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DCG Procurement

DCG Procurement helps to deliver value through innovative, proactive, and cost-effective solutions that include the engagement of clients and partners that are competitive, compliant, and capable.

What is DCG Procurement?

Our procurement process provides a set of business objects that optimize the interaction with our vendors, clients, and partners and the performance throughout the entire procurement lifecycle. In addition, we offer a centralized and complete electronic process for procurement that enables full participation with everyone we do business with. We value those who help us innovate and deliver our services to meet the needs of our clients, partners, and employees while demonstrating our commitment to compliance and efficiency. You can explore these important programs designed to help you do business with Dynamic Consultants Group.

Understanding Our Procurement Program

Doing Business With DCG

As we pursue our passion for emboldening disruptive organizations, we want to share with our clients, partners, and vendors the process that streamlines how we do business. Therefore, our procurement programs outline the expected behavior of our employees and anyone doing business with DCG.

Engage our ecosystem – We’re here to build a unified partner experience

Our ethos is to create a balanced ecosystem of business-critical, diverse, and managed partners that offers customized and unified experiences.

Our Priority

Uphold partnerships across our entire business to ensure the success of our hand-selected partners. Invest in companies that amplify DCG's values and collaborations across the community.

Our Strategy

Ongoing relevancy and value to partners through a proactive ecosystem of management. We are here to make it simple once you're a partner in one area, you're a partner for all DCG's businesses.

Our Commitment

Is to streamline automation and technologies to empower partners to simplify their operations. Create evangelism and awareness through regular partnership meetings and lifecycle management.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Our first step for all those seeking to work with us requires using an MSA (Master Service Agreement). It must be executed by Dynamic Consultants Group and the client, partner, or vendor before starting any work. This is our main agreement and overarches all agreements. Once the MSA has been signed, business-specific and project-specific Statements of Work (SOWs) or Purchase Orders (POs) are needed.

Statement of Work (SOW)

The purpose of the SOW is to outline and document the requirements, specifications, implementation approach, deliverables, services pricing details, and other rights and obligations of the parties to achieve Dynamic Consultants Group’s objectives more clearly described. All those actively working with DCG on a project or support will have executed a SOW for each engagement.

Accounts Payable at DCG

If you are doing business with DCG or a DCG contracted vendor and require assistance, you can contact the DCG Accounts Payable team directly. In addition, you can reach out to your AP PoC via email or our direct line at 844-567-2590 for instant support. Your Local AP contact will be on your latest DCG invoice.  

Dynamic Consultants Group
Small Business Solutions

What Is the DCG Small Business Solutions Program?

At Dynamic Consultants Group, we understand the value that small businesses bring to our company; we also see how small companies promote continued innovation and growth of our economy. We are committed to working with small businesses to help you increase the scope of your company and help you to become a trusted client or partner with us. DCG’s mission is to embolden disruptive businesses to serve their customers, including small businesses like yours. 

Whatever your company’s size, scale, or background, we encourage small businesses to look closely at becoming a trusted partner with DCG.

Program Overview

The DCG Small Business Solutions Program is a US-based initiative that focuses on supporting Dynamic Consultants Group’s commitment to partner with small business clients, partners, and vendors in all areas of our company. Having a range of organization sizes in our ecosystem allows us to quickly scale to meet business needs while supporting our pledge to seek year-over-year (YoY) continual growth with small businesses.

Our program is committed to finding the best qualified small businesses to bring into our network. We emphasize working with minority, women, disabled, and veteran-owned organizations in a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone).

As a part of the DCG Procurement program, we strive to highlight our members’ unique skills and accomplishments throughout our organization. To achieve this, DCG Procurement ensures that small businesses are included in all requests for proposals (RFPs) and partner leads. This also includes partners with business groups throughout the company.

Who qualifies as a small business for DCG?

Any United States-based business must self-certify that they meet the federal requirements for a small business. If you are uncertain whether you meet the federal requirements, please visit U.S. Small Business Administration for more information.

You may also self-certify that you are a diverse-owned small business. These businesses must be owned by a United States citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States and meet at least one of these diversity categories:

  • Company located in a HUBZone: operates and employs individuals residing in a HUBZone, as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • United States veteran business owner
  • United States Service-disabled veteran business owner
  • Woman business owner
  • Disadvantaged or minority business owner

DCG Small Business Partner Application 

Are you a small business interested in doing business with DCG? The information provided will be used to create a business profile. NOTE: Submission of the application does not guarantee DCG partner status. Our team will contact your company directly if there are opportunities that align with your company’s capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. At this time, only businesses that are headquartered in the United States are eligible for the DCG Small Business Solutions.

No. There are no costs for becoming a DCG Small business partner.

No. Registering as a small business does not guarantee that your company will become a partner for DCG. However, by registering, you alert DCG of your interest and provide them with information to help them determine whether your company is appropriate for the solution.

Dynamic Consultants Group takes all compliance concerns very seriously. If supplier companies or external staff have concerns about ethics or compliance with any of DCG’s policies or requirements, please get in touch with our Business Conduct Hotline.