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Microsoft Non-Profit Cloud

With a uniform platform for embedding and extending Dynamics 365, the nonprofit accelerator may very well be the missing link your organization has been searching for to amplify its insights and impact. 

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Non-profit accelerator

The Dynamics 365 platform is powerful on its own, but with the addition of the non-profit accelerator and Common Data Model designed for nonprofit entities, Dynamics can eliminate data silos and unlock powerful insights into donors, gifts, and impact. Plus, with the v3.0 release from December 2020, the nonprofit accelerator has been further enhanced to offer more comprehensive frontline logistics, volunteer management, and timesaving assessments. With the nonprofit accelerator, your organization will be able to utilize Dynamics 365 like never before, tracking entities and attributes relating to donors, fundraising, program delivery, and more.

Dynamics 365 Non-Profit Empowers You To Achieve More


Create a fully digitalized experience by allowing this software to construct relation-ship based fundraising while tracking all the major stages along the way.

Donors & Volunteers

This solution will allow you to generate a relationship-based, primarily digital, user experience for your donors and volunteers to engage amongst.

Program Management

Increase program efficiency by measuring and overseeing programs and events at ease with this non-profit CRM Cloud solution.

Grant Administration

Manage grants and cooperative agreements easier while applying the knowledge of your organizational needs and deadlines with this solution.

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator

Developed in conjunction with nonprofits, industry experts, and other contributors, the nonprofit accelerator is a comprehensive solution to nonprofit management and growth. If your nonprofit is currently relying on traditional paper processes or legacy systems, the nonprofit accelerator will help your organization step into the new era of operations management, empowering your teams with timesaving tools and resources to help multiply your impact. Using the Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator, your nonprofit can streamline its operations, better managing fundraising, grant, award, constituent, program, and impact tracking. You can choose to use the nonprofit accelerator on its own with the Common Data Model for Nonprofits core solution or in combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365. In either case, you can seamlessly leverage Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI tools. 

With the nonprofit accelerator, your organization can use:

  • Over 90 entity data definitions and relationships for standardized constituent management, program delivery, fundraising, awards, and impact tracking using the Common Data Model for Nonprofits. 
  • Templates for Program design aid in the evolution and understanding of Logframes, or “logical frameworks,” the building blocks of any effective program. Log frames can also be connected to internal and external indicators, like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Eight applications driven by sample models to help partners develop UI and workflows for case and constituent management; delivery frameworks; fundraising; program design; and more. 

Entities and workflows

Microsoft’s continued dedication to collaborating with nonprofits and industry experts has helped them develop the best solution for nonprofit organizations built entirely around the entities and attributes that nonprofits most often use for fundraising, awards, program delivery, constituent management, and impact tracking. Some entities include awards, benefit recipients, delivery frameworks, designations, disbursements, donor commitments, indicators, results, and transactions. With the Common Data Model for Nonprofits integration, the nonprofit accelerator becomes an even more powerful tool, fully standardizing processes and helping organizations track and obtain consistent reports and results.

The nonprofit accelerator and the Common Data Model for Nonprofits can be effortlessly combined and used to build additional solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and/or the Microsoft Power Platform. Depending on your organization’s needs, the nonprofit accelerator can be implemented and leveraged in countless ways while keeping development speedy, streamlined, and simple. Dependencies vary depending on how you implement the nonprofit accelerator with other solutions, and solution packages are open-source.

One example is the “Nonprofit Core,” which is a data schema containing all essentials for using the nonprofit accelerator, like views, forms, and entities. There is no dependency on Microsoft Dynamics 365, but it is dependent on Microsoft Dataverse. Another example is the Nonprofit IAITI, another data scheme that aids efficient IATI reporting compliance and uses the nonprofit core along with Microsoft Dataverse.

Solution Layer Dependencies Chart
  • Non-Profit core – This data schema contains the essentials for the non-profit accelerator including views, forms, and data entities. It has no dependency on Dynamics 365 and is only dependent on Dataverse.
  • Non-Profit IATI – This data schema creates efficiencies in IATI reporting compliance and depends on non-profit core and Dataverse.
  • Program design – Solution depends on non-profit core and measurement data schemas.
  • Non-Profit Operations Kit – Solution depends on the non-profit core data schemas.
  • Common Data Model for Non-Profits Sample Apps – This solution depends on the non-profit core data schema.

Forms, Views, and Dashboards

The nonprofit accelerator incorporates the Common Data Model for Nonprofits and its associated entities, but it also opens the door to customized nonprofit entities. As such, the nonprofit accelerator features robust and powerful forms, views, and dashboards that can fit the needs of any organization. The following are some examples of these elements, along with applications that build upon them. 

Using the awards management data model, your organization can track awards recommendations, budgets, disbursements, dockets, inquiries, requests, reviews, reports, and more.

Using the case management tools, your program teams can easily track clients and cases, tying each one to a specific goal in the program to allow for better allocation and utilization of all available resources.

Establish and maintain complete profiles for constituents, tracking individuals, households, and organizations by detailing preferred communication methods, relationships, employment history, education, salutations, biographical details, past donations, awards, and more. 

The default donation management dashboard can be fully customized, like all other elements, but starts with individual and organizational pledges, gifts in kind, grant disbursements, one-time gifts, recurring gifts, and gift acknowledgments. 

Connect the awards, constituents, donations, and programs to your Finance and Operations, ensuring up-to-the-minute insights and reporting while helping your organization keep its programs consistently on budget.

High-touch fundraising is easily tracked down to every detail using the nonprofit accelerator. Break down active donor commitments by household, amount, and more.

Establish membership levels easily and link constituents to a membership category, helping you create and track membership and corresponding goals over time. 

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What Partners and Nonprofits Can Expect

There are countless reasons to choose and utilize the nonprofit accelerator with countless benefits for both nonprofit organizations and those they partner with. First off, the nonprofit accelerator supports completely custom extensions with the addition of entities, forms, and relationships tailored to a nonprofit’s unique needs. It also enables the creation of canvas apps in Power Apps. With sample dashboards, ranging from program delivery analytics to high-touch fundraising, a nonprofit and its partners can endlessly extend capabilities while remaining confident that its processes are streamlined and intuitive. Sample apps can also be brought to life and demonstrated with ease thanks to deployable sample data. With AppSource’s “test drive,” it’s easy for anyone to review diagrams, guides, and walkthroughs to introduce them to capabilities and functions they may not have been aware of before. Plus, data integrator templates make it easy to bring data from the nonprofit accelerator directly into Dynamics 365, allowing organizations to make the most of their robust solution. 

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