution is important for meeting high uptime requirements, but it is also key to meet recoverability requirements in the case of an outage or other type of incident. Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery are two among many other BCDR focused services that DCG can implement to help your organization meet even very strict RTOs and RPOs. Let us help you design a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your infrastructure and applications.

With more than 165,000 miles of private fiber, Microsoft allows you to extend your on-premises network technologies or shift them to cloud infrastructure through Azure Networking. From high availability and enterprise grade security to low-latency experience so that you can stay connected whether you are on premise, fully cloud, or in a hybrid environment. The DCG team has extensive experience in even the most complex network architectures and can help you design and implement the optimal solution for your organization.  

We know it’s essential to balance security with productivity. That’s why our dedicated consultants are ready to help you implement Azure Virtual Desktop. This service enables organizations to quickly deploy virtual PCs or deliver applications to remote users in a secure and scalable manner. We have deep experience in overall Azure Architecture as well as designing and deploying AVD solutions that enables us to tailor to the specific use case of your business. To take it a step further, we also have experience in cost optimization and operational automation of AVD.   

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