Streamline Operations & Unlock New Opportunities

Modern Workplace & Cloud

A cloud-based business means streamlining operations and positioning your business to take advantage of cutting-edge advancements in technology. Partnering with DCG for these services will allow you to make the transition with as little friction as possible, while effectively reimagining your team’s fundamental workflows that propel your business into a new era of productivity.   

Modernize and Transform Your Data With The Cloud

At a time when businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, expertly implemented and optimized modern cloud technologies can sharpen your competitive advantage. We can empower your team to:

  • Become a future-ready organization with a strong IT team that’s able to take a cloud-first approach to integration, development, and expansion. 
  • Excel at meeting increasing customer expectations through real-time data exchange, integrations, and insights.  
  • Leverage a global, connected team by providing on-premise and remote workers with consistent, secure cloud interfaces.  
  • Supercharge its decisions by integrating the latest solutions in business intelligence (BI) and big data right into your workflows. 

How We Empower Digital Transformation

To help meet your time and budget constraints, we'll work with your team to discuss technical requirements and ask key questions in order to develop a detailed implementation strategy.

We Implement Microsoft Productivity Solutions


We’ll help you create a collaborative workspace for your organization that allows your file storage to be integrated using chat, video, conferencing, app integrations, PSTN calling, and more. 


We’ll assist you in freeing up local resources by migrating user files to the cloud while maintaining security and compliance.


DCG will empower your employees to work remotely with a secure SharePoint environment for centrally storing, managing, sharing, and collaborating on documents and files.

Exchange Online

Our experts have experience helping organizations communicate securely with others while understanding the importance of uninterrupted, complaint email service.

We Provide Cloud Infrastructure that Works

Azure IaaS

Let us help you design reliable and performant solutions using IaaS services like virtual machines, storage accounts, and virtual networks.

Azure PaaS

We’ll help you modernize and optimize your business using Azure PaaS services such as Azure Virtual Desktop, App Services, or Databases.

Azure Security

Security is a part of everything we do and we can secure your organization using specific services like Microsoft Defender, Sentinel, and Azure Firewall. 

The Value of Selecting the Right Consultant

Moving to the cloud poses significant challenges in the form of technology, processes, and security. An experienced consultant can help you eliminate blindspots and plan for common pitfalls, ultimately reducing the implementation timeline, saving you migration costs, and simplifying the transition. 

If you’re looking for a modern cloud services consultant that can guide your organization through the process, look no further than Dynamic Consultants Group. With our knowledge of modern cloud services best practices and hands-on experience with various cloud providers, services, and apps, we have the know-how and commitment you need for a seamless move. With our proven track record of helping clients adopt a cloud-first model, we’ll give your team the confidence you need to swiftly upgrade your hardware, security, and workflows to match the demands of the cloud landscape.

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