Meet Client Needs on Demand

Collaboration Consulting Services

DCG empowers partners to take on larger client requests by working alongside them to meet just-in-time client needs.

Grow Your Business with the Right Partnership

Our collaboration consulting services are ideal for partners looking to offer more to their clients and prospects without investing time and resources into additional staffing. When you have a just-in-time need, our team can supplement your efforts by providing full-stack development, implementation, and support directly to your client for projects that are not in your core focus all while you maintain the core relationship.

How We Think About Collaboration Partnerships

Our partners don’t like saying no to new work. They know turning away new requests could cause their client to seek out a new partner or company that can handle their requests. We believe our partners retain business and grow faster when they focus on what they do best. We take on the projects that fall outside of their expertise while putting the partner relationship first. End-clients always know their success started with our partner. 

Why You'll Enjoy Collaborating with Us

Minimize Risks

Reduce the risk of project delays and additional costs by sharing the workload with our certified Microsoft experts

Leverage a Proven Strategy

Gain confidence in your project from day one by taking advantage of our proven approach to project implementations and migrations

Create Long Term Success

Increase client satisfaction and gain a better reputation in the market by delivering better results for your clients

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Explore Other Partnership Opportunities

Power Apps Consulting

Dynamic Consultants Group is a leading Microsoft Partner; we are creating integrated device-agnostic applications for mobile devices that empower organizations to bring mobility to their staff. Companies of all sizes can now access mobile applications without costly development and lengthy timelines. Our Power Apps consulting team can provide design, consulting, support, and development of these applications. Our teams are experienced at integrating these apps into various applications in and out of the Microsoft stack. Learn how Dynamic Consultants Group can help.

Azure Consulting

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest cloud computing platforms. Dynamic Consultants Group offers robust consulting services for many of the Microsoft Azure products. We help businesses take advantage of the technologies they need to re-engineer their infrastructure and migrate their on-premise operations to Azure. Our team of specialized Azure architects and engineers can help push your project over the finish line to success. Whether it is cloud data storage and management or complex machine learning and AI modeling, we are here to help your team. Learn more about our Azure Consulting services and how Dynamic Consultants Group can help you with your next Azure Consulting project. 

Power BI Consulting

Today, our world is driven by data, and our consultants help corporations to reveal insights hidden in their data and enhance data exploration. Microsoft Power BI empowers users to observe and examine an extensive range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling data visualizations. We offer a comprehensive set of services from consulting, strategy, development, and support for Power BI. Don’t leave data science up to those who don’t do it on a daily basis. We are about data science like our life depends on it, because in some industries we work in, data does save lives. We care about getting data you need to make the right decisions that make your business grow.