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With our SharePoint Services, you can share and manage your company’s content, knowledge and applications to empower teamwork.

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Office 365, SharePoint 2011+ and SharePoint On-Prem

SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features are abundant yet generic. No two organizations have the same needs or requirements. The requirements could range from integration with other business applications, custom SharePoint workflows that streamline your processes, dashboards, so on and so forth. We analyze the resources your business demands and work with you to provide you with full-benefit SharePoint services. Rely on our 10+ years of SharePoint Consulting experience to bring the best out of your investments in SharePoint.

Turn Your Vision Into a Reality

Do you have a desire to help your company and SharePoint users complete tasks with accuracy and efficiency? Maybe you have been thinking of ways to completely streamline your business’ data and communication. If you are focused on big projects and don’t have the time or resources to get started, we can help! SharePoint installation and configuration requires highly specialized skills to ensure it is configured to Microsoft’s best practices and industry standards. SharePoint is a powerful platform that can provide strong benefits to both businesses and users. Consulting with a strong team is the first step to streamlining your business processes and getting started. Contact us to set up custom SharePoint services today.

Go Further, Go Faster

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep track of everything. You have a list of things to get done, but the business must go on. This is where we can help. We can help you migrate your data in the cloud, right where you need it to be.

Beyond Data

The backbone of everything is where your data is stored. We can help you put the tedious tracking tasks to the back burner. You don’t need to keep track of your emails and attachments and worry about what documents you may or may not have. It’s all in SharePoint.

Why Work With Us?

✔ 10+ years of SharePoint Consulting Experience

✔ 500+ Successful Projects & Implementations

✔ 150+ Clients & Partners

✔ 100% Quality Assurance

✔ Cost-Effective Solutions

✔ Quick and Reliable Support and Services

What can you do with SharePoint?

  • Establish Best Practices
  • Improve Business Processes
  • Find Documents Fast
  • Improve Team Collaboration and Communication
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Manage Projects Easily and Effectively



Define Your Vision & Attain Goals

Our consultants here will take the time to help you with the planning stages of your SharePoint. Planning includes identifying data organization, technical requirements, and user needs. Along with planning, we can see what custom development is needed to meet your company's vision and goals.

Improve Productivity

Our SharePoint Consultants can add value and increase productivity by implementing custom workflows. Workflows can help notify members when a task is assigned to them or send a notification when a file is added. We allow your team to improve productivity by giving you easy access to the information you need. You can decrease the amount of time looking for files and increase the amount of time working on essential projects.

Easily Train Employees

Your SharePoint investment is only worth it if your users are understanding and using it. Poor knowledge and information architecture will lead to poor adoption. We believe that training is just as necessary as all the other steps and will provide you with full comprehensive SharePoint training.

Cut Costs & Increase ROI

Are you aware of your financial returns across your entire organization? SharePoint can be integrated into your other enterprise applications, such as CRM, finance, or supply chain. With this strong integration, we can help your organization lower costs and increase output, maximizing your ROI across your entire ecosystem.

Ready to take the next step?


We provide professional SharePoint Services tailored to your business’s unique needs. We will help you better manage content, information, and documents that will help your organization collaborate with ease. We will also ensure all your processes are integrated with Dynamics 365 and Office 365. This integrated solution allows you to store your contracts, reports, and documents all in one online environment.

frequently asked questions

SharePoint is used for your content management, document management, collaboration tool, contract management, company intranet, project management, workflow management, etc. We will customize SharePoint to exactly what you need it to be. SharePoint is a highly flexible and scalable platform. 

Yes! SharePoint has an extremely robust security model that allows you to create varying levels of permissions for the different user roles unique to your organization. SharePoint integrates with Active Directory, so you can pull an unlimited number of security groups from Active Directory that will enable you to set up permissions at an extremely granular level. We will guide you through the steps to set up specific permissions at the sub-site level, or even different content on the same site. 

SharePoint Online is recommended for department and team files that other people should access.  OneDrive for Business is for your personal use, such as personal work files.

Yes! We can easily re-create the look of your shared server by adding document libraries and folders in SharePoint. Your users can drag and drop files onto their SharePoint document library and right-click files just like on their shared server.

Yes! With SharePoint’s real-time co-authoring of files, each employee can work on the same document at once, see the changes immediately and rest assured that SharePoint is automatically updating the file as they go. This means you’re not locked out of a document even when one of your co-workers has it open on their computer.

Let's Talk About Your Project

No project is too small or too complex!

Dynamic Consultants Group wants to see businesses transform using technology and innovation so they can become market disruptors! We’re here to discuss any project, partnership, problem – no matter if you’re beginning your search or you’ve selected the platform and need to find a partner to implement or support it. We’ve got the teams and the knowledge to help you achieve more.

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